Monday, 29 September 2008

penny: "what kind of beer?"

reading: please kill me - the uncensored oral history of punk
to read: mort - terry pratchett+do androids dream of electric sheep? - philip k. dick
listening to: the stooges/iggy pop
to listen: the velvet underground and nico/kinks

got back from the library with the above mentioned stash o music and books. i got please kill me off rachel. am still in the proto punk stages o the book. lou reed. stooges. mc5. new york dolls. patti smith. warhol. edie. nico. danny fields. heroin. glitter. that whole scene...ohh and this morn i watched another awesome bbc docu: the pink floyd story: which one's pink? now i cant start properly listening to them :D i dont get why people have to act like some bands r mutually exclusive. like the beatles vs pink floyd.
anyhoo bbc docus r the best. the floyd one was really extra personalish as the main interviewees were the band members...i found bob geldof's presence a bit out of place actually...i mean it made sense in the end because he made the reunion concert happen but other than that his comments on them seemed irrelevant...
iv been having a musical day i say. just remembered that i listened to radio one after ages in the morn and noel gallagher was talking to chris moyles. about the electric proms and blah. he is muchly listenable to.
i'm going to miss iplayer when i go back to indias.
other things i might miss: radio sure there r more things i will booti frends obv...but things? hmm...flake, pound stores...houmous! but could attempt making it at home.. :D..and grassy places to lie on sunny days...
things i defo wont miss:
the itv fuckwit commentators
the cold jacket weather
to be continued.

Sunday, 28 September 2008


watched the sideyest countdown on E!...25 style icons or something. its bout how ppl lost their soul and individuality to that hideous thing called fashion otherwise known as the cult of wearing black black and more black in the name of being i dont know what...eergh...lets take a bunch of nice normal ppl being colourful and happy and 80s and punk and all things nice and make them clones and then call them icons so that other people can aspire to becoming clones. the evil plan is complete. total domination through sheepification. in the words of claude in can't hardly wait 'baa!'

look how beautiful>

ps. dont miss the mighty ducks reference.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

who do you seeee?

crazy random happenstance?! or is the universe playing with my mind. good playing. i like it. just watched episode 2 of house season 5. and guess who's in it! felicia "penny" day. tadaaaa! and yes i know that you cant see her at all there...really good episode B-T-W [bee, tee, double-u as NPH would say] cant wait for mooore...
note to imdb: she's not on the cast list yet! what isss that?

ooh i just used imdb's update system to add a credit. funky. now twil be reviewed and added etc. they will email me later blah blah...good system!

ps. found this thru lastfm. i love this pic much.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

ms austen's blog, nay letter...

just watched 'becoming jane' which i had previously been resisting watching because a) i love jane austen, b) i hate anne hathaway...but then the lure of james mcavoy worked on me and i felt i ought to give it a shot. and so i did. and well duh i loved it. when do i ever hate anything he's in? well 'wimbledon' but every scene with him in it, was ace. [review: anne hathaway can act, she is definitely less annoying and more ignorable than keira knightley. joe anderson is quite genius. each role is so incredibly different...considering i didnt recognise him until halfway into 'control'!]

speaking of jane, i watched a lil bit of one episode of that new austen meets time travel thing...i forget what it's called...the one where ms price someone is in pride and prejudice instead of elizabeth's completely funny because of the sheer silliness of it all. i rem now. tis called 'lost in austen' ...

i have a theory. it was bound to happen someday. someone, somewhere wud realise that scifi/fantasy and period romance/drama have essentially the same fan base. hopeless romantic fantasist/dreamer types who lose themselves in ludricrous [and humorous and dramatic over the top] other lives which their own lives could never aspire to [ignore my high minded language, i tend to absorb like a sponge when i watch or read things -the effects will pass shortly].

watching act III of dr horrible again now.
#everyone's a hero in their own way...# everybody! sway!
#you people all have to learrrrrn...this world's going to burrrrn# yeah it's 2 'r's h-o-r-r...
...ohhhh i'm in paiiiin...i think this is what pain feels like!

things that dr horrible has in common with becoming jane. they dont have happy endings. but they do get what they want professionally. jane becomes jane austen and dr horrible gets into the evil league of evil...

Sunday, 21 September 2008

los angeles, CA or is it MA...

DRAS! just imdbed jason schwartzman [again] to chek where specifically in california he's from...and it's los angeles! which makes all my home songs, songs about los angeles! inc west coast which where jason's from which is LA! i wonder if it has a madras vibe...maybe someday i will go there and chek it out...or maybe i'll meet jason [a girl can dream] and he'll tell me if his india trip reminded him of when i went to liverpooool i felt the madras vibe going on...
the end. :)

it's my blog, you can sing along...

listening to: lou reed
new cds: transformer - lou reed, low - david bowie
borrowed cds: conor oberst
borrowed book: please kill me - the uncensored oral history of punk
movies watched: almost famous [for the millionth time], withnail and i [must watch again :)]
also watched: dr horrible's sing along blog!
dinner: chicken and chapati
lunch: toast, veg mince, ben and jerrys, grapes
breakfast: doughnut, ben n jerrys
dinner on fri: 50/50 pizza - veg + spicy bolognese , b n j [choc fudge brownie, chunky monkey]
conversations : dr horrible, withnail, evil laughs, time, dogs, people, crowds, cinema, people who talk in the cinema, dr horrible, pie, freeze ray, texting, bad horse, meth labs, zavvi, good omens - the most repaired book ever, dr horrible, neil patrick harris, scales, tennis balls, the boy next door, buskers doing covers, oreos with milk at travelling man, 'raying', singingalong, dr horrible, ringtones, train timings, drunk people at the ticket counter, young mothers, stinky bread, good bread, fry and laurie, marmalade, oxfam, evilness...

Friday, 19 September 2008

The city she loves me/Lonely as I am/Together we cry...

thinking about home. usually i just dont let my mind go there. for to avoid the missage. but now's a good time for it. i am positive and upbeat about my life. no danger of the belljar descending...anyhoo was thinking about songs about home, not home as in my home - madras. but home as in home for the band or whatever. but all those songs make me think of madras. it's not so much a city song to me. just a home music. like under the bridge - rhcp [ has always always been my madras song...even when i was in madras :)], and west coast - coconut records [altho madras is on the east coast], los angeles, i'm yours - the decemberists...i think the first and last ones r both about LA...
i was talking about home in passing and i meant madras...and zivya's cousin was all but ur parents are here, so home isnt where ur parents are? and i was like i think i explained badly in that me 'home' has never really been my house in madras either...home is an idea...a composite of all the comfort places in madras [pli's, labbu's, dee's, zivya's...loads of others...krithika's terrace..of course i am including my house as well! mm...the mango tree outside my room-when the rain comes :)...many roadsides...]. the safety nets. possibly extended to include safetly nets elsewhere. niv's plc in leeds...
im sure they [the music ppl] feel muchly connected to their cities too... and of course beatles songs which just ooze liverpoolness...

los angeles, i'm yours - the decemberists:

There is a city by the sea
A gentle company
I don't suppose you want to
And as it tells its sorry tale
In harrowing detail
Its hollowness will haunt you

Its streets and boulevards
Orphans and oligarchs are here
A plaintive melody
Truncated symphony
An ocean's garbled vomit on the shore
Los Angeles, I'm yours ...'s not a fully positive song. but oh the love is there. love that you have no control over. love that exists. wil exist.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

me and my flair

joblessness i know but i just cant help myself. it's a disease.

  1. julian barnes - the person responsible for my cynical side
  2. my yayas
  3. blade runner - cant wait to read the book! [i agree with rachellle that philip k. dick's books have the most awesome titles!]
  4. john locke - i dont want him to be dead :'(
  5. almost famous!
  6. zappa - best speaker award!
  7. brian from dirty sexy money - yum yum
  8. the first kevin smith movie i saw...
  9. darjeeling limited. ahh.
  10. kyle maclachlan as paul muad'Dib
  11. house - i r mushpot
  12. lotr+kevin smith=clerks 2
  13. yes that is mr mcavoy
  14. lorelai is funny :D
  15. bender and molly ringwald *aww*
  16. closer before it all goes incredibly wrong...
  17. jeux d'enfants
  18. [yummy] mr bale and the yummier dog
  19. jess mariano
  20. trent lane
  21. self explanatory
  22. mr kassovitz doing shady things ;)
  23. dextah!
  24. pli et her boi
  25. dil chahta hai
  26. sawyer
  27. faramir
  28. bat fixation
  29. shtarbuuurst
  30. bowie!
  31. pattis of the world - unite!
  32. vetinari *salutes*
  33. guinness
  34. bad grammar - so funny
  35. mr schwartzman his coconut records incarnation.
  36. the millennium falcon
  37. storm trooper - i want that costume so bad
  38. the brave little toaster and blanky
  39. the vital importance of kerning
  40. the god kevin smith
  41. rorschach
  42. the best clem snide album
  43. dezzie
  44. ah theoretical physics!
  45. the beatles
  46. pearl jam
  47. joy division
  48. black books/dylan moran
  49. richard armitage as john thornton *swoon*
  50. it hurts my eyes. my soul. and yes makes the baby jesus cry even.
  51. oscar wilde/jack fairy/velvet goldmine
  52. dexter
  53. bright eyes
  54. sigur ros - my new religion
  55. calvin et hobbes - me et pli

Monday, 15 September 2008


watched 'bring wars' on channel 4 yest.
tis the sort of thing that brings glee to my soul.

the best was probably when he got into carrie fisher's house[him mildly hitting on warwick davis [wicket[the ewok}] was pretty awesome too :D]. and she gave him real ewok soap and he discovered that her star wars curtains [in her utility room or something, muchly cute house tis..i want!] were made from a sheet and he actually used to own those sheets :D plus its just happy that it was the first movie he watched in the cinema.

how do i still adore star wars now that i know that a lot of it is dune based? answer: because it's dune based. it's like a circular thing [i adore dune]. yeah it's mildly ripoffy but it is also it's own thing. separate and ever deadly. but the places that lucas ripped things from in themselves are so interesting...for eg: three P-Os in heretics of dune refer to 3 artificial building materials beginning with the letters 'po' and it is a term used to look down on ppl...they r not posh materials to use basically. its funny.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Vettel FTW!

i vented my frustrations with the stupid stupid itv F1 commentary by making this delightful representation of the idiots who commentate [whose names i shall not bother to learn] who are really just hamilton fangirls. i wonder what they did with their lives before hamilton. i imagine them wandering about the place bemusedly [waiting for the messiah] like socialites with nothing to gossip about and no one to adore...i mean really, vettel wins and they found the time to mention him only in the last 5 minutes of the race and post race one of the idiots actually said: the only story of the race really was hamiton's blah blah blah...right! what about the 5 people separating vettel and hamiton...kovalainen was deemed 'solid, but nothing more', raikonnen 'lacked confidence' [right! he's a world champion who just happened to forget how to race this one race...] and oh yeah hamilton 'seems to be slowing down for some reason' [no fault of his own obviously!] what can i say, they're downright deluded.

"act of misleading someone," c.1420; as a form of mental derangement, 1552. See delude. Technically, delusion is a belief that, though false, has been surrendered to and accepted by the whole mind as a truth; illusion is an impression that, though false, is entertained provisionally on the recommendation of the senses or the imagination, but awaits full acceptance and may not influence action. Delusions of grandeur attested from 1909.

ps. i must thank for the inspiration to photoshop up stuff. :D

Thursday, 11 September 2008

'ort attaks!

writing on a word prompt. i asked zivya for one. she said heart. so many things to write bout...there was this trailer on the 'little children' dvd for some shady werewolf movie where she has to choose between desire and destiny! drama! love versus actual eating of idea for the conclusion of the movie involves her biting him and him becoming a werewolf too. :D anyhoo speaking of hearts...many movies and shows brings up the subject of children vs spouses...[my so-called life: her dad having to be the inbetween guy when she's arguing which her mum, crazy/beautiful: when she confronts her dad and he picks her over his new wife{he had to! it was the perfectest moment!}...complex story{tis the only one where i actually like kirsten dunst...i admit that she can act, she just unfortunately is painy!}...LOST:the whole kate killing her stepfather deal-her mum picking him over her is just shady{and i dont even like kate...but i still feel strongly against her daft mater!}...] so i guess my stand on it is that the chilluns have got to come first and it confuses me in these many plotlines when they dont...but then when im in it..wud i feel the same in little children...for ages kate winslet doesnt seem to connect with her daughter and only gets it when she almost loses her... but i dont think that cud be me...chillun obsessed as i am. god it just kills when she's off being shady and her daughter and the babysitter have a convi bout what art project she wants to do..a frame? a jewellery box? and she says: something for mommy. and she wasnt the painy sort of movie child. she was a lil whiny one. but only whiny in a i-want-you-to-look-at-me way...
erm other heart related things!

accidental but i like it!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

minutiae du jour

just felt like updating despite having nothing to write about really...about to head off to the post office to post a painting to susie. wil get back and work on cv and find pics to send to dee as requested in the email. i made lunch today [rice and mutton curry - andhra style green thing, yum yum] dug up the potatoes we'd planted in the garden [yield: 8 new potatoes] also want to watch my so-called life epi.4. just showered and moisturised [skin drink, lush] my nu tattoo. my driving is improving in teeny increments. or it cudve just been the change of car [drove a ford yest]...

Monday, 8 September 2008

i can has scrobbling?

meh am pained. trying to locate some lost cv file...i need music now before i lose my mind completely :D
  • bat for lashes
  • requiem ost
  • the decemberists
  • okkervil river
  • sigur ros
  • zec
yay found it! letting rachellle's claire danes vid load...<3s claire danes! she is so unhateable! like natalie portman! i wonder if they've been in anything together...