Tuesday, 30 December 2008


suddenly in the mood to write a new year post...or an end of year post. the question is: have i changed since last new year? (which honestly was sucky as things always go wrong on new yrs...i dont think iv had a really good new yr in like ever...the over hyping and planning and blahdiblah get in the way, its like the expectation of new year can never be fulfilled) anyway this year iv tried not to plan and theres a good feeling in the air. apart from the fact that pli wont be here :( but i will see her on fri and do a repeat new year/postponed christmas gift exchange thing :D prolong the holiday season a tad.


sitting here watching vids on my youtube favourites list. watching john mayer singing comfortable (live version) i am such a sucker for that song. and have been for a bunch of years now and will be for the forseeable future. i have a good favourites list. all things i do rewatch periodically wonly (a bit of fry and laurie, darcy in the lake in lost in austen...) or excessively cool things (eg; easy/lucky/free vid, nph and marshall singing confrontation, david tennant on the catherine tate show...)

im still me. possibly a me who enjoys quoting things at ppl more. and a more living for the moment me...or i could be deluded and i always was this way, but just didnt notice it. that sounds more likely really.


i hate john mayer and his baking blogs and for making me want to bake when i obviously cannot without an oven :( cooker cake anyone? i could try it...but ill probly feel lazy tom and need to pretty self up for new yr :) i plan to wear my lil black french chick type dress.
ok fine. i actually love john mayer to bits.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

*hides under the sheets*

theres this incredibly scary ad on tv right now. hdfc life insurance. it's about how this little boy loses his remote controlled car and then this random visitor man happens to say that he'll buy him a new one. and the boy is all: why shud you buy one, my father will get me one! and then the stupid stupid tactless idiot of a man (this is the scary part, the tactlessness) says: but what if ur father gets lost as well. and the boy's all crushed. it's horrrrible. and then the father comes in at that moment and says: even if that happens, ill still get it for you. and the boy is all gleed. it's a conked. even if im gone. my life insurance will provide for my family type thing. i mean the ad disturbs me and im 22. how scary must this be for kids to watch. but then there r many things i just didnt get when i was small...so i dunno. hate hate hate it tho.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

gorram airtel 垃圾・垃圾! 牛糞・牛粪!

where to start when describing this true suckfest of a day. woke up and knew i had to get to the airtel office fast as the freaks decided to bar my calls just on the days when ppl are meant to get in touch we me about jobs and the like. so i go to the closest office and basically lost it there. was all boohoo and alarmed them much. but that was beacause i was thinking of all the many things that are stressing my brain at the mo. so hence it was like right overreaction much? it's just your phone...anyway they said go to the head office which thankfully was a short walk away. take passport copy. resubmit documents. so i go home. get the copy. walk to the second office. take a number '315' waiting..waiting. then this man comes over and i all what are you here for. i exp. he's all u need to resubmit because u havent filled in one form thats probly why...but u need to resubmit passsport photo too. i was all pissed off and 'cant u just rip it off the old form?' he was all 'no'. so went back home. got the photos. came back. took a number '329' waited..got to the counter. produce my documents and she's all but you need proof of local address...and im all (pissed off) and all 'you should have asked me for it in the first plc, look when i was getting the sim, i wasnt reequired to produce anything so asking for it now is just unfair!' and she was all....erm...oh yeah there's the form. FUCKERS! pfft. right. dont give it to me in the first plc. make it so that i cant call ppl and that ppl cant call me. never mind if i dont get a fucking job. then almost forget to tell me about the form again and try to make it seem like i have to go get some address proof from somewhere...finally the form was just me giving them my cousins no and add (which is where i stay too!) and theyre going to call her and ask her if she knows me...right....like duh im going to give you the no of someone whos going to say that. proof. yay. awesomesauce.

basically i was being bitchy and aiming to mess up everyones day.
before all this, or somewhere in the middle (one o those times when i got home) i sent the job ppl an email saying my phones barred, so if u tried to call...here's the landline blahblah. and they sent email saying send us ur cv and photo for to send the delhi office. so im taking that as a positive sign. the other plc sent me a mail quoting an excessively low salary. meh. so iv replied saying i need to think bout it.

then...i had a chocolate mousse for lunch. in a desperate attempt to cheer self. but felt a bit sick at the end of it.
im recouping at home with lots of water and now im thinking about looping that vid of nph and how i met your mother guy singing confrontation.

Monday, 22 December 2008

i want nph for christmas

yes yes i know im overdoing it with the updates.
just stuck in that kind of loop right now and this was irresistible.

mmm pie!

im watching firefly (safe) in proxy for tons of comfort food. which i need because i hate it when little things go wrong. par exemple my cell phone not working at the mo. got this shady text from airtel saying that my calls will be barred today for they cannot verify my address... mehh. i has the biggest craving for tons of pie/flan/cheesecake/brownies/cake/cookies/benandjerrys/any ol dessert item...it was probably a mistake to stare too long at john mayer's blog which is simply choc full of photas of christmas related cake things. which inspired me to find a new firefox theme. it's all snow and candy canes now. shiny.
want to bake something for christmas...will plan something with dee...maybe cookies. all decorated and extra sweet...they could be normal round choc cookies but deco-ed to look like tree ornaments. melted chocolate frosting. with candies stuck on. or they cud look like lush puds.

also i dream of the pie maker. mmm :)

Saturday, 20 December 2008

friday frolics

yesterday was me hoofing it to divya's. a nice walk. not too long. but excercise like.
we were meant to watch 2 new episodes of house. but then stupid megavideo was fake loading it.
so we ended up listening to music and watching arbid things on youtube and being generally geeky. i made her watch trailers and clips from wonderfalls (beacause im always trying to get ppl to watch wonderfalls and discover the genius of brian fuller and also lee pace) and weebl and bob (i highly recommend this one) and eventually we ended up watching vids of the scary twillight fangirl who never ever leaves her house (i just know that she's got that disturbing edward bed sheet and pillowcase set with matching blanket...) and we madly cracked up over one comment which simply said: aaargh cave troll! XD

Friday, 19 December 2008

the friday fidgets

im just sitting here being increasingly fidgety...i should be getting a call from one job person any moment now. and then at 1.30 am auto-ing it to koramangla for a meeting...
listening to iron and wine 'our endless numbered days'. it makes me think of lying in a hammock in a wooded area in springtime...with the sun filtering down thru the leaves...sort of like the gobbledigook video. but more lazy.

^the coverart is really apt actually...his eyes are closed even :)

"I'm somebody's brother.."

a lot happens when u go off the internet for days on end...dirty sexy money and pushing daisies got cancelled o_o....and i was just getting into the show and rediscovering my love for lee pace...and no more glenn fitzgerald. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...........

anyhoo for your viewing pleasure - the evolution of lee pace in the bryan fuller universe.

...and since i havent watched all the episodes...there's still that crossover (pushing daisies/wonderfalls) episode to look out for.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

here i go..arblegarble...mumbling!

ohowthefuckamistillcoherentgaaawwdddd! dr horrible on dvd available thru amazon! to preorder now! must go chek if it's also available on amazon.co.uk..omgomgomgomg.....just omg...read this.
*goes off to chek amazon.co.uk*
and omg the extras and everything mad and all that is good with the world!
..or horrible with the world :D

but sadly i dont seem to find it on amazon.co.uk...but amazon.com ships to anywhere right? right?
k i think i will get it shipped to batley...and then get it when i visit or ma can mail it from there...or someone can bring it with them when they come here or something! i want it! i need it!

amazon confuses my brain O_O...but i will do this. i will.

eventually. after thought :D ohh the brain boggles with glee at this wondrous news..

i dream of comic con

i was youtubing and found this vid (note: they cant kiss on the show because if he does she'll die again, such is the sadness of the pie maker)

which led me to believe that comic cons are like the make a wish foundation for all the little fangirls and boys around the world, who even though they might not make it in person to comic con, can relive a moment such as this, through the magic that is youtube.

another such video is the following:

and so in conclusion...i imagine the day when the cast of merlin appear at comic con and think of things they might be forced to do...i mean there is a precedent ;)

life update #whateveritis

i'm back! i'm better! i'm super-pave!

erm..no...not really...but im getting by. i have the internets again. at home. yes! i feel saner. still waiting to hear about job things. calling another person today to maybe see if i can go for an interview tomorrow. and i shud be getting another contact from divya... what can i say. if nothing works. it's back to the ol' wonderflonium and poison in the water main plan.

i get a lot of phone calls from concerned relatives. i saw an email from my grandfather enquiring bout the job hunt. dont think i can deal with replying to that yet.

the painters came and gave the plank of wood that is the ceiling of my bathroom a coat of paint. they are meant to come back sometime now and give it another coat...but i doubt that they will anytime soon. maybe they'll come tomorrow.

now my plan is (after making that phone call) - try and watch many episodes of house and dirty sexy money...will take a while to load...but i have youtube to keep me entertained while i wait :D

Thursday, 4 December 2008

kill me romantically...

this is the story of my most equellent (evil) plan of action to annoy my dearest cousine who i am currently residing with. it all began when she made the (big) mistake of idly informing me about her half irish boss. and then i prodded more and more details out of her...he wears glasses...has longish hair...likes the london underground and then i began to feel that he would be the ideal victim for to have an unseen crush (obsession) on. and now i ask her about his musical tastes for to judge compatibility which annoys her no end..im all: does he like pie? does he like bright eyes? what about folktronica? is he dr horrible in his spare time? blahdiblahblahblah...

but she has her ways of annoying me too..which r much less verbal than my ways. she has the power of the grumpy face, the grimace and her own speshul way of saying the word 'no' which can be quite scary...

oh how i love being a pain in the bee-hind!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


sunday was a day of extreme gloom and i might have scared my friends a little...but that was just pms. and now am applying to more places for jobs. with the slow internet i have found. my laptop died. which caused me to mourn much. no music. that was the worst part. and just when i wanted to loop 'welcome to the dollhouse' and 'le beau charcutier' (kotki dwa) i highly recommend the bad french accents and strange lyrics :) today i was on a quest to find wifi and coffee...i found coffee but no wifi and then found wifi but it was in this hotel which hifi security and airport style full body scans and blah...so i got a bit paranoid and hi tailed it out o there..
mm probly meeting dee later today and going to her plc, mebbe staying over. i dunno yet.