Wednesday, 29 April 2009

On dusty nowhere roads you hitch yourself a ride

"I take sweets from strangers
You got a car then let's take a ride
Wanna see some places, gotta make some changes
Gotta do some living tonight, I'm not shy"
_"sweets" - m. craft

a really nice thing happened yesterday. i was waiting on the flyover, attempting to cross the road. when a lady who'd been on the bus with me offered me a lift since she was going to airport road too. saved me from crossing, i was all gleed at the niceness of the universe.

get home. talk to the mater on the phone. and she freaks out. in the omg do not trust strangers manner. and i was all but...but...she was nice...and non creepy..and it was..nice.

we have different philosophies. i like to believe/pretend that the world is a nice place and if you dont trust and take chances then you're just...missing out.

and my mum thinks that trusting pretty much anyone is not a good thing. she thinks the fact that i have about 6 close friends is shocking because thats a lot. and i think its shocking because iv lost friends over the years (actually it's closer to 10 close friends...).

other bus happenings: today this lady's daughter was putting her on the bus, she made sure the bus was going the right way, and told her mum to get on (i assume they were related) ...but then last min just before stepping onto the bus, she freaked out. and didnt.

i'd hate to be that scared of anything.

[ps. the song is quite shady, that's not me :P]

Thursday, 23 April 2009

leo macho grande

i was at work and was handed one o those survey things. do you like coffee? blah blah. and i got gleed beyond belief and now crave coffee much. i was going to essay on the survey on the many sublime things about coffee but then it got too personal and i got extremely brief :D
so my blabberations will go here. coffee makes think of those old nescafe (sunrise) ads with the fluffy white dog coming in from the rain... and hanging out in sheffield with anna. standing in the kitchen just smelling the coffee. coffee in the icing of birthday cakes. sitting in cafes discussing coffee. walking in the evening discussing coffee. coffee dispensers. free refils. espressos in london. in dundee. in bangalore. in madras. coffee in the movies (dream for an insomniac/before sunset/reservoir dogs) in black and white photographs. rings on the table. whole beans. beans dipped in chocolate (with fries and paneer fingers). coffee on the side of the road in the rain (dad moment). chocolate-coffee-milk. bashing coffee and sugar together. add water to sachet flavoured coffee (bit crap). those decorative sacks of coffee beans in starbucks. the free bag of coffee grounds for the garden/composting.


Tuesday, 14 April 2009


sometimes i confuse myself... i hate most of the music represented by the below tag cloud. yet i love calvin harris.just listened to his latest "i'm not alone" on songza. if i were still in britlands it wud probably be bombarding my ears constantly XD somehow that thought amuses me. and then id be singing along cornily :D ah the thought! i could still do ppl wud probably know him as the man who sang that aaaightiiies song.

^ or actually, i do like some of it. highlighted = heart.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

SLAM: Its basically another word for falling off your board and hurting yourself.


spent the day at home. skipped work on account of feeling funny in the tummy. slept. watched gossip girl. slept. read and now im off to sleep some more. another major highlight of the day which this post is about is my deep and continuing love of all things x games. esp skateboarding. but i might be developing a thing for snowboarding after watching the special on shaun white. omfg. is he amazing or is he amazing. bob burnquist is still my skaterboi ...but shaun white can be the boarding genius [he skates too but snowboards better]. anyhoo i remembered why i love it so. the physicsness of it all. when u hear skaters descibe when something works or doesnt work its all so physicsy. momentum and shit. mmm :) just thinking about it makes me smile. and of course the funky names for all the moves. which are rather like names in organic chemistry [the only thing i actually like about organic chemistry, the logical formation of the names].

mistah shaun!

Friday, 3 April 2009

on the bus/adventures in bussing/the dharma bus/ziggy dreamdust

i begin to be sleepy. it's almost 11 in the morn and i is at home. no work today! yay! but yest was all about staying late and work work working. but i feel the need to write write write about the many mixed up thoughts i had during the week.

there was "the dream"

and the "bussing"

Director man's been on my back constantly. He's a grump that one. But i don't care. This is too surreal. Bowie's on stage. Ziggy Bowie. Glitter Bowie. Stardust. The camera's malfunctioning. The flash is unsynced. Sometimes it works. It's chance and perfection. A glance at the display of the posh digi SLR cam tells me that. How could it be anything less than perfect. It's Bowie. Old Bowie not old Bowie. Photographed in black and white. Captured frozen in mid air. A trick with strings. Director man in the striped tee looks miserable. The audience dont look particularly impressed. Maybe they're stupid. Maybe they dont know Bowie. Things happening fast. Too many people to shoot. Rio and Rooney. Naomi and the famous one whose name i never remember. She's brought her little sister along. Mini-her. So creepy. She goes off to pee. Her sister comes back with a ball in her hand. A stinky ball of pee. Pee on a strip of paper. Balled up. Like with Bennies. Ergh.
there was more to it...another part..a different outfit like a bubblegum coloured straitjacket...the model was a franka potente lookalike (run lola run franka).

i read on the road on the bus and feel a bit like iv travelled all over blore and all over america as well. if/when i eventually actually see the places in the book, its going to feel familiar... sometimes i see the same people on the bus. sometimes the same people on the road. the girl in the beige suit. the man with the injured foot and crutch. the cripple on the corner (weirdly he wasnt there the one day i had this thought). i like the bussing part (it's long, 2 buses) it's fun watching people. it's a very im alive feeling. like im living the clem snide song (or should i say eef barzelay song?) 'i love the unknown'

they asked him/"hey, where's this bus going?"/and he said,
"well, i'm really not sure."/"well then, how will you know where to get off?"/and he said, "the place with the most allure."

the part i dont like is the road crossing at night at domlur flyover. the worst place ever. tis the stuff of nightmares. standing on a median of stones while traffic rushes at you. all headlights. cyclists and bikers sometimes drive into the median.