Sunday, 20 February 2011


flipping channels on tv. furry winter coats suit vin diesel raaather nicely #tripleX. amanda peet is in #BladeII with ashton kutcher?! hahahahaa XD anyhoo earlier today i was watching something even sillier: the time traveler's wife. it has got to be the most logic-lacking fantasy (not scifi) movie. it makes less sense than jack frost.

what they have in common:

1) there is no logic. why is his dead dad a snowman now? why is the time traveler time travelling? movie answer: genetics. (this is why his daughter is also a time traveler *eyeroll*) riiiiiight. the real answer is: *shrug* because!
2) but they both made me cry. more 'cause im a sap than it actually being good.

there are worse movies tho: timeline *shudder* / spiderman 3 (oh the horror!) emo-spiderman is the silliest of all plotlines.

*continues watching tripleX*

"These guys attack those guys. Those guys invade these guys. Soon, whole world implodes!" #actualdialogue

this would be why i love this movie so much.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


this is the best uke chord chart except the pdf has the two pages one below the other... when you see it the way it's meant to be (side by side) for the first time enlightenment hits you like a balloon to the face. 

rows: chords A to G# 
instead of 
page 1: A to D
page 2: E♭ to G#