Friday, 20 November 2009

10 ten cameron crowe moments

there's a time magazine list and they have a rearrange option but it just wasnt enough, so...
a lot a lot of thought went into this but...ask me again in half an hour and i could change my mind.

a secret history - an excerpt

playing with fonts on illustrator.

Monday, 16 November 2009

i can has found screenshots on tumblr!

early wil wheaton lowe

the axis of anarchy - the guild

...and now
i cant wait to be all caught up with the season so far. think imagonna skip right to this. season 3. episode 5!!!

2012:jimi mistry is not indian!


the facts. jimi mistry is british. he's from scarborough. he's a yorkshire-man. alec guinness was a better indian than he could ever be. also indians do not all dress like gandhi. 2012 started off ok. it was only his apu-esque accent that was wrrrrong. but then he attempted to speak hindi...and dressed like gandhi as he was about to die in a tidal wave. and overused the phrase 'my friend'
-thank you my friend.
-goodbye my friend.
blah blah blah.
shut the fuck up.

ps. Alec Guinness simply had no heart or stomach to play professor Godbole,
a Kashmiri Pandit, in his friend David
Lean's 1984 movie,
A Passage to India.
'It (the part) shouts for Hindu,' Guinness told Lean...

Saturday, 14 November 2009


so yeah here's the skinny on 2012. it should have been called everyone (including gordon) dies so that john cusack and amanda peet can hook up again.

this is gordon
you know gordon is doomed from the moment when he's in a supermarket with amanda peet and theyre discussing their relationship and feeling a distance between them and then the floor cracks apart jumanji style.
anyhoo g2g.
coming soon:
the tale of how i traumatised other movie goers by yelling die bitches! and drink the tea!

Monday, 9 November 2009


i found the topher banner somewhere random just now and had to share! its so topher..

Sierra: Earth-identical gravity and atmosphere on other planets. Is that two?
Topher Brink: I'll give you one.
Sierra: That's fair. One ecosystem for a whole planet.
Topher Brink: Good.
Sierra: Human-alien cross-breeding without scientific intervention.
Topher Brink: Nice.
Sierra: Flamey explosions and sound in a vacuum.
Topher Brink: Yes! Good job.
Sierra: Oh, but there's so much more. Light speed travel, space storms and sexy, sexy aliens.
Topher Brink: Ahh-ahh-ahh, I said classic sci-fi errors. Now you're just attacking good story telling.

You should probably put your bandit hat on now.
Personally, I- I don't have one, but I modified this tube sock.
Kristofferson: You look good.
Ash: Yeah, I do.

...other things on my brain at the mo. the fantastic mr fox movie! i cant wait. i swoon for jason. cant you just hear him say those lines?? ok ok. i have heard him say those lines in the yummy trailer :) it was mmmMMm good. my tum feels out of it. i r wanting a whole bunch of bennjerrys to soothe it.
also look right for updated top 5s.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

conor - now and then

I'll be rooting for you
Like my favorite team
If somebody sweats you
You just point them out to me
(milk thistle, 2008)...............................
..............................And if the lava monster came,
I would block its flame from hurting you
From hurting you
(lava monster, 1994)
so that's 14 to 28?

he hasnt changed. im thinking the blocking the flame of the metaphorical lava monster is still part of his overall philosophy. its possible that lava monster listenage yesterday made me dream of bright red dragons. they hatched out of eggs and like the dinos in jurassic park, learnt from experience and got more deadly with time... could be killed with the holy words which werent traditionally holy...i dont remember what they were but possibly along the lines of din's rat bastard thing.

the scene:

sunil has made off with the wrong bag of delivered food (biriyani)
din calls him on the phone to make him come back and begins with:

rat bastard!

instant classic.