Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What, steady?... OK, but Silent Bob has to live with us and you pay the rent.

one down - a lot to go. watched dogma. so thats off my kevin smith list.
i bow to the man. seriously, if the people in the movie really were in control i would be totally happy believing in god. i wonder how metatron [or the metatron] ended up being the only one with such a non biblical transformers sort of name tho...and i mean its not just some name made up for the movie...ha ha it was totally classic when alan rickman referenced karate kid: wax on! wax off! another thing i love is how all the same people end up in his movies. its complete genius. god it wud be such a dream come true working with any or all of them [i can dream...might as well dream big ;)]

top five incredibly funny yet profound [what im trying to say is perfectly clear in my own head but when it gets out sounds like something i dont mean. i hope you know what i mean] movies:
  1. coldblooded -when u cant kill the person you love and vice versa [and you cant kill yourself although normally you're a coldblooded hitman who asks people life questions before whacking them] its got to be true love...
  2. clueless -carpe diem! and lots of misc. epiphanies: there's always room for more people at a party. always seem like you know what ur talking about. when in doubt go shopping but stay away from people who look like they might dangle/drop you from a high place...
  3. i heart huckabees -how am i not myself? blanket truth, cruelty-manipulation-meaninglessness, pure being...coincidences could just be coincidences...
  4. dogma -alanis is god.
  5. bill and ted's excellent adventure -be excellent to each other and party on dudes!
not entirely sure about number 5...top 5s r so hard...am probably forgetting something super obvious!

Monday, 28 April 2008


just applied online for another job...i am eternally hopeful so am feeling sort of positive about it. but that's not the whole truth. the other half or 3/4th of me is so hideously resigned to the downhill slump that my life is in at the mo that i see absolutely nothing coming of it. and i hate feeling this way. the big blue eyed inner child in me is dying. he's got some rare blood disease [possibly: "Stick-it-to-da-man-noisis" ala the school of rock :) he may be dying but he maintains his dark sense of humour ;)]

watching the snooker world championship is super relaxing when the people playing are just completely perfection like. eg: liang [full name: liang wenbo - my new hero! o course my snooker god for eternity is stephen hendry - lowe!!]...also mark williams was playaing so awesomely that everything sounded just right...the cue making contact with the cue balls..the balls making contact with each other...falling into the pocket...lol today watching liang and swail [he is not fun to watch...its not neat...lol i sound v finicky] i possibly imagined i could hear the sound of him chalking his cue...good sound even if i did imagine it...

i have discovered a fool proof way of identifying accents! yesss! i listen to the person speaking and identify who it is that they sound like/where have i heard this voice before. in this case i was listening to the snooker commentary and realised that he sounded just like spike from notting hill and he was welsh in the movie [and in real life :)] and the commentator was
terry griffiths who is indeed welsh!

creepy but interesting fact from the mag shortlist and confirmed by the bbc: hitler invented the olympic torch. ohh the things that get lost in the murky past...very orwellian...everything is very orwellian...he was just eerily all knowing and god i dont know for the life of me how he didnt end up killing himself...just looked it up..he died suddenly of a hemorrhaged lung.

Friday, 25 April 2008

un rêve

sometimes i close my eyes and dream about wicker furniture and pais on the floor and messy watermelon eating and white kurtas and briiight sunlight. it's like a scene of perfection that i can go back to and imagine...different aspects and details everytime..fleshing it out a little bit more. like reverse nostalgia. maybe it exists somewhere in the discworld manner of belief-ing things into being...

Monday, 14 April 2008


feeling nostalgic for yestertimes and craving the constant tactile-ness [tactility?] that used to be. hand holdings and walking down the road. hugs. pinky shakes: all three kinds even!

random suggestion: mute one of the videos and play both at the same time. n then mute the other and play both. u know what i mean right? play the songs one after another. but not at the same time. but with both videos simultaneously. too much explanation?

felt to randomly blabber but now can think of absolutely nothing. am listening to damien rice: m'all wrapped in you...i dont know what im doing this for...trying to let it all go...how can i when u still dont know!..genius...sometimes i think the anticipation of listening to music becomes a ritual..like making playlists..its addictive...its sort of like making a mix tape...but obviously its a more temporary thing...music for the day...for the week...for the moment...for the vibe...like now am listening to a playlist titled: goo..i dont know why i called it that..other than mebbe the way i feel now i suspended in jellO. its a mix of songs frm the garden state soundtrack, damien rice, les choristes, and suitable misc.

i love that word [misc] as said by dylan moran. words and the way theyre said...confusing. theres the need to say it the right way. anything. but sometimes the right way sounds wrong. mostly after iv gotten used to saying something one way. like: porsche...decided to go with the top gear way of saying it. logic being i say aow-di [audi] as opposed to the wrong way [like auditorium] and im backed up in this by jeremy clarkson. n hence figured shud start saying por-sha cause thats the way he says it [hence the right way]...but today hammond said: por-shh and may said: por-sha...and now it's like no one really knows do they?? for they r the authoritites on everything car related. a lot of my irrational likes and dislikes have to do with the way people say things or talk or sound...their accents...their voices. ooh list time! yay! *does a little jig*

top 5 most annoying ppl simply because of their voices:
  1. lila frm dexter
  2. kiera knightley cause she pretty much has the same exact voice
  3. jason coooombs frm savannah who says 'fity' [50]
  4. simi garewal...the breathy thing i cannot stand...
  5. collette wong ergh i can hear her say baarri-cello!
am not positive on the order tho...another person whos way of talking annoys me is rekha...rekha on simi garewal was hellish...but funny! cause she's like a true believer of the 3rd person way...so it was all 'oh rekha wouldnt do that!' totally horrrr!

and now for something completely different

top 5 hottest voices:
  1. eddie vedder [preferably singing but talking works as well...vocally he can do no wrong]
  2. marion cotillard [this was turning into a male list but then remembered marion...then had to bump everyone else down...oh ze francaiseness...] oh but actually this isnt going to work...i think i shall have a combined entry..its my list and i can do anything i want! so this shall be marion avec guillaume canet pour mieux chaudness *i'm melllltinnnng*
  3. richard armitage [watch north and south!] *particles of me pinging about space now*
  4. christian bale/gael garcia bernal [they tie!]
  5. james mcavoy! [any accent..but preferably his own]

Friday, 11 April 2008

holy honore batman!

was idly imdbing as usual...then it hit me..was right there on the screen! christophe honore! directed both les chansons d'amour and ma mere!! complete mind fuck! wow...now he is my new god. god. wow. shit. lets start with les chansons d'amour, since i saw that first. it's painnn and so so much beautiful bliss all wrapped up in one neat little movie...and ma mere is just the complete other...like tofu is to ben and jerrys...like julian barnes to cameron crowe...which means that he is all knowing this man...and knowing all can control me any way he wants. like vikram seth. and salinger. cynthia voigt. rebecca wells. donna tartt.

Thursday, 10 April 2008


a sublime advert follows.

and then i did some research, got to the dyson website. and got hooked onto this incredibly mind fucking game. first it seems simple. then it gets interesting. and then its a mind trap. bet im avoiding senilty as i type...by exercising the little grey cells! your turn!! - go play the telescope game.

status: level 20 *grits teeth and stares at the screen* im taking you down!!!


this is a post about many things. sigh i write far more blogs than i want to be doing ideally. there was quite a long phase where the my grey cells were incredibly dormant. i literally felt like id stopped thinking...but now it's like picking up on radio stations and static from all over the universe...world space of my brain. so now my many arbid thots clutter up virtual space...better out here than sloshing bout my brain.

the two [three - if you count combined words] most powerful words in the universe: it's done.
the power of the past tense. over. complete. done. finished with. something you didn't want to happen has happened. and you had absolutely no control over anything. it was out of your hands. it was done. by someone else. but imagine if you were the one saying it. it's done. *power rush of blood to the head* oh my god. that felt gooooood. god like almost. i took your puny little life into my hands and f**ked with it. *evil smile*

it's funny that i censor myself. like wtf is up with all the ** insertions. a weird sort of guilt thing maybe. im doing it for the kids. lol. i mean it is completely against my own logic. i am completely sure all the kids who are brainy enough to find this blog and read it. also know the word that my keystrokes have typographically bleeped out. and i hate things being bleeped out. like the insane bleeping that goes on in the uk which is especially noticeable when watching that 70's show [since iv also watched the completely uncensored version in india :D] for example:

Eric: Kick my ***, put your foot in my ***, make my *** a hat, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Red: Hey, did you ever see the one where Greg was a real wise- ***, so Mr. Brady took him outside and cleaned his clock?

we all know what the word is. say it with me..on the count of 3...one...two..three...ASS!
sigh they are so lame. but by that standard i am so lame as well..and yet i do it. insane much?

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

book effect

...was reading aesthetic theory when it made me think up some random visuals...n then i felt it needed to be a play...n felt to write it..so made many notes in my moleskine reporters notebook [yes i have become tres bret easton ellis like]...and drawings of the stage and props...now starting to type up the actual dialogue...and as usual it sounds lame as...pfft...think the thing is to power on tho...type and type until it begins to make sense...
..funny thing happened yesterday in waterstones...was being random and usual and hyper and loudly speeching about different books and...i was holding up love &c and talking it over and facing a frend and talking about how after uv read them both ur mentally scarred for ever and ever and see the world in a barnes way...and then i noticed that this man standing behind her was smiling madly at me..and i smiled and qualified by ending the speech with 'not that that's necessarily a good thing..' was a good moment. happy.

Monday, 7 April 2008


went away. had a long chat session. did half a painting. then something genius occurred to me, which i just had to record here. its something iv thought about a lot...the weird phenomena about all songs starting to sound like theyre about the exact same thing...iv got a whole long playlist of completely different songs in front of me or so i thought...its 2 random songs then 'land locked blues' then 2 more songs, then land locked blues again [bright eyes]...and so on. anyhoo land locked blues is about how people could walk away from each other instead of having wars and violent confrontations but how the world is shite and how u need to stick to the people you care about...etc its got a lot of different imagery...kids with guns...the destruction of freedom...walking away...

okies now for the other songs on the playlist [will put some sample lyrics next to em, to show how everything can be about what land locked blues is about]:

land locked blues:
And there’s kids playing guns in the street
And ones pointing his tree branch at me
So I put my hands up I say “enough is enough,
If you walk away, I’ll walk away”
And he shot me dead
the beast - angus and julia stone:
Retrench me because of machines
Kids trading roses for guns
Track mark under the sleeve
neon bible - arcade fire:
It's in the Neon Bible, the Neon Bible
Not much chance for survival,
If the Neon Bible is right.
fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys:
Landed in a very common crisis
Everything's in order in a black hole
Nothing seems as pretty as the past though
janie's got a gun - aerosmith:
Janie's got a gun
Her dog day's just begun
Now everybody is on the run

love in an elevator - aerosmith...ok now that has no connection really :D

lol. but you get what im saying right? its like when im thinking on one thing...anything else can change meaning in my brain and just echo the thing im pondering...am painting based on land locked blues as well...
:) better get back to it!

status: addicted to blogging it wud seem O_o

Sunday, 6 April 2008


started watching huckabees then switched to the race then back to huckabees. conclusion: i heart huckabees but hate the bledy brit biased commentators. summa hate alonso and insinuate any shite about his character and his supposed evil ness while prince hamilton can do no fecking wrong. if i look upon it the whole huckabees philosophy is like hamilton is alonso and we are all the blanket and that includes the insane commentators and id take a polaroid of the whole world crying cause life is rooted in the manure of trouble and shania eats tofu tuna.

ps. bahrain: 1. massa [he has cute dad] 2. raikkonen [mussed hair on podium, too cute] 3. kubica

pps. interesting facts: jason schwartzman's mum in the movie and in real life is talia shire! and he was a part of the band phantom planet [drummer], how incredibly mental is that?? and phantom planet did the oc theme song which i love. and yes i will admit it, my guilty pleasure is watching the oc...methinks the real point of that show was the seth/ryan pairing...

Friday, 4 April 2008

subliminal mindf**k

nother dream: me n a frend were supposed to meet these surfer boys by the beach but we were busy with some work and so decided to get the work done and then go meet them...and they decided to go midnight swimming without us and drowned and died. and then we turned into these 2 twin girls and we were very distraught...or maybe the twins were on the beach and not us at all and saw them die and hence were distraught...not too sure...identical twin girls...am so creeped out by the concept of identical twins...maybe its the reading of too many r l stines...with him going on and on bout mirror twins..and theres always something creepy going on...or maybe its just the identical people dressed identically...or the telepathic connection thing...reminds me of the double life of veronique...good movie...not creepy...but then they werent actually twins, they just happened to look exactly alike...completely different!
dream: it was noisy and full and overflowing with people in the aisles. the problem was that most were not in their seats but leaning casually in studly manner against anything lean-able against and blocking everything up. or standing and signing for the deaf people. or just standing. not sitting. it was chaos. no one could see anything really. it was strictly an auditory experience for all, other than the ones who couldn't hear of course. the woman who was signing was doing so in a manner similar to anoushka shankar conducting in concert for george which i was watching last night.

watched the deep end of the ocean again yest. god i love that movie. one theory is i go for movies in which michelle pfeiffer cries: this, frankie and johnny, the story of us, one fine day...anyhoo i love this movie so much because of the casting and acting, esp the two boys [i hate the dad..grr he is painy!] vincent and ben/sam...love how vincent calls him ben...god that boy is genius...the sneaking into the room with the cloth bunnie and sleeping on the floor...he is such a disturbed boi...i mean the way he looks bout 5 in every scene is just genius...for those who dont know...it is about how ben gets kidnapped at yeng age..and vincent feels much guilt for having lost him...and many yrs later they find him living down the road frm them...the lady who kidnapped him is now dead, she killed herself...and he thought of her as his mother and his stepdad as dad...and his real parents are just beth and pat...complex...the brotherly relationship is awesome cause mostly vincent comes off as the yenger one...

vincent:imdbed him and now am looking at the filmography...his first movie was camp nowhere! one of my fave films of all time and i dont even rem seeing him in it...i rem seeing him in this horrible druggie movie...where he s all disturbed and on drugs and u just want to hug him...and omg he was even the main char of camp nowhere...maha change i say...then all floppy hair...now all...studly...but LOWE! want to see camp nowhere again now...
dont rem the title of the drugged one...mightve been this one.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


praise my love for he is has eyes that cannot lie, his words may vary from time to time but what does it matter, when it is obvious to me [and him] that he has transparent eyes, then a lie becomes something different, is it still a lie when you and i know you're lying? or is that truth in another form, for nothing is denied.


fat caterpillars slime
poke their heads out
[peeping] from under
leaves of lettuce
undressed salad

what can we measure
how long how fat how much
holes in the vegetation
until no more empty bowl
caterpillar explosion

listening to: bright eyes

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


listening to a playlist composed of the songs i put on a cd for my baby nephew [its never to early to subliminally influence ;)]...feel sad that i cant be there to hang with him as an aunt in person..being in a different country &c. [reading persuasion and thats the olde anglais way of saying etc like the barnes book - love &c] anyhoo, here tis:
at the bottom of everything - bright eyes
caresse sur l'ocean - les choristes
nilakaigirathu - a r rahman
jeremiah was a bullfrog - ccr
yellow submarine - the beatles
oedipus - regina spektor
the ascent of stan - ben folds
you're so vain - the feeling [cover]
house of bamboo - andy williams
tahiti rain song - cocorosie
peach, plum, pear - joanna newsom
mystery - hugh laurie
one after 909 - the beatles
where do you go to my lovely - peter sarstedt
quelqu'un m'a dit - carla bruni
slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer
god put a smile on your face - coldplay
eleanor put your boots on - franz ferdinand
follow me - uncle kracker
lazy butterfly - devendra banhart
island in the sun - weezer
times like these - foo fighters

had this whole rant planned out. well my point today is basically this: things should be compatible with each other...like cameras and lenses made by diff companies and all computers and software and versions of software...i mean incompatibility forces you to adapt and move on to the next version which is only minimally different from the last one or give up and just stop using cameras and computers and everything. its like a spoon not being compatible with your mouth. grr. end of rant.

reading: persuasion
typical austen. loving it. hadnt realised that i hadnt read it as yet. am completely engrossed. her characters are so amazingly real and act how you expect them to act cause u know people like them. but this isnt predictability gone wrong. it is predictability at its best. it's sublime. and i use that word sparingly.