Sunday, 27 December 2009

it's Craptacular

the following poster makes me want to:
a. cringe and gag
b. not watch it
c. kill the photographer
d. and whoever decided to go with small 'i' capital 'C'...
just ergh!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

glee'd about glee

i dont like most of todays 'pop' music. i think its inane. but im watching glee and suddenly the song 'single ladies' by beyonce is making sense to me... in a different way. i dont think a song about liking it and should've having put a ring on it is a great song. but in the context of a gay teenager in a sequinned unitard singing it. it makes sense. im blabbering. but point being thanks to glee im probably going to be singing along with a lot more songs now. *shrug* musicals work for me :D
anything other than high school musical which i still think is retarded. bad disney. no chocolate for you.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

white christmas - here to stay

hit the borders closing down sale just in time. today was the last day. 90% off. i got the leonard cohen book for 90p. i didnt even know he'd written books. looking fwd to it (can just imagine it all in his drooly drooly voice)...after all the millions of lib books iv got to get through. just got done with 'a good school' by richard yates. so good. plenty of latent homosexuality.
also got the dr horrible comic (2.99 - its weird how im ok with paying full price for certain must have new comics. i prefer my novels on sale/second hand) at ok comics. its growing on me. my favourite is still forbidden planet, then travelling man..then ok. but the upstairs has many many 50p bins of back issues. i can see it growing on me more and more... its got this weird posh vibe tho. unlike forbidden planet where iv had fun conversations with people. this is a very keep to yourself type place.
also got started on the graphic language of neville brody.
design books are just better than other books (of the non fiction variety).
ps. havent fallen down yet. walked so slow (slippery pavements). legs feel like iv been doing the merengue.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

christmas 24

knew i was back in the uk when i was in a queue in heathrow with 2 men behind me grousing big time about how theres too much stuff in coffee these days, when all you really want is a bog standard cuppa, a nice cup of black coffee...cheese was easy in the old days, you just got a piece of cheddar and now there are hundreds and this is a reason to really really hate life.
also i fell asleep on the short flight to manchester. and kind of twitched awake suddenly...and the cute old couple next to me got all concerned (it might have looked like a mild fit mebbe) and she was all: are you okay? me: yeah i fell asleep... it was nice.
the x factor final was on sunday. does the name joe mcelderry mean anything to anyone outside this tiny island? he's a girly kind of boi... cheryl cole cries over him as she does over everything.
christmas 24 is name of the channel movies 24 for the month :)

Friday, 20 November 2009

10 ten cameron crowe moments

there's a time magazine list and they have a rearrange option but it just wasnt enough, so...
a lot a lot of thought went into this but...ask me again in half an hour and i could change my mind.

a secret history - an excerpt

playing with fonts on illustrator.

Monday, 16 November 2009

i can has found screenshots on tumblr!

early wil wheaton lowe

the axis of anarchy - the guild

...and now
i cant wait to be all caught up with the season so far. think imagonna skip right to this. season 3. episode 5!!!

2012:jimi mistry is not indian!


the facts. jimi mistry is british. he's from scarborough. he's a yorkshire-man. alec guinness was a better indian than he could ever be. also indians do not all dress like gandhi. 2012 started off ok. it was only his apu-esque accent that was wrrrrong. but then he attempted to speak hindi...and dressed like gandhi as he was about to die in a tidal wave. and overused the phrase 'my friend'
-thank you my friend.
-goodbye my friend.
blah blah blah.
shut the fuck up.

ps. Alec Guinness simply had no heart or stomach to play professor Godbole,
a Kashmiri Pandit, in his friend David
Lean's 1984 movie,
A Passage to India.
'It (the part) shouts for Hindu,' Guinness told Lean...

Saturday, 14 November 2009


so yeah here's the skinny on 2012. it should have been called everyone (including gordon) dies so that john cusack and amanda peet can hook up again.

this is gordon
you know gordon is doomed from the moment when he's in a supermarket with amanda peet and theyre discussing their relationship and feeling a distance between them and then the floor cracks apart jumanji style.
anyhoo g2g.
coming soon:
the tale of how i traumatised other movie goers by yelling die bitches! and drink the tea!

Monday, 9 November 2009


i found the topher banner somewhere random just now and had to share! its so topher..

Sierra: Earth-identical gravity and atmosphere on other planets. Is that two?
Topher Brink: I'll give you one.
Sierra: That's fair. One ecosystem for a whole planet.
Topher Brink: Good.
Sierra: Human-alien cross-breeding without scientific intervention.
Topher Brink: Nice.
Sierra: Flamey explosions and sound in a vacuum.
Topher Brink: Yes! Good job.
Sierra: Oh, but there's so much more. Light speed travel, space storms and sexy, sexy aliens.
Topher Brink: Ahh-ahh-ahh, I said classic sci-fi errors. Now you're just attacking good story telling.

You should probably put your bandit hat on now.
Personally, I- I don't have one, but I modified this tube sock.
Kristofferson: You look good.
Ash: Yeah, I do.

...other things on my brain at the mo. the fantastic mr fox movie! i cant wait. i swoon for jason. cant you just hear him say those lines?? ok ok. i have heard him say those lines in the yummy trailer :) it was mmmMMm good. my tum feels out of it. i r wanting a whole bunch of bennjerrys to soothe it.
also look right for updated top 5s.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

conor - now and then

I'll be rooting for you
Like my favorite team
If somebody sweats you
You just point them out to me
(milk thistle, 2008)...............................
..............................And if the lava monster came,
I would block its flame from hurting you
From hurting you
(lava monster, 1994)
so that's 14 to 28?

he hasnt changed. im thinking the blocking the flame of the metaphorical lava monster is still part of his overall philosophy. its possible that lava monster listenage yesterday made me dream of bright red dragons. they hatched out of eggs and like the dinos in jurassic park, learnt from experience and got more deadly with time... could be killed with the holy words which werent traditionally holy...i dont remember what they were but possibly along the lines of din's rat bastard thing.

the scene:

sunil has made off with the wrong bag of delivered food (biriyani)
din calls him on the phone to make him come back and begins with:

rat bastard!

instant classic.

Friday, 30 October 2009



will update as more people respond. and add graphs and shit.


  • gay hottie in the making
  • yeah hot, sexy ugly
  • Funny-looking, in a cute way (Jakob disagrees, he says hot, btw).
  • Hot guys who smoke instantly attain super-hotness.
  • errr NOT hot from any angle more like who is this baby who smokes?
  • Hot
  • Oh, yes!
  • not
  • Hot. Or Hot-ish. Would that work?
  • hot
pick your lazy afternoon song
  • Lemon Tree
  • magic marker - monsters of folk
  • In the Aeroplane over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel <3
  • That’s so hard. Current one would be Heart of Gold-Neil Young
  • sunny afternoon - the kinks
  • Banana pancakes-Jack Johnson
  • ironically Sunday Morning- Maroon 5
  • parklife - blur
  • The postal service, or various movie soundtracks. Movie soundtracks are the best things ever – like a box of chocolates! :)
  • Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
you want to believe?
  • in what? X files, then no.
  • yes i do
  • I want to believe in magic forests. And that Jimi Hendrix, Joe Strummer and Douglas Adams aren't really dead. And that I can learn Arabic.
  • In vampires and aliens…not to mention a creature that looks like a dolphin with a magical unicorn-horn that can fly and swim and is super-intelligent. I want it as a pet.
  • no i dont try too hard. with passion comes belief. i am corny
  • Santa Claus! Christmas is coming!! Lol!
  • in pretty, pink people
  • yes
  • That there's magic in the world. And unicorns. And elves. :p
  • Life is short.

what's more appealing?
a. lazy lunches
b. lollipops
c. retirement
d. natalie portman
e. unicorns
  • unicorns
  • unicorns/lazy lunches/lollipops/retirement/natalie portman (the only appealing natalie portman is 12-year-old-Leon-Natalie)
  • retirement, unicorns (sorry I cant pick between the two)
  • lazy lunches.. anything wit food in it. throw some beer in?
  • retirement!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!
  • lazy lunches
  • unicorns
  • I’m torn between lazy lunches and unicorns, but I’ll have to go with Unicorns. They’re so cool!
  • unicorns

which of the following would you not share?
a. soap
b. brad pitt
c. lollipops
d. comb
e. combover
  • comb and combover
  • uhh, how can you share a combover? anyway, lollipops/soap/comb/brad pitt (idgaf about brad pitt tbh :p)
  • lollipops.. cmon thats like makin out? :|
  • soap
  • lollipops- atleast not with just 'anyone'!
  • comb
  • soap/brad pitt – fuck yeah!
  • lollipops

also google ftw! google docs makes awesome charts.
shout out to sunil for reminding me of this fact.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

You really think I never kissed a guy before?

^thus spake chuck.
done listening to the these f**king teenagers podcast. and felt some gossip girl love. so here's some eye candy. except for nate and dan. they're not. but big improvement of the season - they've found a way to make both dan and nate less dull - a seth/ryan #theOC style bromance. it's nowhere near as good as that but it's better. and i like nate more knowing that he watches dodgy kinky vampiric king arthur movies. hee. #merthurdejavu ...also how cute is chuck? but i agree, old chuck hair is so much better than new chuck hair. too short. casual blair is a good look. but its rare. ps. mismatch shoes ftw!


almost forgot to mention. bit in white is off overthinkingit XD

Friday, 23 October 2009

what is home?

im all nostalgic at the mo. thank god for being in madras tomorrow. twill be awesome. falling asleep on a train and finding myself at home. should be good. i cant wait for it to be properly hot. its been hot in blore this week, but different hot. madras hot is madras hot. just watched new maggie 8 vid. featuring niv.

not new in general. 4 months ago. new to me.
so yeah. im all alone in office. everyone having left. i shall leave in a bit to go to corner house or something. before meeting dee and uncle. dont think i want to be alone in office for some hours. but corner house with carpe jugulum sounds good. ice cream for the mood im in. chocolate. someone's playing old hindi music in the next room. it's that sort of mood exactly. where im remembering madras as a series of loungey moments spents on beds in the afternoon with the light filtering through the half opened curtains. the view being green and light.
also loungey leeds moments of pure lazy. niv's room. doing nothing. cocooned.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

craving corner house

the way i slog my way through lunch these days makes me think - this is how recovering anorexics must feel. the lack of actual hunger. looking at each bite as a milestone (i have probably watched too many anorexia movies (starring christina hendricks and/or susan may pratt) , there was a phase when there were a lot of them on star movies...). but this is not me at breakfast/dinner. or the weekend. (on vacation!) its all food. all the time. no guilt. it's possibly the setting. eating at work. or just that im not a lunch person. never cared too much for it in school either. not a lunch person on week(work)days. unemployment leads to eating.

also i have quite a fetish for MILKMADE ice cream's photostream.

in other food related news: methinks we are making diwali sweets today. or rather sudha aunty plans to make them and if we get home in time we might help out :) funfun.

im v non anorexic ok? just pondering.

Friday, 9 October 2009

he's got a phd in hyperspace

(kinetic typography starwars)

this makes me think about how han solo is secretly a geek.
i mean it comes across like luke is the quiet nerdy one meeting a cowboy in space.
but he's more indiana jones than just any cowboy.
he's knows the physics.

the jump to hyperspace aint like swinging a lightsabre around!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


so these r the 3 paintings i made while reading n.p. this was before i finished the book and while i was feeling tres sickness. the one in the middle there is called 'pain' :)

Monday, 28 September 2009

what now?

it is the last day of the long weekend and im not done yet... there is more to be done yes? i have joined a library. read 3 books. and 1 short story. painted 3 tees. just painted. steamed the sickness out of me. sneezed mad amounts. woke up in the middle of the night with a stuffed nose..and just watched (500)days of summer... which i must admit has left me restless and wanting to go do something. anything. something more. but what? (anything but bathe..i should bathe...but i dont wanna..)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

its that time again...

september is almost ended...october will be upon us and with it ..HALLOWEEN!! this year i feel like constructing something or no party..come oct 31st i will be dressed like a loon... some initial thoughts follow :D im leaning towards 'dharmabear' or 'bunnysuit' or maybe 'holymackerelboy'... or 'bluechickwithagodcomplexwhosactuallyagod' :p

it is possibly a bad thing that im following (aka stalking) neil gaiman and his daughters on twitter...

how to deal?

Thursday, 10 September 2009

why i like wednesdays - by pavi (age, 23 or 5 depending)

anthropomorphic personification of wednesday

wednesdays are the best day of the (work) week (not counting saturday which is the best day of the week for obvious reasons). i have a variety of theories to explain the sudden lift in mood that comes upon me on wednesdays.

wednesday begins with the letter double-u (or) 'w' sometimes known as doobluhvay. and 'weekend' also begins with the aforementioned excellent letter. so its a visual brain illusion...leading to the whole day feeling a bit like friday night.

-when's the day?
-today! it's whensday!

Wen's day
Wen - Wen the eternally surprised.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

the evolution of barnes, julian

key: read/unread/tried to read

weirdly read it without absorbing the plot it would seem. only remember the bit about the orange street lights (beautiful and haunting, think about it whenever im out walking at night) and the tiny betrayal bits...overall not a violent book.
before she met me
so violent but also so funny. probably the funniest. in an incredibly morbid black comedy fashion. think coldblooded.
flaubert's parrot
staring at the sun
very un barnes in that its lacking the usual themes of twisting jabbing stabbing betrayal. funny in a barnes way. and simply lovely so far.
a history of the world in 10 1/2 chapters
talking it over
oh joy. stuart, gillian and oliver. fucked up. real. oozing betrayal.
the porcupine
letters from london
cross channel
england, england
love, etc
yippieyay. again. stuart, gillian and oliver. fucked up. real. oozing more betrayal.
something to declare
in the land of pain (translation)
the pedant in the kitchen
the lemon table
arthur & george
nothing to be frightened of

wouldve thought he wrote staring at the sun after talking it over/love, etc. after having got the betrayal after his system. i think he got the violence out with before she met me. then got zen. then something horrible happened...
ok its not that zen (staring at the sun) just realised its largely about suicide. hmm should i be worried that my brain interpreted that as zen. probably. but im not.

Monday, 7 September 2009

my predictions - shanghai masters (snooker)

1986: the year stephen hendry began his professional career and alex feguson started managing united.

key: right/wrong

Stephen Hendry (Sco) [my hero!] to beat Marcus Campbell (Sco)
Liang (Chn) to beat Peter Ebdon (Eng)
Allister Carter (Eng) to beat Tian Pengfei (Chn)
Shaun Murphy (Eng) to beat Michael Holt (Eng)
Neil Robertson (Aus) to beat Ken Doherty (Ire)
[i seem to be getting anti oldie...except when it concerns hendry and higgins]
Stephen Maguire (Sco) withdrew
[havent heard of this barry bloke]

Ronnie O'Sullivan (Eng) to beat Graeme Dott (Sco)
[easypeasy...but anything could happen with ronnie]

Ding Junhui (Chn) to beat Stephen Lee (Eng)
Mark Selby (Eng) [whyyy??] to beat Stuart Bingham (Eng)
Mark Williams (Wal) to beat Joe Swail (NI) [i hate swail so much]
John Higgins (Sco) to beat Selt (Eng)
[he can beat anyone! and i havent heard of these 2, many new ppl hovering about the place]

Sunday, 6 September 2009

have i mentioned..

i now have 3 notebooks (diaries)
my weekday one - reporter moleskine

my weekend one - warhol diary

my nighttime one - murakami diary

and 4 blogs
this one
the shared one with rachellle
the comic blog with zivya (altho we're not doing that currently..should get back to it..maybe not have it as a daily)
and my personal (only i can read it) blog
and i twitter. and i feel i need all of them.
the way to insanity wot?

sunday bloody sunday

an update about my life after ages. back in blore. been at home all day with a cold. dosed up on cold meds. slept much. watched wanted in between the sleeping on tv. was a bit less awesome as censorship was at work and they cut out bits including bad language. kind of kills it. but mistah mcavoy is as hot as ever and those eyes... mmmfun. the cat curled up nextto me for a bit while i napped. but still gets quite upset if i try to pet him. downloading noah and the whale songs. slow. something seems to have happened the sound on the comp tho.. *shrug*
im not a fan of sunday evenings generally but feel better now. was majorly down in the afternoon. dee left for a date a little while back (bf and bf's parents, last min plan, hastily changed outfit :D, i twittered about it) im glad we're roomies. its too cute.
both the nikhils (aka. "the nikhil") have been online this weekend, random convis ensued.
omg and now chrishelle (my bunnie) is online. my day is made! she's gone off to shower. but will be back. with a dream to tell me about. yippieyay.
gaaahhh why wont the songs dload faster. i want noah and the whale now!

Friday, 21 August 2009

notes on my phone

this is all the stuff i felt to note down on my phone for later/ponderage/bloggage/whatnot.
  • hindus burial ground - road name in blore...just weird. hindus dont get buried.
  • im'onna - its the way everyone on how i met your mother says i'm going to
  • headphones on. sandwich eating. macho men. - story idea.
theres also
  • a list of things to buy from here to take to there.
  • a reminder to pay ajit uncle for a blore to madras train ticket.
  • my work email password
  • an idea for a card
  • dee's address
  • my dad's work details, other ppls contact details..
  • a dream i had about ed westwick/chuck bass.
the dream
he was in the room and the tv was in the next room and i spotted chuck [on the tv] and got happy and just then realised that i was in a room with ed westwick and other people had not realised it was him and said some i hate chuck bass/he's ugly type things while hitting on him at the same time. he was obv pained.
met kristin, she had some fundoo recipe on her website for making cakes shaped like he-man? something like that. not marzipan, actual cake. impressive.

^beeteedoubleyoo this is a really old dream.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

adventures of a comic book geek

omg i almost forgot to mention the awesome things that happened to me at forbidden planet (i r going to miss leeds :( *sob*)...1. i was by the new issues shelf looking at comics...and these 2 guys are doing the same and one of them exclaims how theres this something about comics, how they say pick me up and buy me..and he said with such longing and my preciousssss.... (scroll down and look at the young liars cover - i had to have it!)

2. i was by the back issues cartons picking out comics and this middle aged dude with a giant duffel to rival my bulging backpack, sits down to do the same and starts up a convi with "iv been doing this a lot longer than you..." cause he's old and i havent been alive as long. so fun. he went on to tell me about how the covers blend into each other and the hard part is avoiding duplicates. i can see myself getting there someday :) he's got a notebook...and spreadsheets!

spot the difference


listening to podcasts. kevin smith now. the overthinkingit gang to start off with. i feel to write... but no one gets my writing. am i thomas pynchon? do i strive to alienate my audience. i think no. but seriously no one gets it now. and this wasnt always the case. i remember school. i had fangirls. or my fictional characters had fangirls. god everyone loved joe. i was jelus. i was his #1 fan no more. but this was before i read any james joyce...

but beyond that. plotlines used to be easier. id look out the window of the car on the way to college and see things and spin a whole yarn about the random folk on the side of the road. now not so much. its a little scary my big fear out of 'i love the unknown' could be becoming reality.

the doctor asked him what he was afraid of
just what was he running from?
he said, "it's not a fear of success, nor of closeness
but of going through life feeling numb."

aw man i messed with the page and now theres no way to skip ahead back to the middle of the podcast again... cannot be bothered to download it. so will just have to find something else to listen to.. smodcast vs otip hmmm. going with otip#8 an oldie! appro as i just watched iron man last weekend. was trying to find iron man comics in forbidden planet yesterday. found only one back issue and other things looked more interesting so i got buffy season 8 (im sad i couldnt find issue#21 cause it has to do with harmony having her own talk show XD), angel, the goon (wanted to chek out other dark horse stuff), jack staff and young liars (the last one is about spiders from mars!!)

Monday, 3 August 2009

my life according to the smiths

twitter to to this

answer these questions using song titles from ONE ARTIST only.
Try not to repeat. Repost as “my life according to (artist name)”

Pick your Artist:
The Smiths

Are you a Male or a Female:
Shakespeare’s Sister

Describe Yourself:
Sweet & Tender Hooligan

How do you feel:
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Describe where you currently live:
A Rush & A Push & The Land Is Ours

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Back To The Old House

Your Favorite form of Transportation:
Rubber Ring

Your Best Friend is:
This Charming Man

You and your best friends are:

Favorite Time of Day:
Summer Nights

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

What is life to you:
What Difference Does It Make?

Your last relationship:
William, It Was Really Nothing

Current Relationship:
I Want The One I Can’t Have

Your fear:
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

What is the best advice you have to give:

Thought for the day:
Barbarism Begins At Home

How I would like to die:
Death At One’s Elbow

My motto:
Nowhere Fast

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

did i fall asleep?

done with dollhouse season 1 so... [in case it isnt obvious, who i like and why..with no spoilers]



Sunday, 26 July 2009

cher waldorf? blair horowitz?

i just like totally realised: blair is cher's evil twin. it's in the way they talk. gotta love it.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

All i really need is someone like phoebe

someone to excite my fantasy... the top five women i like who are hotter than megan fox.

1. Phoebe Cates
the ultimate hottie. the song says it all.

2. Gisele Bundchen
the woman i think of immediately when i hear dylan moran say the words "with my discreetly pregnant brazillian girlfriend"
4. Eliza Dushku
5. Shannon Elizabeth aka. Nadia

lily and barney?? whaaa?!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

*bites the fuckers*

found this on a site today. am very disturbed.
6 people are in favour of death. wha? (fuckers! someone should catch and kill you!) and im the one who voted for adoption...

Saturday, 11 July 2009

"Hang the DJ! This tune came out in 1990."

lols i was right. the suicide rate was higher before. when ppl listened to post-punk ...but they did also have more gilbert fun back then... altho these be the stats from '91 onwards.