Tuesday, 19 October 2010


that was quite possibly the best wedding i have ever been to. mostly because they are so good together. also his mum was so happy she cried during her speech and there wasn't "a dry eye in the house". and there were bubbles (to blow) for the kids to play with. and they were pretty in the pictures too. so many little mixed race children everywhere! adorable much! they had their own table and everything...and many cute siblings too. mostly older sisters taking care of mental younger brothers. lovely. ohoh best quote of the day: "sabrina asked me where the bubbles were and i remembered they were in the toilet!" *giggles* :D kids are awesome!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

[spoiler alert!] kipper

just watched 2 epis of kipper with kavya. think i was more into it than she was. kipper is my favourite cartoon of all time i think. what other cartoon has a jazz theme song? and all the characters have names except pig who is mysteriously called simply 'pig'. he's awesome. he's got this voice like a permanent blocked nose. he calls his son 'ardold' deja vu...probably have said this before. anyway the two i watched now could not have been more different or more awesome.

1. the robot
a one eyed robot appears out of the blue. kipper takes him home (the robot holds on to kipper's tail and kipper leads the way). and then kipper feeds him a milkshake. and then pig and arnold appear...and it rains pink toy hippos and doughnuts/cookies (couldnt make out exactly what they were). the end. seriously. it rained hippos. from the sky. no explanation. just hippos. how frikkin awesome is that? i need the hope of a rain of hippos and edibles. *sigh*

2. the mystery of the disappearing tape (or some such title)
now this one had more logic to it. but still had its share of madness. for starters it's really non linear for a kids show. it started off being about arnold's birthday. pig, kipper, tiger, jake and arnold are in the park opening presents. because arnold's small sometimes they open his gifts for him. jake knitted him a hat, tiger got him this magnetic rocket thing, kipper - a squeaky toy and pig got him a tape player so they could play musical chairs. but when he opens the deck he finds that the tapes gone missing.
so detective tiger straps on his detecting hat (looks like a fireman's hat) and here commence the flashbacks. kipper and pig try out the tape player but then get distracted by playing combs and paper (like harmonica)...kipper has the tape.
kipper and jake blow balloons and this makes them really giggly and silly. they stick ballons to the wall. make squeaky balloon noises...
then kipper, jake and tiger make party hats. and sing songs. tiger thinks his hat is the coolest.
they still dont figure out who had the tape last. then tiger takes his hat off and out falls the tape. and he's all omg how? what? how did i have it? me! no wai! and they're all yeah it mustve gotten in there somehow... and move on to playing musical chairs.
they've got cushions to sit on. when the music stops: jake and tiger are really polite and offer each other the same cushion. when actually turns there are 5 cushions for all 5 of em. cause they forgot to take one away.

so they take one away.

and keep playing.

the end.

• people sometimes pick up things - it doesnt make them criminals. it can actually be an accident. • if you dont have a harmonica, a comb and paper are just as good. • it's ok to be silly. • be polite while playing musical chairs.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

yookay trip [airport + day 1]

yesterday was a narrowly avoided suckfest. plane was like an hour late leaving from chennai (technical issues and it left late from dubai to get to chennai - daft) and i was all stressed that we'd miss our connecting flight in dubai. but we ran. we go on (dubai to manchester). *phew*

got to preston. crashed.

today - woke at 8. planned to meet charmaine in manchester at 2. pics here.

saw boy who looked like a young (grumpy) ian curtis on the train to manchester. so cool. he was even dressed all in black. black tee. rosary tatt on his right forearm.

saw boy on the train back to preston with shaggy brown hair, ipod glasses and a vote for pedro tee. he got off at bolton. this is like a missed connections thing. except i dont think he saw me. i noticed the tee and figured he'd be good to converse with. how could he not be with that tee eh?

Sunday, 3 October 2010


listening to lauryn hill again. it's been a whiiile. the last time was way back when i used to listen to compilation albums on casette. and then i saw the name 'lauren hillman' today (probably on twitter)...and just started craving the sound of lauryn hill's voice. if you've watched sister act II you've got it engraved inside your skull forevers. so yeah the miseducation of lauryn hill is beauteous. she's awesome. i cant believe i forgot. and wikipedia says she has 5 chilluns. cool.