Friday, 30 December 2011

i've been sobbing over fictional characters again

watched the second half of north & south again. richard armitage doing his broody thing.. and that heavenly voice and accent. the long 'a's (wiki says he's a leicester man :) the 'a's did remind me of selby!).  baked a caked in the microwave which we have discovered also has some oven-like properties. turned out alright. chocolate banana cake. just the thing for this weather we're having. rain rain all day long. :) and now i'm mentally swooning over mr armitage's acting prowess, his distinctive silhouette, dreamy eyes... so pretty.

what now? back to my book i go. now on book 4 of the song of ice and fire series: a feast for crows. this seems to be the one that's especially full of/about strong female characters. asha greyjoy (i love her! she reminds me of vidya balan), brienne of tarth, margaery tyrell, cersei lannister (i hate her! she things she's so clever but she's not), the sand snakes, arianne martell, arya stark, sansa stark, gilly...

speaking of which: thornton's mum! - what a woman. i'm so glad i finally have the dvd. good buy.

Friday, 23 December 2011

3 things

reading (a storm of swords part II) blood and gold. about 1/3rd of the way in and 3 people are dead already. i forgot the "no one is safe" rule. anyone can die, anytime. i forgot and it snuck up on me. total WTF moment.

watched a christmas play. some of the same actors as last year. really well done for a local church production. detailed sets. people really cared about making it entertaining. i'd go again next year! it's fun spotting the same people year after year... 

one of the actors reminded me of tracie thoms. but googling tracie thoms christmas songs yields not that much... i really want to hear the tracie thoms version of white christmas. rewatched all 13 episodes of wonderfalls so the need for tracie has come to me. i want more thoms in my life! 

preferably tracie thoms and lee pace. in the same thing. again. *sigh* that would be glorious! what say santa? 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

naked as we came

watched 7 films over 2 days at the chennai international film festival. (as far as i remember) 5 of which contained nudity. bodies are fascinating. 

how the same bits can look fully different on different people. uneven boobs. barely there boobs. saggy boobs. hairy backs. hairless chests. crooked teeth. large feet. stubby fingers. visible ribs. concave bellies. wobbly bellies. bums. 

so beautiful though. anything short of completely obese/skeletal is a good visual. bodies are pretty things.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


the pinkerton diaries and alone III  -  a look into the mind of rivers cuomo in the form of a dissertation style book and cd package. it is pure porn for graphic designers/weezer lovers. the description itself is mouthwatering: 237 Pages • 3-Pound Cloth Binding • Hardback Book • 26-Track Audio CD • Exclusively Available from • First Edition • Hand Numbered. they bloody described the heft of it! hand fucking numbered! unreleased demo tracks! want. but for $75 dollars i dont think so. *fingerscrossed* for a cheapier paperback + cd option eventually.

LOL i'm like an advert. but seriously this should be epic :) im currently listening to pinkerton again and everytime i do it seems more relevant to me and life and everything. i first listened to the album after reading a multi paged feminist article hating on him. and then i was all wtf there's nothing wrong with this! this is awesome! should have known the guy who wrote island in the sun could never disappoint. the man speaks the truth.

like in pink triangle when he says:
"I'm dumb, she's a lesbian
I thought I had found the one
We were good as married in my mind
But married in my mind's no good"
apart from the lesbian bit, i've been there.

but when i sang butterfly to a friend she said he sounds like an abuser...
"I'm sorry for what I did 
I did what my body told me to 
I didn't mean to do you harm 
Every time I pin down what I think I want it slips away 
The goal slips away " was probably the lack of context. you need the whole album. i dont think butterfly sounds like that.

ps. lolol just found this and he actually uses the word "hefty" himself :D

Sunday, 27 November 2011

gotta keep walking on

on episode 3 (season 1) of the walking dead. doing it in order, right proper from the beginnin'. rick grimes makes me want to talk this way. i damn near lost it *tears* at the end of episode 2 when he's reunited with the son and wife (ain't nothing going to get in the way o' that man). andrew lincoln is a better american than hugh laurie. and you believe that he is a man worth rooting for. a man who knows how people work. and this i feel is the biggest skill (yes it is a skill) and most basic skill that one needs in life. maybe not needs. but it sure is good to have if you want to treat other people right. gotta know before you act. got to know the right thing to do at the right time. right for that person. for those people. for that situation.

feels like most of my posts these days are about this very thing. rephrased. reiterated.

and when better to think about people and life and survival than in the middle of a zombiepocalypse (and with this show you are right there. in the middle. considering whether you'd make it, or whether you'd become a walker). and remember: always go for the brains. live long and prosper y'all.

have a willy mason song.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


i had the best manicure+pedicure of my life yesterday. it was bloody endless. just when you think it's done.. there's more goopy stuff in a new and exciting colour. got me super relaxed and happy with my life and pondering the nature of the pedicure and the nature of work. specifically people who work in small parlours  the job satisfaction must be immense*. in my head it's like restoring a vintage car. pedicure = overhaulin'. the removal of dead skin cells (rust) to reveal the raw human inside - full of new and pink skin. yesterday there was a pink goopy wax like cream, bleach, a mud, white moisturiser, pink moisturiser, orange-brown goop, tingly white goop with crystals, dettol, fizzing white crystals (not in this order) plus scrubbing, scraping, cutting, polishing... when the mud went on and slowly dried into a landscape of dry, cracked earth.. overhaulin' changed into those discovery channel shows where they talk about tectonic plates and what not - how the landscape changed with volcanoes, lava flow.. i almost started pondering the potential flora and fauna that could inhabit the landscape of my arms. everything got massaged. there was even an electrically powered vibrating (sander looking) thing. for ultimate massage. i was over the moon happy. it's so much more about the experience than the end result. sure you know you got rid of much matter but it's not a very visible change. people will look at my hands and feet and think: "oh nail polishes. cool." but that doesn't even begin to cover it..

when i was nearly done (meaning about 10 mins to go, it was looooong) a grumpy girl sat down next to me for the exact same thing and was so so grumpy about. what use? pfft!

also also the whole experience happened to the hindi music soundtrack of my youth... it was some shahrukh khan filums through the ages type thing all the way to rang de basanti type songs. i was flashbacking all over the place.

ps. nina's, kundanhalli gate, bangalore.
* you've got to be that sort of person though, to really enjoy this slow revelation of inner human. i've had a few shitty pedicures where you know all the person working on you is thinking about is the ick factor of having to touch someone else's feet. but these have all been in fairly posh places and that is just a bad bad idea. posh places = zero service. it's all about the fancy looking foot-massaging tub of water that needs to be plugged in. rubbish i say! rubbish!

this has been a girly post in the style of AA Gill.

Monday, 24 October 2011

didnt get to do #airporttweetz

oh dude... so many airport thoughts. maybe it was the willy mason soundtrack to the whole thing. but it was this thought that humans are easy to figure out. we all stress about shit. and travelling sucks. it's hard. you have to remember a million things. carry the right id. the right stamp on the right ticket. be there on time. the right flight. the right day. and you deal with it. with all the shit of the delayed flights, the wrong train compartment, waitlisted tickets... and it's mostly dealing with people. who you can convince into helping you out. who the right person is (in the situation) to rely on. and sometimes some people are just so gorram nice. we're all in the same travel hell and just want to help out. just because the day has sucked, it doesnt mean you cant help someone with a bag or just commiserate.

feel the pain. hell yeah! (swearing to compensate for random sentimentality)

ps. goa airport. the scene: waiting for boarding to begin. vijay mallya walks in. people fucking stand up and hush down. he is the man. also kingfisher has smooth pilots. so good. it was like "what? we've landed? that was it? chill".

the amazing life

my life this past week has been very the amazing race. oh that show. that classic classic show. which is about life and people and relationships and the way things can break down under the pressure of constant travel. the drama's all built in. and it takes a special sort of person to just chill and be zen about it. surely the person you're with is more important than winning a silly game.

which brings me to this andrew-garfield-looking-shorts-wearing boy i saw at the bangalore airport today [Note: i thought i was going goa to chennai direct but it turns out..NO. drama!] he was reading his paper. looking zen. a totally gibberish sounding announcement happened. he puts his paper down. listens in a half intent/half amused way. shrugs in a "that must not have been anything to do with me" way. and happily goes back to reading his paper. so chill. so sane. casually waves to his check-shirt-and-hipster-glasses friend...

and that is where i shall end the tale of the boy and his paper. one cute boy observed. one giant conclusion reached.

Monday, 3 October 2011

cynic who?

every time i meet one of my dad's friends i come away with the same feeling of incredulity at just how different we are. the theme of the evening seemed to be his feeling that i'm too much of a cynical realist who doesn't believe that bad things in the world can change. this is true. politicians suck. people die. 

but i can see how he's a different sort of cynic about life. he doesn't get excited about things in the way that i do. i constantly exclaim over bands/music (pulp!), songs (superfreak - rick james/the hanson+meiko cover), human ability (radiolab podcast: a 4-track mind), good stories (moffat's timey-wimey doctor who), characters (river song!), people (ryan gosling!)… i fangirl over everything. of late i've been sending songs and links his way. and his reaction is mostly: meh. 

him: yes i listened to/saw it. *shrug* 
and i'm all: it was awesome right?! 

then he changes the subject. :)

i recommend:
podcast: psycomedia (rather entertaining/british/funny psychology podcast)
fanfic: dalton - cp coulter (glee-fic)
show: doctor who

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tom Chiarella, our Chiarella

just read the esquire article about Franco in the magazine i've had for ages. got the mag. ripped out the full page black and white glossy of the man. it went on my wall.

on my wall
finally read the article. it makes james franco seem really normal and the writer seem like the "semi-academic hipster artist" who's watched dead poets society one too many times (uses the phrase "Franco, our Franco" to death). what i'm getting to is that it's less about franco and more about tom chiarella. maybe i should google him.

ohhh he's got a wiki page. he's a somebody then.

"Born Rochester NY (1961), he received a BA in Studio Art/Writing at St. Lawrence University, 1983, and an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Alabama (1987)."

man! he is a semi-academic hipster artist. mind is blown. i cannot take this guy seriously. XD

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


totally awesome work wise!
(fingerscrossed for presentation at meeting tomorrow.)

listening to
(in anticipation of seeing them live at the end of october.)

a storm of swords

least favourite character (so far)
tywin lannister
(shit father, shit man. just all round unpleasant.)

favourite character (so far)
tyrion lannister
(he's the only one i can't imagine dying on me.)

last watched
glee - s3e1
(made me want to listen to musicals again. the old time ones. cole porter!)

least favourite character (in the ep.)
quinn fabray
(skank quinn is not working for me, baby mama quinn was the best.)

favourite character (in the ep.)
(weirdly) rachel berry
(i just love her ok?)

Monday, 5 September 2011

the blogger

weirdly me and divya had the exact same thought (but separately): if aliens used blogs as research they could easily misunderstand and imagine that all blogs are written by one person. because all blogs have the same pattern of "fuck my life" followed by "life epiphany" followed by "i have thought deeply on such and such" and then it loops around - with a grand tone of discovery! like we've just found hadrons or a new continent. it's like there's this unwritten book on how to blog that we've all had conditioned into us. this very post could be written by absolutely anyone/everyone/no one. i sound super intellectual and profound right? right?? :P

(click the link to read divya's version)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

wherein i review stuff:

1. Kkok-du ★★★
Korean theatre involving puppets. first i was all - meh puppets. this is going to be dull. then came the toilet humour and general south park sensibility. play - saved!

2. Success ★1/2
American play about an ad-man choosing between 2 political campaigns...kind of pointless. lacking in drama! needed to be more like the hills/entourage.

3. The Blue Mug ★★★★
Final play of the metroplus theatre festival. indian cast including Rajat Kapoor (my ultimate hot uncle crush!) and Ranbir (ex-vj Ranbir). they totally had mad acting skills. almost no set. almost no props. sad. funny. true.

4. Kull the Conqueror ★★★1/2
Kevin Sorbo from back when Kevin Sorbo was everywhere! hercules makes a good kull. gaaah karina lombard is so beautiful. i spent most of the movie going: kiss! kiss! kiss! but they didnt...i guess they did at the end that i didnt watch. it was so entertaining! (for more Kevin Sorbo i reccomend Hercules and The OC!)
i'll use any excuse to have ryan atwood/ben mckenzie on here really.
weird thing: during 'success' i was visualising him as the man's unseen son

5. Entourage (the final season) ★★★★★
it's always good and should never end. 24 hr entourage please?

6. Cocktail Soundtrack ★★★★★
downloaded it because of one av undercover vid. i cannot rem which for the life of me. the members of some band said they listen to it. and it is so worth it! it's party party party man! chris baio would listen to it.

7. Shobana's Krishna ★★★
21/2 hours is way too long for a dance-drama thing. but it was really well done, picturesque. plus there was the added hilarity of mathi and other stray factory man being in it, doing a lot of nodding and standing uber straight. then he died all dramatically.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

active vs. passive

when i was agnostic i didn't spend a lot of time thinking about religious people. now that i'm an atheist i think about it quite a bit. what is it that people do when they pray? what/who do they pray for? why do they do it so much? do they genuinely believe that god favours them because they do? is it for self satisfaction or some sort of benefit? if a religious person stopped praying actively, would they then assume god thinks about them less? (what would passive prayer be? lol-ing at the "praying actively" in my previous sentence.)

the scary side of "ask and ye shall receive" what? so what if you just don't ask.

religious people must also wonder how atheists survive without god and prayer and all the belief. i do fine. i am thankful for top gear and entourage and for people to watch them with. people i actually want to hang out with. i dont miss having the possibility of god (i never really thought that was good possible answer anyway). i miss people.

also we had a long convi today about listening to lyrics vs listening to music. realised later that we split the two up during the discussion but you can't really do that when listening. even if you dont absorb the meaning of the lyrics, you still hear the voice of the singer. it's not like listening to a karaoke track at all. it's instruments plus voices.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

i think i'm a contra

going through a phase of listening to all the vampire weekend i can get my hands on (again) ...which is not a lot. about 5 1/2 years - 2 albums. not enough. why can't you be prolific like phish (but phish have a lot of years on everyone) ? why cant all bands have a equivalent? maybe if i pray to the gods of comic con...

think i got started on the big re-listen after ryan adams started on his (lame) covers. i press play...i gawp in amazement that it doesn't sound a thing like vw. it's covers that manage to remove everything that's vampire weekend about the song apart from the lyrics which sound a bit garbled... so i give up listening in about 10 seconds and have a desperate need to listen to the actual songs. good result!
and then i listened to contra on headphones: beautiful. it's (almost) like a new album.

i'm in the mood (to bracket).

Friday, 29 July 2011

i dont do long words

I find it so difficult to read academic/paragraphic writing on the internet these days. It's reached the stage where if I click on a link and get to a page which is just chock full of text - I click it away almost immediately - reading nothing.

I think it's a combination of having left uni (4 years now) and mostly reading design blogs. Designers don't do long words or paragraphs unbroken by images. That's not to say that it's less intelligent. It's just more concise. Everything makes sense at first read.

Also twitter.

And I have Radiolab to teach me things.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

what i like about music #3

this is more about why people listen to music. so many reasons! 
ironically. nostalgically. to sing along to in a car. to jump about to in an empty room. to dance to in front of/with other people. to karaoke. because it was in that movie. because it's vedder playing a ukulele singing 'dream a little dream of me'. because "the sentiment was really nice". because it's good music. because it's so bad it's good. 

...and all of these things are subjective! 

Monday, 18 July 2011


starbucks, the light
typical leeds weather - random bouts of rain. my first ever cake pop. summer of the (mocha) frappuccino. i dig that their branding extends to the straws and not so much the walls. i dig views of road: people walking by, knowing what's to the left and the right of this particular view...

nation of shopkeepers, bang opp. red chilli 
red chilli sucks now btw. new chef or whatever. i was disappointed in the beijing hot wok lamb. no more fiery little red chillis *pfft*. but nation of shopkeepers - i love this place. dont think it existed back when i actually lived/hung about leeds. lovely chill grunge vibe. and that was some super buttercream frosting right there. made the cake. i make better banana cake but it was so so worth it. 


thinking about my life and what's good about it versus other people's lives. let me take a break from being emo to appreciate the fact that i can (sometimes) just live in the moment and appreciate a good mango/song/conversation/email/tweet/meeting/workday...whatever.

things (some) other people do:
• they worry endlessly about things they have no control over/dwell on things that have already happened
• they are "slow to trust" - i think that effectively describes a certain kind of fear.

deviation: twittertwitter makes you stop and appreciate your life i think. twitter is awesome.

yeah i had this big huge thing planned out in my head but i think it's covered.

peace! (but not literally...)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

B'lore Vs. Madras - Round #1

Recovering from my Bangalore weekend of making merry and general chilling. Also thinking on why Bangalore people are the way they are. It's like my dad saying island mentality to explain the way British people think and act. Bangalore is lacking in a coastline, hence less chill than Madras. I can just go to the beach whenever i want to, to stare at the ocean and ponder life and not give a shit about things like what other people must think of me.

The biggest difference between Chennai and Bangalore is the number of phone calls you can expect to get after making a plan with someone.

In Chennai:
Step 1: Make a plan.
Step 2: All land up at the meeting place as planned.

In Bangalore:
Step 1: Make a plan.
Step 2: Get calls asking 'where you are' about every half hour before the meeting (calls increase in frequency nearing the agreed upon time).

If I was going to ignore the plan and move elsewhere, I would call you. Just CTFD and come to the place. Calm down, I will be there. Like I said.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

what i like about music #2

Part II

i know i already mentioned harmonies but it bears repeating. there are so few bands (i listen to) with multiple people singing together. the large bands tend to be multiple instruments with one/two singers. i guess mumford and sons qualify but marcus mumford is still the lead singer there. ideally i want more to listen to more bands who do what hanson do but less pop-y? i love me some hanson but i want reccos. hanson-like will do as well (i just re-listened to 'a minute without you' - genius! they are so underrated). 

what should i listen to?

(...or i could watch sister act 2 again.)

Monday, 23 May 2011

thinking about: a song of ice and fire

it's high drama stuff because no one is safe ever. even when you think they've made a friend, a temporary ally...they could turn right around when they least expect it and bitch slap them so hard. help is not coming. this is your life - deal with it or die. Cersei Lannister says as much:

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

Friday, 20 May 2011

A Game of Fathers

i am fully hooked on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. done with A Game of Thrones, reading: A Clash of Kings. Do you like the lord of the rings? arthurian legends? merlin? dragons? 300? LOST? if you answered yes to any/all of these questions. this is the book for you.

how a game of thrones is like:
  1. the lord of the rings: features words like 'westron' and 'lordling', mysterious creatures in the woods that sound a bit like ringwraiths
  2. discworld: there's a Night's Watch
  3. star wars: the brothers of the Night's Watch take no wives much like the Jedi*
  4. 300: the dothraki and khal drogo remind me of xerxes
  5. arthur/merlin: knights, dragons, etc
  6. lost: daddy issues floating about everywhere, also the mysterious creatures are called 'the others' 
but ultimately it is itself. what makes it so good:
  1. realism: lots of death, danger, strategy, betrayal, plots, lies...anyone can die. it's probably as unflinching as whedon that way. 
  2. really talks about cowardice, desertion and treason and war. is it cowardice to admit that you're no good at fighting or a lack of denial? is it desertion when you're running away from one thing to go help somewhere else? is it treason when the lives of your children are at stake? is it murder when you kill women and children in wartime?
  3. the daddy issues! 
  4. the characters. so well written. so many sides to every situation.
  5. and finally: direwolves. BEST. PET. EVER. 
*i don't think that was an issue in the original trilogy tho. it's not like luke didn't have a thing for leia before he found out she was SPOILER ALERT his sister. 

Sunday, 8 May 2011


yeah my tumblr's acting up again. and i don't feel like spamming the peeps on facebook. that gives me no joy at all. so here you go:

"Ladies love a good mustache ride..."
via @austinkleon with instagram



@rsummers89 getting a feel for the Audi R8!


"Animal ethicists are calling for a new vocabulary about animals, shunning words such as pets, wildlife, and vermin as derogatory and even suggesting animal is a term of abuse."
via @Doublenaut: this is the dumbest thing I have ever read:


^note the millennium falcon in the back!


@dannynorthphoto: incase y'all were worried, I found that pub.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

what i like about music

an analysis/list of some things i enjoy in songs.
  • long/unusual words eg. 'denouement', 'secateur', 'rarefied', 'insidious', 'frigidaire'...  (guess the songs!) - it's just the love of a good rhyme i guess :D
  • when lyrics narrowly escape making sense - i'm not talking gibberish lines, just lines that almost make sense. mostly lots of beatles/bohemian rhapsody/freelance whales...
"I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in / and stops my mind from wandering / where it will go" (fixing a hole)
"My ears are blown to bits from all the rifle hits/but still i crave that sound" (giving up the gun)
  •  clapping/whistling/laughter - it's a case of it being really human as opposed to manufactured beats and things or even people playing instruments..there's a certain regularity about that - timing. these are more likely to be a tiny bit off and the idea of that appeals to me. 
  • wonky singing - i dig the sort of singing that isn't about hitting the high notes and how long a note can be.. eg. joanna newsom, cyndi lauper, marianne faithfull...
  • harmonies! eg. the beach boys, mumford & sons, hanson...
  • unabashedly catchy things eg. mcfly! i am remembering that reality show that found leads singers for bands, the inxs season: there was this dude who said something along the lines of "if you can predict how the line should should come up with something else" and to me that's just forcing it. why resist the logical ending? i like being able to listen to a song once and halfway through start singing along. like:
"Don't you want the way i feel/Don't you want the way i feel/Don't you want the way i feel..for you?' (don't you) 
but the strange thing is i seem to look for the exact opposite when it comes to songs in musicals!
..also this is hugely incomplete and most of the music i listen to is probably nothing like this. *shrug* :)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

welcome to the blodcast

in the mood to throw things away. be brutal. managed to finally ditch a kurta i bought around 2003/04. it held up really well. shout out to fab india! this is my blog post that will be conducted like a podcast... so just imagine me saying this right? right. moving along. i have paused in the middle of the big clean to do this blodcast (less gruesome than it sounds i promise). i might even do dinner then tackle the last shelf. for now there is a pile of socks before me and i have tough decisions to make. who makes the cut? who gets a second lease of life - sock puppets? who's gone forever? feet friends, you have served me well. and long. and it's time for us to part. i feel like i should sing a song here.


what kind should i make?
but i'm not going to. but speaking of songs! (segue!!) i was pondering the difference between songwriting for a musician and a musical. it's all about context. a musical song co exists with a plot. a random song is allowed to be abstract. but does a musical song make any kind of sense to someone who has no idea of the context? mostly yes. because music in that case is like dialogue in a way. it's a story song. like 'tommy' - i havent seen the movie but i feeeeel the album.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


the last time i did this was with blur. last year? or the year before... watched this blur docu, then got into listening to anything blur related in addition to blur ie. graham coxon, gorillaz, the good, the bad and the queen... and now i'm on a vampire weekend kick (fact: they opened for blur once!) and it's leading me to some really good shit. first i found p-i-z-z-a p-(a)-r-t-y and i seriously thought that was as good as it gets :D Ezra's rap duo pre-vampire weekend (or VW as people refer to them in comments...)!! what's better than white boy rapping eh? eh? turns out discovery - rostam's side thing with wesley miles - OMG! i am swooning for this.  oh i almost forgot to mention the best part - that rap duo, it was called l'homme run according to Ezra's it's a "play on words" XD

l'homme run's mascot
...yeah i also swoon for how sometimes he can ramble on in this highly articulate fashion about the different connotations of the word contra and other times be completely monosyllabic.

Interviewer: What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
Ezra: Easter.

before this turns into an Ezra Koenig appreciation post...let me give you something to ponder on: for halloween, Chris Baio once dressed up as a naughty french maid...very naughty... chew on that!


Monday, 21 March 2011

things that would ordinarily go on my tumblr.

  • i miss your face richard armitage. boy am i glad you'll be in the hobbit films.
  • did the thing i hate to do. picked up the phone and called people. face to face conversations are so much better. but i miss my friends! 
  • downloaded fleet foxes by fleet foxes. *thumbs up*
  • bought more fabric paint colours. hoping to finally complete paitandy's umbrella after sitting on it for aaaaages...
  • manic monday much work this week! 
  • here have some christoph niemann
  • its about time i made another uke vid. am thinking jolene/rainbow connection.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

i need the new album. *anticipation*

i am not the wolf(or a)man

turns out chandru uncle gave me steppenwolf to read after reading my writing and thinking i might relate to it. so he was surprised when my reaction to the book was - relief in not being like the dude in the book.
here's the difference:

Harry Haller aka. Steppenwolf: i guess life's pretty alright...but i cant enjoy anything ever cause i'm daft like that.

Me: Life sucks sometimes huh? oh well i'll just have to grab all the joy out of it in the most hedonistic way possible then. kthxbai!

but the disturbing part is now i probably should go back and read some of the things i've written over the years...dark? depressing? really?

Sunday, 20 February 2011


flipping channels on tv. furry winter coats suit vin diesel raaather nicely #tripleX. amanda peet is in #BladeII with ashton kutcher?! hahahahaa XD anyhoo earlier today i was watching something even sillier: the time traveler's wife. it has got to be the most logic-lacking fantasy (not scifi) movie. it makes less sense than jack frost.

what they have in common:

1) there is no logic. why is his dead dad a snowman now? why is the time traveler time travelling? movie answer: genetics. (this is why his daughter is also a time traveler *eyeroll*) riiiiiight. the real answer is: *shrug* because!
2) but they both made me cry. more 'cause im a sap than it actually being good.

there are worse movies tho: timeline *shudder* / spiderman 3 (oh the horror!) emo-spiderman is the silliest of all plotlines.

*continues watching tripleX*

"These guys attack those guys. Those guys invade these guys. Soon, whole world implodes!" #actualdialogue

this would be why i love this movie so much.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


this is the best uke chord chart except the pdf has the two pages one below the other... when you see it the way it's meant to be (side by side) for the first time enlightenment hits you like a balloon to the face. 

rows: chords A to G# 
instead of 
page 1: A to D
page 2: E♭ to G#

Thursday, 27 January 2011

let me feel you moving like they do in babylon

is there some prepared speech all hiphop ppl get off the interwebs somewhere? just got back from this thing at express avenue - hiphop ppl from texas. and they were all: this is hiphop 101..blahblah..4 elements of hiphop blah blah...which was almost word for word the same as what the hiphop tamizha dude said in his PKN presentation. anyhoo it was a bit much banter and attitude (oh look at me! im so cool! i strike a pose and clap for myself...that's cool right? right?). there was this long bit where this one guy was on the ground and they pretended he was a robot..who's battery had run down...*eyeroll*

hiphop tamizha are way cooler. respect. listen here.

mostly i thought of stuff id rather be watching live. the list: darren criss, starkids, mumford & sons, phish, willy mason, tunng, laura marling, the cast of step up 2 (see i like dance!..or maybe just step up 2...i have irrational love for that movie *sigh*), w00tstock, comic-con panels, jake shimabukuro, joco...

but before the dance part of the evening... a weird thing happened. as they seem to do to me. its like theres something about me that makes people want to prank me. i was just having a brownie by myself (waiting for people) at gloria jean's when this random dude sits down opposite me at my table. im trying to give him the wtf-is-wrong-with-you-dude-death-glare but he's avoiding making eye contact. and then he sighs in this ahh contentment manner. and then gets up and walks past me muttering: life is good. *shrug* way to get your kicks dumbass! i was more amused than annoyed but still.. W-T-F.

Friday, 7 January 2011

first rule of the internet

you'd think i know this by now. but strangely it didn't occur to me. the first rule of the internet has got to be don't click on dubious links when parents/older people are in the room. or basically ever. and now a story. helped along by james van der FEELINGSTM.
so yeah. Chandru uncle was there and we were watching the scott pilgrim trailer on youtube to show him and mum the awesomeness of it. when he mentioned this charlie gets bit again thing. and so we watched that. my reaction:

yeah it was pretty funny. and i was all oh man i cant wait for ppl to make reaction vids to this (totally did not think this through...i was maybe thinking of some sort of vampire connection? what with the sparkly obsessions of everyone). and uncle mentioned some remix version and thennnn i randomly clicked on a link which was supposed to be a parody of it. bad idea. DUBIOUS LINK ALERT! which i totally ignored. turned out to be a random dudes-giving-head vid...i dont even want to go there. reminder: this is with my mum watching..OO my reaction:
ohnowai! is this what i think it is?!
holy crap it is!
then i clicked it away really quickly.
so this is like a slo-mo van der reenactment.
followed by: awkward!
ah well. embarrasment happens right? (i did the hysterical laughing it off thing) and i have so many embarrassing moments buried in my brain that it's pretty much past countableness now. happens. ah well i get a blog post out of it. and at least it was only chandru uncle and my mum (could've been worse. trust me.) and divya who doesn't count (i could click on dubious links with her around) and my reaction would be:
you know how it could've been worse. i just had a thought. we had more guests some time after the "incident" and they also mentioned the same vid.... yeah. it could've happened then! *phew*

many thanks james!
you sir are a god among gifs. and actors.
varsity blues - so good.