Friday, 30 October 2009



will update as more people respond. and add graphs and shit.


  • gay hottie in the making
  • yeah hot, sexy ugly
  • Funny-looking, in a cute way (Jakob disagrees, he says hot, btw).
  • Hot guys who smoke instantly attain super-hotness.
  • errr NOT hot from any angle more like who is this baby who smokes?
  • Hot
  • Oh, yes!
  • not
  • Hot. Or Hot-ish. Would that work?
  • hot
pick your lazy afternoon song
  • Lemon Tree
  • magic marker - monsters of folk
  • In the Aeroplane over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel <3
  • That’s so hard. Current one would be Heart of Gold-Neil Young
  • sunny afternoon - the kinks
  • Banana pancakes-Jack Johnson
  • ironically Sunday Morning- Maroon 5
  • parklife - blur
  • The postal service, or various movie soundtracks. Movie soundtracks are the best things ever – like a box of chocolates! :)
  • Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
you want to believe?
  • in what? X files, then no.
  • yes i do
  • I want to believe in magic forests. And that Jimi Hendrix, Joe Strummer and Douglas Adams aren't really dead. And that I can learn Arabic.
  • In vampires and aliens…not to mention a creature that looks like a dolphin with a magical unicorn-horn that can fly and swim and is super-intelligent. I want it as a pet.
  • no i dont try too hard. with passion comes belief. i am corny
  • Santa Claus! Christmas is coming!! Lol!
  • in pretty, pink people
  • yes
  • That there's magic in the world. And unicorns. And elves. :p
  • Life is short.

what's more appealing?
a. lazy lunches
b. lollipops
c. retirement
d. natalie portman
e. unicorns
  • unicorns
  • unicorns/lazy lunches/lollipops/retirement/natalie portman (the only appealing natalie portman is 12-year-old-Leon-Natalie)
  • retirement, unicorns (sorry I cant pick between the two)
  • lazy lunches.. anything wit food in it. throw some beer in?
  • retirement!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!
  • lazy lunches
  • unicorns
  • I’m torn between lazy lunches and unicorns, but I’ll have to go with Unicorns. They’re so cool!
  • unicorns

which of the following would you not share?
a. soap
b. brad pitt
c. lollipops
d. comb
e. combover
  • comb and combover
  • uhh, how can you share a combover? anyway, lollipops/soap/comb/brad pitt (idgaf about brad pitt tbh :p)
  • lollipops.. cmon thats like makin out? :|
  • soap
  • lollipops- atleast not with just 'anyone'!
  • comb
  • soap/brad pitt – fuck yeah!
  • lollipops

also google ftw! google docs makes awesome charts.
shout out to sunil for reminding me of this fact.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

You really think I never kissed a guy before?

^thus spake chuck.
done listening to the these f**king teenagers podcast. and felt some gossip girl love. so here's some eye candy. except for nate and dan. they're not. but big improvement of the season - they've found a way to make both dan and nate less dull - a seth/ryan #theOC style bromance. it's nowhere near as good as that but it's better. and i like nate more knowing that he watches dodgy kinky vampiric king arthur movies. hee. #merthurdejavu ...also how cute is chuck? but i agree, old chuck hair is so much better than new chuck hair. too short. casual blair is a good look. but its rare. ps. mismatch shoes ftw!


almost forgot to mention. bit in white is off overthinkingit XD

Friday, 23 October 2009

what is home?

im all nostalgic at the mo. thank god for being in madras tomorrow. twill be awesome. falling asleep on a train and finding myself at home. should be good. i cant wait for it to be properly hot. its been hot in blore this week, but different hot. madras hot is madras hot. just watched new maggie 8 vid. featuring niv.

not new in general. 4 months ago. new to me.
so yeah. im all alone in office. everyone having left. i shall leave in a bit to go to corner house or something. before meeting dee and uncle. dont think i want to be alone in office for some hours. but corner house with carpe jugulum sounds good. ice cream for the mood im in. chocolate. someone's playing old hindi music in the next room. it's that sort of mood exactly. where im remembering madras as a series of loungey moments spents on beds in the afternoon with the light filtering through the half opened curtains. the view being green and light.
also loungey leeds moments of pure lazy. niv's room. doing nothing. cocooned.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

craving corner house

the way i slog my way through lunch these days makes me think - this is how recovering anorexics must feel. the lack of actual hunger. looking at each bite as a milestone (i have probably watched too many anorexia movies (starring christina hendricks and/or susan may pratt) , there was a phase when there were a lot of them on star movies...). but this is not me at breakfast/dinner. or the weekend. (on vacation!) its all food. all the time. no guilt. it's possibly the setting. eating at work. or just that im not a lunch person. never cared too much for it in school either. not a lunch person on week(work)days. unemployment leads to eating.

also i have quite a fetish for MILKMADE ice cream's photostream.

in other food related news: methinks we are making diwali sweets today. or rather sudha aunty plans to make them and if we get home in time we might help out :) funfun.

im v non anorexic ok? just pondering.

Friday, 9 October 2009

he's got a phd in hyperspace

(kinetic typography starwars)

this makes me think about how han solo is secretly a geek.
i mean it comes across like luke is the quiet nerdy one meeting a cowboy in space.
but he's more indiana jones than just any cowboy.
he's knows the physics.

the jump to hyperspace aint like swinging a lightsabre around!