Sunday, 26 February 2012

to know or not to know

the woman in black was pretty much ruined by all the knowing. the audience knows when the ghost appears before daniel radcliffe does because there she is behind him. on cue. dramatic music. it's like dora the explorer almost. harry should be asking us if we can see her and we'd yell: "behind you harry! behind you!" and he doesnt even teach us spanish. but apart from the movie i am now in general quite a dan rad fan* (except he doesnt do any acting in this). [ps. it was still quite scary because i jump at loud noises. the ghost screams a lot.]

however the hunger games (catching fire and mockingjay as well) completely profits from all the knowing/not knowing as the case may be. because we know exactly what katniss knows, when katniss knows it. when katniss is surprised, we're really truly surprised because katniss doesnt see it coming. all the clues were there but she doesnt put it together and as katniss we (or i - the person who was actually surprised that one time the surprise birthday party happened...) are truly blindsided. i say no more, this way lies spoilers. read them!

*he can sing! i have hopes of him someday singing something from the musicals. that would be awesome.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

backup shapeup

my laptop went mad randomly and illustrator kept crashing. so now i'm backing everything up (6 cds so far, 5.17 gb worth of music to go as well as movies and shows). the order in which i'm doing it says a lot about my life priorities i think:
  1. photos (memories/nostalgia)
  2. random illustrator files, work files, videos (shit created by me)
  3. music
  4. movies/shows
sometimes it's like if there are no photos it didnt really happen, there's so much i forget entirely. then i find a photo of it. and still dont remember sometimes. but there's a photo, it must be so. *shrug*

this was what the whole of episode 04 of analyse phish was like. summary: harris gets high out of his mind and cant remember most of what happened during the concert. but they had a recording device with them and he can hear/relive the things he said and did. he's mostly mortified and "what am i saying?!"-ish. and scott still doesnt like phish. entertaining as fuck. 

other things i did today: 
  1. watched you again and she's out of my league
  2. baked chocolate cookies - baking powder does in fact expire. it refused to blend and formed into white clumps which i had to pick out of the dough.  
  3. read another short story from patrick gale's dangerous pleasures. this one was called old boys. one of the hottest things i have ever read probably. so good.
listening to: prince!