Monday, 17 March 2008

smoke screen

Rocky Horror Show Original CastTime Warp

was watching 'the wright stuff' and they were talking bout smoking in filums [among other things] and this is one of those things i feel strongly about...being anti stuff [anything] in movies and wanting to keep smoking and booze and drugs and whatever away from children to keep them away from things that cud eventually kill them is just so denying that something exists is going to keep them from killing themselves...i mean its just control...if i dont let them know about smoking they wont smoke and get lung cancer and die before i seems like a logical parently thing...but...obviously they are going to know it exists because of no smoking signs and people smoking on the roads [since they cant smoke in pubs ;P] mostly they will know because they r no daft. give them some credit. kids know everything. the better thing to do is let them know what u think. let them figure out what they think. and let them enjoy movies. all those beautiful movies where incidentally someones holding onto a cig. and if u dont point it out. they might just notice it at part of the frame, something that stays in their mind as a visual element. pure. unconnected to cancer, rebellion, death...and really theres so much i didnt notice as a kid. i knew a lot. but theres so much that just escaped me. like now i remember that the sherrif cartoon guy who was after the dalton brothers used to roll his own cigs. but then it didnt matter. i was amused enuf by the fact that the three villainous brothers [just looking it up and it seems there was a 4th brother whos existence i have sadly forgotten :D] were arranged ascendingly in height :D

lucky luke theme song:

Friday, 14 March 2008

evian/naive ;)

current celebrity crush: john barrowman [he is perfection, sigh, i want him...but he has the cutest boi ever so i dont mind. so cute!]
cd: nick cave - from her to eternity
movie: a good year [all that is happy in this world is in this movie, i promise you. beautiful yellow light and french countryside and love and wine and nostalgia and living...]

this blog is rapidly turning into a depository for random thoughts...
...anyhooo was thinking that mebbe there is something in sun signs having elements connected to them...for example i am a crab hence a water sign and i think best in water the bath, in the shower, in swimming pools...watching the ocean...have genuine archimedes like eureka moments. plus theres something about the acoustics of a loo that is just so luxurious. which is probly why so many ppl sing automatically renders you a much better singer. but then again thats what gets people who truly cannot sing to go to american idol auditions. bathrooms and their idiot friends [who really arent their friends at all].
now am off to chek if the pyromaniacs i know are fire signs :D

Saturday, 8 March 2008

mark the book

it just occurred to me when i grabbed something conveniently to hand and dropped it into the book i am currently reading where it now functions as a bookmark. the 'it' that i refer to is the feeling i have right now that the bookmark chooses the book...what i mean is. i grabbed the thing nearest, made of paper, about the right size for the function. in this case the book is lunar park and the bookmark is a square black piece of card [spit out by my polaroid, after loading], and it is so very appropriate to the book. thud! was a train ticket. and/or a yellow postcard about cannabis. atonement was a clothes tag [mossy green, posh quality paper, tactile]. and i am not intending to give the impression that atonement was a mossy green posh sort of book. in a way it was. it wasnt very good. but mossy green is a fair leading nowhere with this. just a thought. that occurred. and demanded writing down.

Friday, 7 March 2008

finicky friday

listening to: jens lekman+mojave three

planning the way my weekends going to go. getting myself into the formatting for printing mode. which is always a suckfest. so many small detailed ways things, everything cud go horribly wrong. making lists. making sure i dont forget the important stuff. deciding what format i want things in. one good thing: recently bot a 2gb memory stick usb thing. still dont know what theyre called precisely. but its very cool. so far i have made lists and sketches and drawm up the format which i now i have to fill. methinks i shud start with the portfolio and get it out of the way. cause its not so much creativity as just slog. centering things on a3 pages and adding necessary text and embellishments. erm today...listened to some radio 1 [chappers and dave and sport relief] and made the first draft of a tattoo design for a frend. and read some salinger [its awesome how u can find his short stories online!] and some adorno [minimia moralia] i progress slowly but tis worth it. tis orwellian as well as pratchetty in a way...but pratchett like vetinari is more pragmatic. now off to make myself a cup of coffee, and read some bret easton ellis in the form of lunar park whose cover design draws me to it magnetically.

heaven on earth - option 3

kate - ben folds five

referring to the video, not the song. although the song is bootiful...:)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


ahh. now that was a book. here is a review. which probably wont make sense to you if you havent read pratchett anyway. so read pratchett. start with any one. my first was jingo. completely engrossing. its a vimes book. those are the best. for sure. the susan books are second best. but really ankh morpork is the place to be. id much rather live in a city where the patrician and the watch are in control than earth which is a bloody stupid place. you always know where you are with discworld.
i have had a quote from one of the books saved on my phone for ages, will reproduce it here:
As a wizard, it was something that Ponder had only before encountered in acorns: a tiny soundless voice which said, yes, I am but a small, green, simple object - but I dream about forests.
think it must be from soul music...not sure where its from. but soul music is one of those books that just blew my mind to tineensy little pieces of whatever!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

atonement? nada!

listening to: nine inch nails
thud!, the dharma bums
to read:
lunar park, friendly fire

...just got done reading atonement. it basically deteriorates frm beginning to end. near the end i just got so desperate to be done with it. you know a book isnt great when u prefer the movie to it. and especially when kiera knightley is in the movie...thats when u know the book is seriously f%^&*ed.

thud! is sooo miles better. the problem with atonement was adjectives. the overuse of em. [and also the plot...doesnt help that u [i] cant sympathise with the main character] but i do think the first 20 pages or so are very well written.

i really like nine inch nails. think the name of the band made me assume certain things. love when movies show u bootiful songs that make u reconsider bands. am in a very manson, nineinchnails, rammstein mood after watching lost highway. this beat is so soothing in a way. listening to meet your master. i already love marilyn manson and now i want to hunt up the old mp3 cds with personal jesus and i dont like the drugs but the drugs like me and the nobodies and all that stuff on...

the 'art' in advert

thinking about how ads sell stuff yes ...but can also just be beautiful. i dont think the sony bravia ad is any less beautiful just because its eventual purpose is to sell tvs. i mean the people who happen to be tv shopping might give the bravia a look but the people who dream and regress into a kidlike state will still do spell is broken. it exists as something beautiful. crazy balls and jose gonzales. i especially like garnier fructis [cudnt find the right vid...:(] ads cause theyre just so darn happy. all the people with the normal healthy hair being happy. and its not one of those over perfection digital hair which no one can get anyway type things...i bet they had a good time filming. or i hope so anyway. the eternally hopeful part of me imagines the behind the scenes as being floopy and fun and if thats a flat out lie. the staged happiness exists. the world within the blatant sales and consumerism. [basically i dont care that its fake, it makes me happy. yes i use fructis conditioner. but the ad also makes me so much happier than the conditioner alone cud have. had the ad not existed. and its not depressing like watching the news.] there are ads like the doodh ad...or green giant sweet corn! i looooove that ad! it just escapes and hops over into my life and makes eating this act of imagination and creation. like the neverending story. like the wonka song. <3