Sunday, 31 January 2010

dream: tiger beats lion

brother type rescues 2 females from top floor flat of shady boy. has to climb up the building over complicated roofs and parapets (india, shabby flats..built really close together) and walk on top of compound walls like a tightrope walker. weird that he didnt just climp up the stairs like a normal person. because after he rescued them, they walk down like normal people. but the building is buzzing with the story of his superhero like climb.

boy (me) finds old comic book in the library with an old map of the city inside it. pornographic comic book? anyway it has some warped element. and a message to go to this place and show it to them and get it exchanged. the spot is an old hospital, now being used as an examination centre. the person in charge is ranjini miss (ergh why am i still dreaming about her?) and i show her the book and she studies it, then steps behind curtain and gives me a brand new asterix instead (hardbound, asterix and the gauls or something?)

somehow the comic quest is linked to finding a tiger... somehow get tiger to trust me in battle against a mangy yak, then take tiger and progress up this building... and the people who already live there are all, who are you? and im being all arrogant and la la la.. and just go prancing to the top floor where theres this old circus lion and its keeper..and they're all laughing, because they think the lion's going to eat me (the tiger is invisible for the moment?) so yeah..the lion lunges at me and i knife it...and then the tiger (a nice well fed tiger, so almost double the size of the lion) takes a big bite into the neck of the lion to immobilise it and then swallows it whole.

and im the king of the building. *shrug*

Friday, 29 January 2010


Salinger is dead. 91.

...looking at the title of a story from nine stories 'de daumier-smith's blue period' and this is one of those stories i could never remember in connection to its name. but id remember the name on and off... suddenly in the middle of a completely unconnected thought. it'd pop in. de daumier-smith's blue period. id say it over to myself. something in the words made me feel better. i dunno.

i'm sad.

He was the funniest-looking boy, or man--it was hard to tell which he was--she had ever seen. His hair was bed-dishevelled. He had a couple of days' growth of sparse, blond beard. And he looked-well, goofy. "How did you cut it?" she asked.

He was staring down, with his slack mouth ajar, at his injured finger. "What?" he said.

"How did you cut it?"

"Goddam if I know," he said, his inflection implying that the answer to that question was hopelessly obscure. "I was lookin' for something in the goddam wastebasket and it was fulla razor blades."

_JD Salinger (just before the war with the eskimos)

Monday, 18 January 2010

st elmo's fiiiire

Jules: Don't you enjoy anything anymore... like girls?
Kevin: I enjoy being afraid of Russia. It's a harmless fear, but it makes America feel better, Russia gets an inflated sense of national worth from our paranoia. How's that?

my love affair with 80s movies (mostly starring molly ringwald) continues! and in the absence of anyone to talk to, i am live tweeting/blogging my viewing of st elmo's fire. all because i was watching gilmore girls and lorelai mentioned rob lowe fake playing the sax and the good days of andrew mccarthy and i was hooked. and she's right. absolute classic. so far its got -

  • a glimpse of kevin bacon? or was i imagining things...
  • judd nelson and ally sheedy - together. thats pretty much out of a breakfast club fanfic right there (they're even in matching pjs).
  • andrew mccarthy singing along to aretha in a fedora (and shades, while playing the bongos!).
  • ...and demi moore just told him he's gay and in love with judd nelson LOL
  • ooh do i sense an upcoming mccarthy/sheedy hookup?
  • 80s movies are so cynical and realistic.. marriages never work. rob lowe has a wife and child and also relationships with girls in bars (also the plain, blonde, old friend girl)...judd wants ally to marry him because he just cheated on her with a sales girl while buying her a kinky nightgown. marriage to make him faithful and all that. andrew is the requisite love-is-a-crock man. but being an 80s movie i sense the ending sees them all set up with happily ever after endings (just the way i like it).
  • stir fried vegetables/wok as ashtray
  • oooooh TWWWIIIIIST rob lowe (billy)'s wife (the little missus) is a hottie and she's at the bar with another man, while billy plays sax. bar fight!...and now they're making out! (th'married couple)
  • judd and ally have a high fidelity moment as they fight over records
i wont spoiler the ending but it ends as it should.

cons: i miss molly ringwald ...and james spader's sneery face.
but you cant have everything :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

masters snooker - predictions!

ok so ronnie beat ebdon, and williams beat murphy :) alls well in the world. todays matches are:
  • maguire v day
  • selby v allen
...the first match i really dont care. didnt watch either of their matches in the first round and so have no idea what sort of form they're in. so im saying nothing. either.
selby's got to win i think.. because really allen only won cause higgins was off his game. and he knows it too. but selby, now he's a man in the zone. gorjuss long potting. gorjuss everything.
im rooting for a final between williams and selby. which means i think mark's going to beat ronnie. setting up a final where im going to torn between.. the marks! lol just realised they have the same first name! allen's a mark too XD

ps. i dont really know why iv taken ronnie out of the equation. its probably cause him being so down on himself is catching. really he's got every chance of beating williams. i must be realistic about this.

turned out steve davis was right it was rocket vs jester in the final and mark won :) so happy.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


quality snooker today. shaun murphy and stephen hendry both. final score 6 - 4 (best of 11). it almost went to 5 - 5 with a decider. murphy took the 10th frame with 3 balls on the table. potted the blue and that was it. wrenching stuff. the commentators kept using the words 'top drawer' to describe the play and form of the 2. wonder where that comes from... there was also a load of reference to 'leicester rhyming slang' like.. 'forrest' as in forrest gump... think it had something to do with being a in world of trouble... i dont really know.
they also did a flashback to 2003 doherty vs hunter. was i sad. so sad.
anyway now all my hopes rest on selby. selby ftw!

dont know about the 'leicester' kind, acc to cockney rhyming slang forrest means shit. the verb.

Mince PiesEyesShe got beatiful minces.
they used this one when talking about hendry "nothing wrong with his mince pies"
forrest gump was also to do with hendry...
Forrest GumpDump (shit)"Off out in 10 minutes?" "Yeah, just got to have a Forrest first".
...i dont know. i need to be reminded of the context.