Friday, 29 May 2009


havent blogged in a whiiiile.. which is really not me. anyhoo im back! anyway 2 things:

#singing# we're off to see the wizard...

i was getting on the bus after a night at divya's place. and so many people got on before i did. i was sure i wudnt get a place to sit. and i get on. and there are people standing, but there's a seat empty. and i pounced on it with glee. weird? yes. very. i think it was cause there was this dwarf man sitting there. but how do you do that? how? do you think: oh look a dwarf. i cant sit there. id rather stand. i was quite pissed off on his behalf. grr. reminded me of the horrible oscar wilde story. *shudder*

please sir..i can has some more?

was listening to this beatles song > a relevant excerpt> "how do you do what you do to me?/i wish i knew/if i knew how you do it to me/i'd do it to you" and i was thinking how it applies to all my one sided crushes. where im like totally dying. and the person concerned has no clue. what. so. ever. it's such a true song. so soul baringly honest. how does one write like that? when i try to write what is..what actually happened...i get so embarassed at myself. and cant do it. truth is the key. thats why the beatles are the beatles.

bonus happy video. the fool on the hill. so random. love it.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


bus-tiquette |busˈtikit; -ˌket|
the customary code of polite behavior on a bus or among commuters utilising the vehicular conveyance commonly known as a bus.
a crash course!
what not to do ...on a bus.

  1. do not take up more room than you require. occupying a space more suited for three of you while blocking the area so that others may not gatecrash is a strict no no.
  2. squashing between two people who are seated with a healthy gap between them (albeit on a seat intended for three) when there are empty seats available by the dozen - bad form.
  3. your knees and feet must face in the direction of the seat and not project into the aisle.
  4. falling into people when the bus lurches is allowable provided you look like you're trying not to. insert apologetic grimace/smile/word here.

Monday, 4 May 2009

i can has pie in face?

i seem to repeatedly write about the same things/people...and so i worship at the altar of gus once more. watched milk yesterday. gus + danny elfman + sean penn. you cant go wrong with that. and now i love james franco so much. stupid spiderman 3 for making me doubt his genius. et diego luna! omfg. wow. hmm i dont seem to be saying very much.. but gus does that to my brain. i stop. i watch. i look at the little things. harvey's crowsfeet. the pattern on a chek shirt. perfect curls of hair. everything slows down. it's a very predictable movie (intendedly so). like elephant. you know death is coming. the only question is when. you can guess how as the movie goes on. the scariest person in the movie was easily anita. anita bryant. played by herself. shit. just googled her and it looks like she quit after some sort of pie in face incident. ah mr gus you are symbolic what? genius. there are many beautiful pie in face moments in this movie. ah pie. the layers.

If you say anything, about politics, or the campaign, or what speech you have to give, or anything, I swear to God I'm gonna stab you with this fork.
_ Scott (James Franco)

Friday, 1 May 2009

all dressed up

a few weekends ago i was in a gg mood and had itchy hands and this happened. 
chuck and blair dolls. 
his orange suit had to be commemorated. 

and underwear :) with labels. hee.