Monday, 22 November 2010


yesterday at lunch i had this conversation with a friend where she was all: i started watching the social network but it was really sexist..and i stopped. and i tried to guess which bit she meant but guessed totally wrong. i would never have connected what she said to 'facemash' at all. ok so some dudes rated females against each other...big deal...people do it all the life. so yeah, i was all: ohh that's what you were talking do realise i've mentally rated all the people in this restaurant right?

everyone does it. and the only people who might pretend this isnt true are attractive people. it's easier to see it when you're one of the weird people (these girls on the bus, sitting behind me were having a conversation today about how this girl they know is really nice...but they couldnt think of a boy for her because all the guys they know think she's - weird. im guessing she's not drop dead gorgeous - more like 4 or 5. the girls behind me on the other hand. easily 6s or 7s)

might as well be honest about it. it hurts less that way. i notice the way you look. you notice the way i look. i'm over it. except dude on the train serving soup might've called me: sir. hopefully that was a slip of the tongue... if not, he probably thought these were moobs. o0

also while im on the subject, pinkerton is my favourite weezer album.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

some uke love.

reading an article about how to read tabs. im taking it slow so i really get it. anyhoo i also get to learn new (crazy/awesome) words!

mu•so |ˈmyoōzō|
noun ( pl. -sos) Brit., informal
a musician, esp. one overly concerned with technique.

tab•la•ture |ˈtablə ch ər; -ˌ ch oŏr|
noun chiefly historical
a form of musical notation indicating fingering rather than the pitch of notes, written on lines corresponding to, for example, the strings of a lute or the holes on a flute.

vi•hue•la |vēˈ(h)wālə|
a type of early Spanish stringed musical instrument, in particular.

...breakthrough! i think i just got it...tabs are like chord diagrams! with extra info like which strings to play and blah blah. ohhhhh. excellent! i can work with this! (in theory :D)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

friend - within inverted commas

went to the gym after ages. au revoir simone is surprisingly good to work out to. and on the way back home the radio produced deeelights :)

"are you telling me that im mature enough to get married but not to party?"

"how old are you?"

"im 28 now. and i drink but i know when to stop because ive got to drive home"

"so you drink and drive!" _chennai live 104.8

"there iis a difference between learn-ED and learn-ING"

"i am having experience in the academic field for all my life of 40 years…i know the psychology very well. and often i am getting guest lecturers to come and lecture for periods of time like 30…40…35 minutes whatever. and they are all very impressed with how my boys are interested in the lecture. but they don't know that there is a rehearsal. i tell my boys: because you love love the college, for the first 10 minutes of the lecture you listen. and after that what? after that if it is interesting keep on listening. otherwise we all have TVs yes? we watch the serials…so you keep looking at his face and think about yesterday's serial. YES SIR. but then some boys they say sir we don't have TV/radio/books.. and i say boys you are from the villages..there was that pretty neighbor girl? YES SIR. you think about her face…your girlfriend. and then some boys say sir we are not like that. we don't have love affairs. then i say this city madras is full of crowded buses full of people standing-sleeping? YES SIR. just like that you can also sleep…BUT the only thing iis with eyes OPEN. YES SIR. so there are 3 options: think about the serial… the FRIEND - within inverted commas! or sleeping with eyes open." _107.8

best! beeteedoubleyoo: he totally did the "YES SIR"s all by himself XD

he then switched to some convoluted stuff about how in tamil we put thiru/thirumathi in front of a person's name but in sanskrit it's just sri whether the person be male/female. and there was also some stuff about rama and him becoming crown prince…and that being like some dude's father calling him and telling him that he got a really good rank and will appear in the paper tomorrow… :D

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

some free verse. it's all i seem to be able to write now *shrug*

At a party. They got on. They got on and on and
Yes the conversation was good. One didn't
Feel like one was doing talking too much. The jokes
Fast and loose. Wouldn't have been funny to one
Outside. But they were in the loop. The closed string.
All well. Unified theory of everything. A pause.
She looked around. Everyone was happy. Right.
Good. Sorted. He looked at his drink. He'd barely
Touched it. Didn't need it. That was new. He took
A sip. A deep breath. Felt his age. Young. Maybe he
Should be more cynical. Thought: There's loads of
Innocence right here. Concentrated. In this place.
No one knows what they're doing. Lost in a fug
Of personal space. Shared space. Stumbling over
Introductions. Meeting people one'd rather not
Run into. Unnoticed by the unforgettable. Another
Summer. An endless string of empty days.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

enthiran? more like oompa loompa!

chose to scar my brain with horrors yet again. *doh* why? why? i dont know.... it was so bad. so bad. no words. i think iv managed to block out most of it already. theres a whole dusty boxful of crap movies back there. let this be a warning to you! do not watch these: 1. enthiran 2. my blueberry nights 3. sivaji 4. bad boys II 5. bicentennial man...

still sucks. scarred for life.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

goodbye betty! *spoiler alert*

No more ugly betty! (technically am not sure that iv watched every single episode) just got done with season 4. anyhoo this is a 5 reasons why i love ugly betty post.

1. their ability to make every new (major) love interest seem absolutely perfect for betty. exhibit a: henry - look they match! exhibit b: gio: freddy is hawt. and funny and all things awesome. exhibit c: matt: so cute. how? how? how? (they're equally adept at turning cute people into psychos *coughmattcough* first the stupid haircut. then just plain stupid.) *spoiler alert* she doesnt end up with any of them... :D

2. ralph macchio. daniel san!

3. *SPOILER ALERT* you have been warned.

(and for those who may feel to stare at - a much bigger version - of this and *sigh*, click here)

4. knowing daniel used to be him:

5. amanda! and marc+justin.

and of course (so obvious that i forgot!) Vanessa Williams!

leeds art gallery thoughts

id written this down on the back of a postcard i picked up in leeds (things to blog about):

•art gallery people
•more than words/nick cave
•well realised feet.

...but that was a couple weeks ago and i dont really remember what it is i wanted to say about art gallery people. i remember dashing in to use the loo... :s but i do remember about more than words! now that is a song that really really needs a nick cave version. something that sounds less soulfully pop (its a bloody depressing song if you think about it) ..and more like red right hand!

..and as i was leaving the gallery, walked passed this statue (bronze?) lifesize, of a couple sitting on a bench side by side. the figures were really abstract and just shapes resembling humans really. but then the feet were all detailed. ankles. toenails. the whole deal. i thought it was beautiful and goes with my theory of people's feet (posture) refecting the way they're feeling.