Tuesday, 23 June 2009

poor people made me think of hedgehog in the fog just because of the word samovar. then i had to go find it on youtube and then before that when i dashed out of work to go get cupcakes - i had to go and think of bambi. and now i feel vaguely sad. hedgehog isnt sad exactly...but its sad enough.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


in blore again. gots me a weekend before its back to work with me. listening to ben lee and dinosaur jr on myspace. just cleaned up ma cupboard. the clothes are no longer in a mad pile o mess (found a new way of folding my undwear..all rolled up). now i shall go off and try out ma nu ipod nano. its all shiny silver like something out o star trek. must come up with a name for him. like spock jr. or kirkling. or duddits! i knows! capt. duddits. (watched dreamcatcher on tv last week :)) just watched a most excellent trailer. cannot wait to find and watch zis movie. (500) days of summer.

Friday, 19 June 2009

close your eyes...and just reach out your hand(s)

nuno bettencourt. does that mean anything to you?
just watched 'smart people' a movie about brilliant social retards played by dennis quaid and ellen page. twas the anti parent trap. he is not the dad of lindsay lohan's dad rant. to continue. most of the music in the movie - by nuno bettencourt. i saw that name and i saw long hair and soulful black and white crooning. extreme. more than words. singing it in school. it all came back to me. it's a good name. speaking of names. what is brazillian vert man's name? i has completement forgotten it. it's a 'c' name. but not carlos. which is a cliche spanish soap sort of name. it was an awesome name to suit his complete awesomeness.
O_o turns out not a 'c' name after all. it's marcelo bastos. yum.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

moron! :)

was in shoppers stop today. still havent a clue what im getting dee for her birthday. anyhoo me and the mater were having a bite at the coffee day (we split a chicken cilantro sandwich, a chocolate fantasy and a cold coffee between us). and i was espionaging 2 girls who sat down at the next table.

loose hair, black tees and denims, reminded me of niv (malluness? one of them looked much like her...the one whos face i could see, younger tho) they got a chocolate fantasy to share. no ice cream. i couldnt tell if they were sisters or not. the niv like one got a call, her dad - the whole family were downstairs. just arrived or something. then a few minutes go by - the dad arrives (sort of a bigger (belly) version of divyas uncle, blue tee. and the girls say they have to head off for lunch, maybe they should cancel the hot dogs. and the dad calls the waiter and says cancel. waiter says its ready. brings it over. theres also a puff on the table. the dad's all oOK just eat it. and what about the puff? and she's like we ordered it for you. and he says: i ordered it for you moron! they take the hot dog cut in halves and leave. he stays. i dont remember if the puff got eaten. it was a fond 'moron!'.


so many questions. should i start yet another blog? just so i have a place to put all the crap that i would have said to my pater. no one else would get it. or be interested. it could be one of those invitation only blogs. where i wouldnt invite anyone. should i email that someone? and say, "you really arent my friend anymore. so stop calling me. so i dont have to not pick up." think ill wait until it happens again. wait till she calls one more time. should i go to a maggie8 gig when in leeds? (for to see niv and make sure she really is alright) could be stalker like. or maybe that's what friends do. not sure i will be in leeds...will email work tomorrow and make sure its ok to take a month off. should i give in to my obsession for the truth? and ask all the questions i want to ask all the people.

been thinking about the cds i want. im thinking ben lee, tunng, the soundtrack of im not there...and im forgetting someone.