Wednesday, 30 June 2010

just havent found it yet

i am in search of the most customisable new blogger template *grumblegrumblewhydtheychangeitfuckerstryingtobeliketumblr* this will have to do for now.

havent got much to say. modest mouse, joshua james and the cure are working well together. no footie to watch tonight. can sleep comfortably. the fat making mirror in my room has been taken down, leaving me with more wall space. but the wall behind the mirror is pale lavender while the rest of the room is cream+red. it is in dire need of painting. twil happen soonly i guess. cannot wait to put all my new posters and things up. especially the one of the doctor and amy pond.

best things about the doctor who season finale (will try to keep it spoiler free):
  • the morocco mole style fez
  • amy and amelia!
  • ...and the dancing!! ;)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

who is emma frost?

my comic book pile gets out of order everytime i show it to people. but i dont mind cause putting it in order is one of the best things ever. and everytime it seems to get more complicated. usually its just by publisher. but then i alphabetised it as well yesterday. and made lists of how many of each i have :D i have a few more marvel than dark horse but thats only because craze for x men began long long ago.. im still kind of confused by the variety of x men titles...and how they still seem to link up nicely... like astonishing x men to uncanny x men and what not. to thinking about how comic book writers are like gods. especially x men writers (joss whedon/mattfraction etc). controlling the lives of scott summers (the movies kind of made me hate him...then i remembered he's cool and its james marsden who i hate) and the like.. and then it's canon forever. i love that word. so appropriate. etymologically.

canon (1) Look up canon at
"church law," O.E., from L.L. canon, in classical L., "measuring line, rule," from Gk. kanon "any straight rod or bar; rule; standard of excellence," perhaps from kanna "reed" (see cane). Taken in ecclesiastical sense for "decree of the Church," and as such passed through L.L. to O.E. General sense of "standard of judging" is from c.1600.


off to wiki emma frost.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

the science of fandom

finally i have the internet on my laptop again. after some ages. have become gleed beyond belief and am doing simply everything. updated my last fm. emailed a whole bunch of people. switched from firefox to chrome. because chrome is just better. and installed twhirl. mwahahaa im the king (technically queen but it's like 'sir' is just a better word than 'dame' which only makes me think of fat men in drag) of my own little corner of the internet again.

anyhoo this is a post that ive been thinking about for a while now. the difference between fanboys/girls and sports fans! its all a matter of time. a movie/song/comic book/tv show gets made and then watched after. sport is live. a fanboy has no control over whatever... technically a sports fan has no control over anything either. but there's the illusion of control. and therein lies the difference. oh the difference. it came to me when i was obsessing on the snooker... id sometimes squint my eyes on certain shots so that id just miss watching selby/hendry actually make the shot... an oh-if-i-dont-watch-this-all-will-be-well feeling... i made him make that shot because of that. like not watching man u/arsenal matches. iv always felt it's when i watch that united lose. this is what makes us obsessive and insane and paranoid and superstitious and hysterical and all those insanely wonderful things that sports fans are. it's power and the total lack of it.