Thursday, 26 April 2007

the procrastination that is me

going to get t shirt tomm to get stuf printed on.
logically will be a good thing if i get my design formatted the right size right now.
but i just cant make i going to end up doing the mental wake up at 4 am thing again? what is with me? procrastination for the sake of it...i am moste deranged.
dont get me. mm...

british vaguely hot crap

...exactly that. its the bloody weather. hottish but not quite.
need a jacket, but sweat underneath. i actually felt compelled to take a shower!
how mental is that? and my fingers smelt funny for about half the old rubberbands...but not a total loss. got notes for lit review organised. shal be able to write off the last two sections. and watched some epis of black books. soo funny. shaun of the dead guy in. not the main side fella. cute boi. brit humour is amazing. the weather however sucketh to infinity. giv me a chennai summer any day!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

chennaiites! :D gotta lowe em!

sudden poetic ramblings: 2 poems


Live in fiction
Listen to the rain
Rituals after dinner
Apples on the plate

Live in noir
Listen to the story
Rituals to connect
Nine lives of Garfield

Live past tense
Listen to his eyes
Rituals that were
Hurt on the plate

Live oblivious
Listen to him fall
Rituals to come
Bottle of Mountain Dew


My face
You smile
That look
Change me
Change you
That look
I smile
Your face

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


watched a lot of greys anatomy season 2. also played around with a whole bunch or variations on the logo design. got a meeting at 10 tomm. got to get my ass to bed now.

havent written in a while so heres an unpdate. easter with the parents.
went to some random english village/smal town. dunno where exactly.
meant to go to whitby but never got there, too much traffic.
finished watching marnie. i shtil like the movie i say.
watched half of wilde. stephen fry is the awesome. jude law can act. i know that. i always knew that and this movie is the perfect example. all you dimwits out there who disagree, watch wilde! then talk. then watched the namesake at cineworld with mame. good movie. good acting. i like the kal penn modi boi. i even like him as taj mahal whatever frm banglapur. lol. sunday: watched f1, alonso won. good good. lewis hamilton's pater does not look old enuf to be his daddie. they look a bit exactly the same in fact. the only thing more scary is dhani harrison. saw concert for george. am more n more in love with clapton and mccartney now. esp clapton. clapton is the mucho awesome. and dhani is the cloney it is shit scary. its the whole colin hanks thing. and the case of siddharth and rajan maama. to finish watching wilde and watch spring, summer, autumn, winter...and spring by wed. got to return em then. got to take the living pictures book with me to meeting tomm.

fingerscrossed. i quite like my ideas. but will she?
mm...dunno. to sleep. to dream. to wake anew. different. myself.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

reading: the great gatsby + the bell jar

i miss my read random books phase...i read a lot of good shit that way...a lot about ppl cheating on ppl...but stil good writing...trying to start writing again. got 2 creative writing books out of the lib in the hope that that wud help...but its just that iv got to type. and not just stare at the word doc. mmm but starting to wonder if the only place where i can write is home. mm...think i need the daily roadside drama...and then the stories majorly flow...they just sit there waiting waiting to be told. *sigh*

big blue..

...eyes...a more or less straightforward train of thought lead me to elijah wood. started off at 300..frank miller...sin city...elijah wood and the dog...wolf in 300...then watched the cutest vids of the wood man on you tube...and remembered the whole 1981 thing...watching flipper as a kid...his eyes matched the swimming pool water...overly big frodo eyes...everything is illuminated...what a place to be...i miss having a doggie. it sucks so much to see ppl with their dogs. or dogs on shows on tv. just watched epi 11 season 2 of greys anatomy. thats when they get 'doc' at the end of the epi...mmm...miss you so much my baaba...want to feel u behind my back again..all smooshed like a burrowing snake between me and the sofa...those sad eyes...the skinnyness when wet...your my lap that first day..lil white ball of floof...sigh...crap how did i get here...lowe the seeing eye bitch bit, sammy davis jr. jr. mmm :) sobs. i cant believe they gave the puppy away...i could not do that..get a dog then...would be too jealous of whoever got her...wud kill me...

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


was the bootiful. david wenham! :D happy me. i get the whole omg gerard butler thing as well now. cause he is indeed the amazing. i dont get the ppl who write reviews going on bout how its inaccurate/racist/homoerotic/blah blah. its a movie. and a good one. the end. going on bout lack of character development n things is also mental. cause iv seen a lot of bad movies with plenty of char development which did absolutely nothing for the movie. nada. my faramir lowe continues. hyper diff char i say...been thinking back to all the stuf that was written bout faramir. the whole cool drink of water thing.
the beginning bit was the amazing. with the training of the boy and the wolf. and its eyss. and the skulls. and ohh i lowe the madness? this is sparta! *kick* bit. lol. all good. dont need all of the movies i watch to be cerebral. ishtyle dialogue can do it for me too. and good dismemberment done well. lowely. its like i can love y tu mama tambien and before sunrise/sunset and 300 and reservoir dogs and clueless and everything is illuminated and the chipmunk adventure. i have no conflict in my soul or anything. they r all bootiful.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007


first time watching the vid. god how i loved that song. loved. love.
theres a lot of focus shifting. the vid is simple. just them doing their thing.
but it works. it goes with the intensity of the song. he looks into the camera.
his face goes in and out of focus. juxtaposed on a mish of images. plants. rain.
warm subtle dim lighting. it rains on him. song seems shorter than i rem.
lovely last line. see your blue eyed problem. wow. he looks like christian bale at times. its the smile. mmm. lissening to 'poor misguided fool' now. its weird how the killers sound more actively brit than starsailor. but now that i kno that they r vegas bois o course thats changed things. stil lowe em both. starsailor man is sounding more bale like as well. american psycho bale. patrick bateman.
lots of starsailor songs i havent hrd on youtube i say.
good lyrics. i wont let it kill me this time.i wont let it kill me this time.
to the surface, came a feeling. left me useless. left me reeling.

the wait

am basically sitting bout waiting for the time when i meet the ppls and go for the movie. cannot wait. it is going to be the amazing. even more amazing now that i kno that david wenham AND rodrigo santoro r in! SANTORO! just watched the trailer again and visited the website..aaah...god am going to lowe it...think the last movie i saw in the theatre was babel or of the two...long time. :D so hyper i am..feel v jumpy and hobbes like. la la la la! wish i cud speak in an alvin and chipmunks style voice..all helium invfluenced like. got a letter frm design reception from the james joyce reading group. all handwritten. telling me bout the next meeting. with a pic of odysseus [is that how its spelt?] tied to the mast. appropriate. sirens. :) i love my reading secret society type group. lowe it. lowe it.


did i meantion? imdb says faramir is in 300!! droolness. so cannot the wait!


mmm..been dreaming up a storm of strange things...saris...laundry...sci fi futuristic washing machines...tom hanks in a musical extravaganza on stage at the oscars...the young tom hanks...'big' style...god thats such an awesome movie...underrated even...or under that is simplistic but truly oscar performance...i am not one for the big drama... bit of the movie even...:D...going to watch 300 today. cannot wait.
but before that got to bathe. lunche. pick up letter frm design reception. get to vis com. work on the logo design for a bit. get some options together.

mmm...people have such diff ideas bout the logo...but i think i shal go with the feedback frm pinkay...wil keep going along current lines...produce a bunch of options..then email off to ppls..see what they say...mmm...

it should be fine.

and now for something fun! i leave u with the awesomness that is alvin and the chipmunks!!

Monday, 2 April 2007

lazy hazy sunday

mm...summa properly lounged after aaages and ages...watched reality bites [lowe lowe lowe!!]...lissened to mika and arcade fire and...ate vast amounts of cheesy yummy pasta...helped polish off a tub of ben n jerrys cookie dough...blabbered away...n then happy sleep. twas booti.
:) happy me. had meeting with supervisor only at 1, so could sleep late even.
and its lovely and sunny out today...mmm saw some ppl dressed all lotr shtyle standing around with swords and fully roleplaying on the grass...reminded me of gamerz...awesome movie, random but good...makes u wanna get into the whole role play scene...i could so be into it...if id come across ppl obsessed with it that is...
borrowed the bell jar. looking fwd to reading it.
working on my canvas. all good.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

last night

got a lot of the lit review done. slept at 3. all good.
now tis the sunday and im free. free as a bird.
gonna lissen to some beatles.
...bright are the stars that shine...dark is the sky...i know this love of mine...will never die...and i love her......
and go shopping for food in the afternoon.
happy happy day. it seems to be moderately sunny at the moment.
can be fully the random and un worried. goodies goodies.
i feel the glee. not venty and ranty like yest.
just all sunny honey.
mm...fried egg for brekkie methinks.
in a while. cooked to perfection.
hopefully. ;)

once upon a tulasi

yes it's me back again. got a section of the lit review edited and done. hoping to get the rest done tonight. in fact am determined to make it happen. the motivation is back. just had a long convi with parental units. thinking bout becoming an auntiji again. planning the fun evil aunty things i can do. need to dig up amar chitra kathas to tell stories frm...and my happy books like mamani and mary alice operator #9 and the animal stories book which i no longer have but i rem the stories...theres the guy who fell in love with the white cat...and dudley the dromedary, and zeeby..and the owl and the cherries...and cat down the drainpipe...and snowy the seagull...and herbert the lonely hedgehog..and naughty sophie...and all those bootiful tales...and roald dahl..and the 3 lil pigs...and green eggs and ham! goodies...much to look fwd to. a lil nephew. [not twin neices like the dream prophesied] ...also man u - blackburn -4 nil. goodies! ...

...guess i should get to the story of tulasi then eh? or tulsi. which might be a better spelling. anyway...jalandhar 'according to legend, was born out of the sweat which Shiva had thrown from his brow into the ocean when he perspired at being insulted by Lord Indra' this be one version of his birth! other involved lightning coming frm shiva's 3rd eye. so awesome a way to be born! hindu births r bootiful ;P rem the king and the mango and the 2 wives...anyway back to vrinda. jalandhar was her spouse. and shiva had to kill him, but couldnt while vrinda was faithful to him. so vishnu pretended to be jalandhar and shse embraced him. so shiva then killed jalandhar. n she was pissed off so cursed vishnu and then she was consumed by flames and frm her ash grew the tulasi. there are many many slightly diff versions. but all of em involved buffy style spontaneous human combustion or her jumpin into a pit of flames or something...anyway i think its a kewl story. all mythology is pretty kewl really. the hindu stuff...the greek stuff...all full drama...and jealously...and plotting...and death...and doom and destruction and chaos...and mess. and mess is interesting.

just wait lil nephew...i am going to educate u in so many lil ways...i could be obi wan. i could be a character out of almost famous, all boho and many possibilities... :)

and now back to work.