Thursday, 26 June 2008

i feel about 5. re-he-he-he-al-ly!

another year. another birthday. 22. do i feel older? not really. just woke up from a dream with louis garrel and audrey tautou in their story was the background to mine...i was in this pub and it was this guy's bday and he was having like a mad bash...not by tradtional party standards but it was very lets eat a shitload of candy shaped like lush was like a dream come true. i was all whoa when i was a kid i dream about candy. all the candy in the world mine. the wonka fantasy. and he was incredibly blase bout it. i was way more excited bout it. then he was amused by me and we bonded. it was sweet. then some confusions and plans to meet again later. and i went to look for him dans un restaurant but then many relatives of mine were inhabitiing this huuge as table and i dash in and look around hypertastically...and theyre all its ur birthday what have u got to do thats better than being with family..and i say nothing and dash out..into the night...into the rain. full drama. probly the scrubs time last night. and wanted before that. and the lingering influence of step up 2. kissing in the rain.
fantasy much? doh! i dig candy.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

arbid vids

funny is good.

4 degrees of separation:
erm...anya to joss whedon thru buffy, joss whedon and kevin smith are both comic con ppl, kevin smith makes jokes about lotr starring elijah wood who was in everything is illuminated directed by liev schreiber...and umm...[on a side note: have just noticed how liev schreiber has both an 'ie' and 'ei' in his name...]...oh ok here it is! in mixed nuts he's dressed as a woman and 'daughters' is a song by john mayer about women :D [yes i know the last one is a bit daft...wil replace it when the logical connection occurs to me...and yes i know this is more than 4 degrees]

edit: i found the connection! it came to me all in a flash! liev was in scream with courtney cox who was on friends with jennifer aniston who is now dating john mayer :)
ta daaaa!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

retail [birthday] therapy!

i heart my shoes soooo much. zey r italiano! :D

and i love my lil black black footless tights to go with it...and white tights for the blue dress :) could wear my silly red shades with the black dress and look muchas francaise :)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

why i <3 geek podcasts...

...cause i do! cause im a geek. and listening to detailed rant/analysis is way funner than reading a blog cause you can hear the voice[s] and imagine a whole scenario of what they might be doing and wearing while talking [movie in head]...and usually theres more than one person doing the its a dialogue/conversation rather than speech [right now am listening to the overthinking it podcast about the new indiana jones movie...they are discussing the complex workings of the bomb - physics plus movies! yes yes!-that 70s show reference - and whether the scene was just lucas wanting to see indy staring down at a mushroom cloud? or does it have a larger significance in that it shows what could happen if he doesn't save the world...] plus people discussing things which arent serious in a serious manner is just the best...and they know what they're doing and not taking themselves too seriously :) so its like anti politics...anti the shit of the world [a political argument can lead to depression at the state of the world]

...once at uni i overheard these two guys discussing werewolves and zombies and the rules that govern them...whether or not the zombie version of your best friend is still your best friend..or all killer! how can anything be better than that? you avoid old age mind deterioration by deep thought...but never take yourself seriously enough to drive yourself insane :) and its funnn!

plus by being insanely obsessed with something you lead yourself to random information that you would have never have come across otherwise and then become really brainy...and when ur having a brainy discussion with someone you can shock and amaze the room by coming out with this weird bit of knowledge...

plus me dissecting movies and suchlike to death just annoys parentals who happen to be in the line of fire of my brain and mouth…and listening to a podcast instead [
with people who dissect way more than i do] just makes more sense! not that it stops me from ranting on... :s

Friday, 6 June 2008

the feel good program of the year

i feel very satisfied right now. just finished painting 4 small canvases for the dining room [buttercups, grass, echo the view :)] and am listening to a perfect playlist accidentally composed on last fm.. thinking about how if i were to watch the first 3 seasons of LOST probably hate kate more than i did back then [i still hated her tho]...and grin with glee at evil gandhi glasses ben because i know whats coming...i know he turns into ben in black [with the best one liners, who always has a plan!] my point is...i can never go back to the point when i looked at it without knowing the back story... and its not just LOST. things can never go back to the way they were before i stumbled upon the hidden lifes of the people involved in any scenario... so the memory of anything is informed by all this extra knowledge unknown to me at the time. connecting and linking separate bits of information and applying it to moments when maybe they didn't apply...i can never know what really happened. lol i dont mean this in a negative way. just what with my own senility and warping of memories and remembering things that never happened...and completely blocking out other things...the past almost never existed. and thats probably why i keep so much stuff. ticket stubs. to remember. to fool myself that i remember halfway accurately.

and here's me telling the world what to do :)
to read:
extremely loud & incredibly close - jonathan safran foer [it's still weighing upon my brain and making itself felt...] listen to: nada surf watch: the history boys [it is working its way up my fave movies list, very rewatchable]

ps. post title is also a goldspot song

pps. if there was a big apocalyptic clash between superman/dinosaurs/zombies [whoever else you want] and benjamin linus. ben would win.

Monday, 2 June 2008


it rains.

i read.
just finished extremely loud & incredibly close. [so booti..i have no words]

i watch.
right now clerks II.
yesterday i watched clerks and jay and silent bob strike back. cause i just couldnt resist once i was done with clerks. needed a bigger dose. and i love finding new connections. kevin smith thanked richard linklater in the credits of clerks! its like im playing a massive game of six degrees of separation and everything everything is linked. [note to self: must watch slackers] waiting for the vid to load as am watching online. and joblessly typing up this blog post. which is funny. as so many of the jokes have to do with blogs and flaming people etc. and how the internet is just a place where ppl rant about movies and share porn :) ha ha this movie has a dance routine in it! omg the ending - merry!

imagine if harrison ford was in jay and silent bob strike back as well! i could die happy.

lostiana jones is ba-ack! back from watching indiana jones! [finally :)] awesomeness. i was a bit doubtful bout cate blanchett and even stevens boi before watching but now im a believer. the credits reminded me of the kevin smith thanksgiving story. which lead me to funky set of vids [kevin smith, stan lee, jason lee, j j abrams and mark hamill at dinner, talking] ...which imparted some awesome info > the abrams man wrote regarding henry! completely harrison ford's movie that. just so good. ooh theres also a good impersonation ford impersonation in there by mark hamill. in a weird way everything goes back to mr solo.

...omg! seven minutes to LOST! back after the finale! 2 whole humongous hours! cant wait! off to set up now! get my castro hat on with the LOST badges...and snacks! maybe harrison ford will be a surprise guest :P

mmm how to connect stan lee and jason lee tho? there has to be a way...[erm indiana jones is a superhero and stan lee is like the uber creator of those...and i use the word uber cause i just got done watching the big ass LOST finale and the post show analysis and cuse and lindelof used the word muchly. eg. 'in the uber mythology of the LOST universe'] ok looks like jason lee and mark hamill were both in a kevin smith movie [as yet unseen by me] and you already know the luke/solo connection! han saved luke from an incest situation!

the finale was so mind blowingly brilliant. bet i could talk for ages and ages about each character. like everyone got a moment. now the question is: to spoil or not to spoil? the lost initiative podcast is slowly being dloaded...i await the words of geeky tom with impatience. for now until september cometh the limbo/murky waters that is pre season 5 speculation...

here be SPOILERS!

i feel to make a list of new questions or things to wonder about or whatever...
when did ben become goth ben? is off island ben a vampire? im loving it. ben in black! [lol the amount of cuddy puns i can think up right now!!] where's penny gone? that ben cant find...that made the finale for me! am going to put this extra shmal so that stupid ppl who ignored my spoiler warnings will have to squint [ha ha ha my evil plan to rule the world by causing blindness begins!] penny and desmond together again. it was pennys boat. finally. <3
are michael and jin dead? why did christian shepherd appear on the boat? so sun blames ben for jin's [supposed] death then? hence the sort of working with widmore... omg the podcast dudes randomly reference temple of doom just now! its truuuuee everything goes back to the mighty ford/indy! love it! he he should i go character by character now??

[edit: decided to delete the bits bout the not so interesting ones...dont like overly long posts :)]
claire defo does not want him back on the island
[ was weird but when kate was looking at aaron i kept expecting it to become like one of those alien baby movies. where their eyes glow blue and they start to talk long sentences.] but goth ben wants all of them [including dead locke/jeremy bentham - hurley going why are you saying jeremy bentham to sayid was good. god such a surprise ending.] to go back!
the return of alpert. [i<3alpert]> but alpert is cool. especially since in this finale as opposed to the last one sayid was defo getting stick strangled. almost dead. then bang. v cool.
poor ben. the whole facing the consequences. cant return to the island thing was horrendous. but the bit before that was kewl. ben and john. together. locke being the curious child and ben being all here let me shut you up. here's a video to keep you occupied. but he says no metal. chucking metal things in. but no metal. but im going to. classic! no more questions. time to duck john. and oh yes: the return of the orientation videos! it said 6 of 6 though...have they all been watched? they shuuure did love experimenting on those bunnies...

christian shepherd
appears to michael juuust before the explosion. he is so much cooler than jack. so what happened there? dead? not dead? [michael and jin i mean]
loooooved it. i was all why is he on the copter? he's not part of the oceanic 6. and then came the true true surprise of the episode. the genius bit. the bit that made it speshuuuul. dezzie and penny. sitting in a tree. kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-enn-jiii...
visited by sayid in the looney bin. playing chess with some dead guy. i didnt catch the name but the initiative guys heard eko. wil take their word for it. could see him thinking on the copter when the pilot said they could lose a couple hundred pounds. but then sawyer took the plunge. and theres another question. what is the secret kate mission? most prob something to do with cassidy and clementine.
still being a complete fuckwit. feeling sorry for himself. obviously not helped by locke blaming it all on him. but why is jack so important to the island. jack isnt special. he has no real connection...unless its thru his father who was or going back to the stupid stranger in a strange land epi...

she is so nice. stupid daniel was so not going to come back. but now of course he has to since there is no freighter to get back to. but then there is no island to get back to confused.
the patti died finally. ben had to kill him. if i was ben id have probably done the same thing. but then bens the one who made the i dont kill innocent people obviously it was only the alex thing that made him take that step. he had to.
to continue from the ben and locke bit. his intros r cute. my name is john locke. the john/jack convi was all jack being stuuupid. which eventually leads to locke being dead which is hideous. i hate jack. pah sidey bugger. now full drama of how to get back to the island and how to convince kate to take aaron shite. why does he have to die? i dont want him to die :(
...brainily thought up the liquid nitrogen thing for to delay bomb going off.
probably still on the island to communicate with the many dead people. so many invisible/imaginary friends to hang with.
i love her. she is perfect. beautiful. unhateable. its just not possible. if i ever find someone who finds penny annoying i will die. when she was holding aaron i thought about her and dezzie having many many babies.
loved it when he comes swimming up and juliets sitting there. she is so awesome. they probably sat there and got drunk together.

also moving the island by hand very cool. well not literally. obv the wheel made something physicsy happen with all the electromagnetic things...and worm holes and what not...february?? i have to wait until february for the next season? grr and i thought september seemed far away...

had such fun watching! with my hat. and oranges. and cake that dad made.
and talking at the screen. :D

Sunday, 1 June 2008


hee cannot wait for the 2 part lost finale tonight [parts 2 and 3 of 3]! just went back and read my blabberations about lost after season much has changed...i like ben now :) even made a ben/locke waper for my lappie. he's the coolest. has the best lines. and you know he's always going to come out on top unlike stupid dr "men expert" jack who ends up off island wanting to come back...still hate kate, still love juliet. and locke is the man. there was one completely awesome dezzie epi. sawyer is awesome, how cares bout hugo and claire...charlotte is annoying [love the way sayid says her name tho: char-lot] omg alpert visiting locke as a boy!
..what rocks: sayid+nadia, what sucks: she dies :(
top 5 characters:
1. ben 2. locke 3. sawyer 4. dezzie 5. alpert
extremely loud & incredibly close - jonathan safran foer
love half way thru already and its a fat one :D completely joyous reading experience [not talking about content but style] theres a lovely author pic at the back...completely perfect. goes with the book.