Friday, 29 August 2008

mommy! daddy!

was reading zis and had listened to: conversion by hanne hukkelberg+motherless bastard by the books on lastfm and then just haaad to make zis:

anyhoo point being that if the books song was based on true events id totally consider god a motherfucker [joke] :P ...currently i neither believe or disbelieve in his/her/it's existence. and think thats alls right with the universe because the afore mentioned songs exist. listen and you'll see.

ok it's mad disturbing.
but i'm still glad it's out there.

Friday, 22 August 2008

pre trip origami

making a mess of packing...well not literally...cause i have to pack neatly or my finicky self will start to growl. but just taking ages over it. have that am forgetting something major feeling...stil got to fit my laptop in, and towels...toiletries...wires n things...socks! must not forget socks! the most important thing other than underwear :) even the thought of having to wear someone else's socks makes me shudder a ok if i know and like the person who's socks they r..maybe.

reading: the mating season - wodehouse [brief mention of my darling pongo!]
listening to: velvet goldmine inspired playlist [bowie/iggy pop/brian eno/t rex...]
must be off to din now. cheerio!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Lampy: I remember the first time my bulb burned out. I thought, "That's it! I'm burnt out!.." And then the master gave me a new bulb... and I glowed.

cleared up shitloads of random paper id magazines, movie tickets, bills etc. skimmed thru the mags and noted down interesting info [mostly music mags, so many bands to go chek out :D] tickets and the like [senti stuf] go into my scrap book [i have delusions of grandeur and imagine that ppl will be interested someday]..hee i keep bills too...neatly labelled in envelopes. do not ask for what joy, i just do it. delusions of grandeur i say. i can see scientists and archaeologists of the future analysing the paper and the inks and carbon dating and doing 'bones' like things to solve the mystery of whatever...the one thing that pains me is that movie tickets tend to fade and nothing i do seems to am left with scraps of paper which look like movie tickets buuut the place that fades first is the name of the movie for some reason known only to murphy and the irony fairies of the universe. hence i hope that people will be able to use special chemicals or uv light or something to decipher what movie it was...

then i stapled together many bits of things id cut out to keep for the future. cool illustrations and designs and articles, pictures of jason lee, bands i like...didnt feel to collage and put on wall. didnt want to bin either. which brings me to the second part of this post. let us celebrate and take time to remember the humble stapler and the genius that it is. the simple genius of stabbing bits of metal and folding them to keep sheets of paper together. preventing loss of vital scraps: phone numbers, scrawled messages, letters, cuttings...but more genius than that is the staple remover that is built into the back which lets one unfold the metal arms and yank the pin out. which i tend to do a lot [for purposes of paper recycling, pin free paper in the bin]. seems hard to find one person to credit with the invention of the stapler. it dates back to the time of louis XV.

this reminds me of a really good animated movie about objects: the brave little toaster. pfft cartoons today suck. too many special effects, not enuf actual plot...go back to 2D people!!!

Friday, 1 August 2008

holy lamborghini batman!

he he i finally watched the dark knight [on imax, only some scenes were imax but the switch was v smooth]! and now i can delve into the madness that is imdb trivia and many geeky blogs. ranging from simple glee to i love the internet! :D and now to add my own ranting and raving to the mix: SPOILERS AHEAD! DUH!

some good shit off imdb.

  • He [heath ledger] was also given Alan Moore's comic "Batman: The Killing Joke" and "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" to read. [i was totally thinking of the killing joke while watching the movie...]
  • Christian Bale is credited with playing "Bruce Wayne" but not "Batman" in the final credits.
everything was perfection. esp heath ledger's clapping in 3 year old fashion. so good. ace. everything went up a notch. like bruce wayne. omg like that is oblivious playboy to the max. going off with the entire ballet. helicopters. an excess of fake perks. especially the lamboghini bit. where they're all do you know what u just did? and he's all i was just trying to beat the was killer! i mean i dont think any batman movie before batman begins ever considered that...he got compensated by being rich. but here it's pretty lose lose.

ha ha imdb confirms it! nicky katt was indeed in the movie! uncredited stupidly. which made me doubt my powers of observation. i got all hmm he's not on the list...was that not nicky i going blind? :D
other casting delights for me were nestor carbonell [about 4.31 for batmanuel!] aka richard alpert as the mayor, the return of cillian murphy and anthony michael hall as the reporter...i was much gleed :D
and and the blonde boy was indeed the one who was also in babel.

past batman flicks, what went wrong.
to start off i find that i havent watched the 1943 one. to continue, the casting just killed the movies really. i mean michael keaton/val kilmer/george clooney as batman? what were they thinking...on a believability level - i think little kids could take keaton in a fight. and val kilmer's acting. let's not go there. it's pretty non existent. and clooney is just too happy. and hopeful. not dark at all. he's mr pediatrician. they didnt even really access his inner suave bad boy [as seen in the oceans movies]. chris o donnell is not a superhero [he is cute tho]. fullstop. alicia silverstone kicked his ass in every possible way. cher off clueless wud kick his ass with her platforms.
villains - nicholson [goodish], de vito [bad], pfeiffer [love her in anything], carrey [silly], lee jones [sillier], shwarzenegger [cant get past the accent], thurman [good costume...]
the only one i actually enjoyed was the tv series. for sheer silliness. the thuds! bangs! ka-pows! and the corny dialogue. holy ravioli! robin ftw!

ps. a conversation.
me: i dont know why but i get my kicks from the knowledge that this is the first batman movie to be made without the word 'batman' in the title!
the mater: what's it called?
me: the dark knight!
the mater: with an 'n'?...
me: no. with a 'k' didn't i make that obvious? the way i said it i mean...the dark Knight! as opposed to the dark Night...?
the mater: no.

looks like i overestimated the power of my own voice...:D