Sunday, 22 February 2009

#sings# how much is that nudist in the window? the one with the smile on her face...

the scene. thursday. me and rebecca walking back to her place.
we passed people hecking some other people in the 1st floor (i think) window of a house. nude people (pretty much having sex people). the people in the window. not the road. who obviously knew there were people watching their nudity. *shrug* we looked up. we looked away. we walked on. :)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

tweet! tweet!

i gave in. i am now on twitter. my blog list was getting too full of ppl who i was following on there. instead of on here. look left for my twitter feed on this page. plus that bird is just too darn cute.

gah...i wants to know who designed him. but googling did not help :/

Monday, 16 February 2009

hans yo' da man!

listening to: the overthinkingit podcast
waiting for: the the latest bones episode to load [im all caught up with LOST]
saturday. so madras.
beached: chilli fries and chicken wings with kuttu, zivya and dee

alliance-francaised: chocolate cake, banana cake and coffee [that was just me, one of each] with kuttu [she had four pieces of the choc cake, which i realised only when the bill was being made, im am so jelus..i wanted a second piece! i did! just thot that wud be a bit hoggy of time i am so going for it! 4 pieces here i thinking we shud just buy the whole cake and split it...its made by this guy on the spot :D and he always smells of baking] and her friends

madras terrace housed: with kuttu and more of her was a play/reading thing by this woman and we were late so we caught the last 10-15 mins of it...and then there was a q&a bit which i prefer to call the session of self congratulation...another woman blathered on about how great it was and how she's seen it seventeen times [at which point i looked over at kuttu and she was laughing and i was laughing...and yeah not good :)] performed in different locations because how could she sit at home and do nothing, when such a great work of art was out there being viewed by people not herself...

^! cool huh?

[speaking of art, there were these cool paintings on the walls by hans kaushik - one of my childhood heroes, i pretty much watched star wars and had yoda remind me of hans kaushik, just in that he's like this hippie wise man].
i wud put up photos except theyre on my phone...and i have to locate the software that goes with it before it can be connected to my dads laptop...we'll see...

sunday. flights.
was so gleed to get a surprise [they asked me to step aside for a minute and of course i imagined much to do with how they suspected me of being a terrorist] upgrade to business class.

Friday, 6 February 2009

desmond: are you the doctor?

watching LOST on kuttu's laptop.
episode 3: jughead. season 5 is the best. cannot wait to watch epi 4. sobs ill probably have to wait a laptop being with divya and me being in madras...ill only have propah internet when i get back to batley. gahh megavideo is making me wait before letting me see the end of the epi...considering the fact that 24 mins is killing me, a week is going to be torture. but hopefully will be occupied with meeting ppl :) happy!
also either teh interweb is playing with me or im experiencing some sort of time loss...first it said wait 53 minutes and after what felt like a minute i refresh and it says 24...O_o
im happy..buuut its straaange.
when am i?

Thursday, 5 February 2009

wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!

wats weirder than the absence of parents [them being in the uk, me being here] is the presence of someone else [my aunt is here at the mo] now my aunt has asked me twice already if i want help with my packing. which would never happen normally. as the parentals already know how finicky i am with my packing. it must be just so. and it must be done by me :)

complex packing...for i am moving in with divya as well as packing for to go to madras and then straight on to the need to make sure i pack everything in the right plc. cannot leave imp stuff i need to take to foren lands at divyas plc...wud not be good at all! also doing some weird figuring out what files i need to put on my pen drive... [not packing laptop or cds in the spirit of minimalism...but yet i must have my illustrator files and essential music :)]

it goeth alright i think...will only know when i land up and go omfg how cud i have been so stooopid!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

eee by gum!

reading: the tales of beedle the bard/various news articles on hugo chavez. felt to do some researches after watching bbc today (conclusion: all politicians get lost in the politics...there can be no objective, one right view...can u trust anything written? i have learnt the snicket/munich lesson well). i feel all bouncy and active this sunday morn :) did laundry, dishes, cleared my room and now off to bath and then the atm for i am penniless again.

listening to: songs from or related to the history boys, stopped myself from looping rufus again :) but 'my funny valentine' is still on my playlist, so it does come around with some regularity (like now) #yet you're my favourite work of your figure less than greek? is you mouth a little weak? when you open it to speak, are you smart? (i can never actually hear this part...sounds more like ah you smile) dont change a hair for me...not iiiif you caaare for me#

watched tv for a bit, annie was on (the old good version, with the cute as a button annie and a actually bald daddy warbucks..unlike the hideosity that is the new one)

#the sun will come out tomorrrowwwww...
bet your bottom dolllar that tomorrrrrow there'll be suuunn....tommmmooorrrrrrowww....toomorrrrrowwww,
i love ya! tomorrrrrrrowwwwww you'rrrrre only a daaaaay awayyyyyy#

hehe i love the corniness, i caught the part where she sings it to the president (FDR) and his wife and then the four of them sing it together (FDR/eleanor/daddy/annie) XD

tim curry vs alan cummings?? are u kidding me?

and now the discovery of the day!
lemony snicket's new story read by everyone's favourite doctor
(hint: he's got a phd in horribleness).