Friday, 3 August 2007

*makes sound along the lines of ohh the cuteness*

natasha has the lowelyest video blog on that thing on the side iv got gets updated with new her! ...the other blog that is incredibly worth it to chek out and rewarding is: he is the real deal ladies and germs...he is the shit...for sure...his latest happy birthday chad is wow...but i do think he is a bit unfair to fans like me who simply do not have 125 quid to spend on a ticket on top of transport to london... why mr mayer why? please come to leeds and play in a smaller venue i beg of you... for me! for a cheeepoosa penniless girll....please!! please! c'mon i am ze pimping ur blog! *pout* he he love that mayer man stil... but what i really really want is ben folds... in the uk...anywhere....after sept 26...i wil so go and see him. genius! love! what was it like john boi? what was it like touring with the folds man? eh??

nightmares and bad news

wil be so relieved after i giv the diss in for printing...
cannot wait for monday..cannot wait to get to chennai
the wedding on wed will be a lovely break!
had a disturbed night..tensiony dreamaage...n horrible man u news
just so so so shite...smith...heinze...just wrong it all is...and the stupid tevez business...
and also for my amusement i feel that the fia shud just disqualify ferrari and mclaren instead of what they r currently doing, which is bledy ignoring all wrongdoing...then some daft person like barrichello or coulthard can win the championship...yaay! meh...whatever...
i just want to get home and relax...i get 4 proper days in chennai with my pinkay
then 4 days in blore with pinkay, k, s, d and l...happy happy...cannot wait to talk and talk and talk and lose my voice...then after the pinkay leaves i wil be the good lil auntiji and bond with the baaba...and all that... shud be good...nothing nothing will ruin my mood then...
and now back to editing grammatical errors out of my diss.
good afternoon and good luck.