Wednesday, 26 November 2008

she went to see a mystic who made medicine from rain...

i'm back in indian lands after ages at the airport (tried to sleep, drank coffee and soup) and on planes (sleep, conor and the dark knight in bits - all out of order).
day 1 - visited relatives, my most soberest outfit was underappreciated by my grandfather who thought i looked like a hare krishna person and un professional, and my uncombed hair got its fair share of comments too...
day 2 - went to the , watched quantum of solace with aunts (daniel craig is the most non sean connery bond you can find and its beyond me how any of his mumbled pick up lines worked on the women in the movie).

day 3 - lunch with paro and divya (noodle house), sleptover at divyas (beautiful rainstorm which went on into the next morning).
day 4 - lounging at divyas (firefly watching, musicing, youtubing) and then dinner at an aunts place (the one who has tendencies of overstuffing...i still feel quite full now but it wasnt as bad as it couldve been :D)

plan for tomorrow - driving to bangalore to stay with my cousin...then meetings bout job on fri...blahblah...

was watching some news about a call girl and some politician (american i think)
and they quoted from what she said, something along the lines of - i'm just a 'normal girl', 'with many layers' ...and obviously i proceeded to crack up and thinks things along the lines of....

Friday, 21 November 2008

tangled dream webs...

so it's early, the moon is crescenty and mysterious and i'm awake because i can never sleep before days o tension. anyhoo so much convoluted dreamage happened...
deepthi and labbu were there and we went to see solly and i was reminiscing about something he'd said which had stayed with me...i was telling his wife about it (something to do with balancing teacups and saucers and somehow this was of great design importance)and they were both v impressed that i still remembered it. and then dee and lab and me were in this creepy (but posh) place where they messed with people's brains and restricted their thoughts and what they could dream one day you'd be forced to think only about the hideosity in your life and whatnot. then there was loads of stuff about trying to escape the place and being on 2 different train platforms (labbu on one, dee and me on the other...pli was supposed to be there but she hadnt arrived yet) and dee had to find something so we missed the train...
and in the middle of all this drama...i just know there was something bout kissing nathan fillion (i wasnt me at this point, i was a dream character). i dont remember the context. :)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Plank smells like fresh cut flowers spewn across a babbling brook with a hint of lemon.

i really wanted to watch it when i saw what it was about..i think i caught it in the middle somewhere and got totally freaked out...a dead man's voice speaking over unconnected fat planks of wood going down a conveyor belt in some sort of wood factory..while he was talking about...not wood. usually i am all for things implying other things...but this would just work so much better without the eerie juxtaposition that reminds you of the deadness. id listen to it if it came out on audio and let my brain make me see. as a movie...the context in which he said those things (whatever) is just lost.

^for divya: it's a kurt cobain docu called kurt cobain, about a son (in case u cant watch the vids)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


i seem to be having packing almost done with one bag, but the other is completely empty. things i cant pack til the last min: bath stuff, laptop, wacom...(its like i have a packing mental block...have all the things laid out but cant put em in yet..)

anyhoo i must report on something magical that has taken place. i had these purple flowers in a bottle in my room and they lasted a really long time (months) and then today finally they looked a bit weedy so decided to get rid of em..and then i noticed the roots at the bottom :D now its a baby plant mutation thing and iv refilled the water and left it to live long and prosper hopefully.

other things iv done today: cleaned up window and stored away all the windowsill stuff, chucked (composted) many old bills, photographed then chucked (recycled) my innocent smoothie of the month bottle collection :(
transferred the audio recordings from my phone to the comp and listened hard to this weird one and identified sven's voice saying: i like static.
i have absolutely no memory of that convi. weird.

listening to: pete murray

Nina Van Horn: Excuse me, has anyone seen my crazy person?

Guess who's gone insaaane?!
ans: Chris Martin.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

sunday morning, rain isnt falling...

it's a bright and sunny morning and rachel and me are listening to depressing music (the cure) while i wait for divya to come back to our chat convi from drinking coffee or whatever she's gone off to do. i am reading 'please kill me' which is pretty depressing too as its about all the crazy things people in punk bands did when they were on cocaine or heroin or coming off them or taking substitute drugs while the girls who liked them cut themselves to get noticed blah blah blah...on the whole a good read :D

and now its old bright eyes. which is indeed more depressing than new bright eyes... i believe u rachellle. i do.

Friday, 14 November 2008

"now we have to be married. i'm in the family way."

hideous hideous dream...i was with the parentals in a sort of hillside resort (india/uk hybrid plc) and i found out that i was pregnant (spontaneously pregant...without the sex i mean) and had to tell em...and i wanted to get an abortion obv...but also i was very was in tears for the most part. and then the mater and me went walking thru the countryside at night to these different shady places to find someone to do it. lots of creepy villages and old womens and blah. then i think we found the right place but they told us to come back later...

then dream switched off to something gilmore related.


on a happier note. its possible i had this dream beacause i watched this (waaaaaait for it!):

last night :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gus, je t'aime.

watched 'paris je t'aime' yesterday. so beautiful. many short filums which make one seamless movie. my faves were 'le marais' -the gus van sant one, the natalie portman one...

anyhoo was cheking out where id seen the gus van sant bois before [such gus van sant faces they have...the sort where they dont have to move, can just sit there...and im perfectly happy to just sit and watch them...i guess the word would be beautiful people. but thats wrong. its more than that. a certain sort of stillness] this one was like gus van sant fast fwd. i dont think theres even been that much dialogue in that little space in a gus van sant movie [mebbe good will hunting] ...but still theres the gus van sant ponderous stillness that hangs over the whole thing [lol i sound mental...] for some photas!

gaspard ulliel/elias mcconnell [a very long engagement/elephant]
and...more of them and [previously/scroll up!] them in 'le marais' [paris je t'aime]

ps. also loved elijah as a vampire [beautiful shiny red blood] and the one with the boi and muslim chick and her cute grandpa.

pps. when i was on the train in leeds saw so many gus like people...felt to stare girl sitting right in front of me. and a couple of fellas.

ppps. some gorjuss dialogue from it. imdb provides :)

Gaspard: [in french]
You believe in soul mates? Finding your other half? You like jazz? Charlie Parker... and Kurt Cobain. I love him! Whatever. Here's my number. I'd really like to talk with you, if you call me, more seriously and... for longer, especially. [leaves]

anyway point being. i want to be like that. proactive.

Monday, 10 November 2008

prince panda and peter "the magnificent"

just got done watching prince caspian. felt to watch for to see ben barnes. doing a funny accent. anyhoo weird thing. from the first scene with all 4 of em in, i got this sudden flash of a vibe between susan and peter. like a non-brother/sister vibe obv. and after some research and investigation (googling) i find they were indeed an item about 1300 narnia years ago... (wait hmm interesting it wud seem that he denies all...hmm mmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...haha funniest interview everrr)...but then i dont rem noticing anything when watching the first one...


no vibe

ps. god! regina at the end. perfection. going to play it once more. then to bed it is for me.
pps. id say glasses boi wins over peter/panda/edmund. lols imdb credits him as "geeky boy" excellent!...more imdbing...haha ben barnes was dakin in the stage play o the history boys. lol. want to see!

Sunday, 9 November 2008


watched 'easy virtue' and 'evil dead 2' today...
i loved it. but it looks like i will have to wait for my perfect ending kristin scott thomas/colin firth movie. they need to be together after the horror that was the english patient. i love you but you dont love me anymore so i must crash my plane and kill us both. whoohoo.

i loved it. ah bruce campbell. id only seen him in 'the woods' before this movie. and it was in the leeds international filum festival and they said that he's like this big cult horror movie person with large fan it makes sense. he's awesome. awesome. omg look my hand is possessed and i have to cut it off with a chainsaw..hahahahaaaaa.....

other happenings. high fived random drunk boi. overheard boi exclaiming bout how he is fucking sweet. ate chocolate. walked fast. stalked rachel a bit.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Rotters, swatters and shooters

halfway thru 'the rotters' club' by Jonathan Coe...tis reminding me of school. of the large portions of my life that i have shoved into repressed sections of my brain...things that make me blush. moments when i was awkward or dense or did stupid things. i was much dense all the time. the sort of person who zoned out and then said something in the middle of the convi which could be interpreted in horrible, double-meaninged, foot in mouth manner *shudder* but its a good memory anyway. would be much worse to have no memories like that...

why rachellle? why do you have to be the only one who gets arbid quotes? whatever shal i do :(

i woke up from the strangest dream in the and divya were playing badminton in this wide wood panelled corridor (wide for a corridor, narrow for badminton, somehow fireflyish) and i got really good at it...and then i decided to join the local team, but they didnt think i was good enuf (yes it was team badminton with 6/8 ppl to a side)...then we found some rules to show how i cud join divyas team altho it wasnt my local one blah di blah...much dramas and the gilmore girls came into it somehow...and it ended with all of us in this pub where there were pretty serial lights behind the bar and divya was bartender and i asked her to make me a fun cocktail. so she made me this 'shooter' which was in a pint glass and was a pink kool aid like was called corky something shooter...yummy...mostly tasted like strawberry kool aid.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

that which is up with me

just a general update...
going home soon. wil be travelling for 3 days (technically)
21st nov - manchester to heathrow
22nd morn heathrow to chennai/madras/home
reach madras 1 am indian std time on sun the 23rd.
bot return ticket for feb as its stupidly (MUCH) cheaper than a one way...

  • going home
  • staying with the fun uncle
  • wont have to be in depressing empty house
  • shud have a job soon if all goes to plan...
  • wil be all alone in the city for the first time..not staying at home home.
  • things r still uncertainish
  • will miss people
  • havent done my christmas shopping yet. the clock is ticking.

more misc shtuf

  • watched all the episodes of firefly i hadnt seen already...ok so the continuity in my head is a tad messed up. but mostly makes sense. want more epis :( stupid stupid fox fools..first wonderfalls now this?! brainlessness much?
  • watched memento! omg mindblowing! no words.
  • while eavedropping on the way to olvias on sat overheard some ppl singing the mother 'uckers song from flight of the conchords! much glee!