Saturday, 25 October 2008

o romeo romeo...

'twas october night of the 24th day when watched we - 3 plays, part of the shakespeare schools festival at the west yorkshire playhouse. midsummer, much ado about nothing and romeo et juliet. am tied between the first and the last for a fave.

the sets were really minimalist (just the way i like it) just hazy projections for indoor and outdoor...the indoor one was a projection of a big latticed window and the light coming in and hitting the floor...and the outdoor one was like hazy leafy effect...but v pale and barely there
much ado just had one flowery archway extra for ppl to hide behind...

it was the best version of midsummer iv seen (and iv seen a total of 3 so far i think...) this was just the most fun, alive, happy, free performance...little kids have that advantage of doing things was the little touches that made it hilarious. bottom going to sleep on all fours like a real ass. such cute braying - hee haw in squeaky manner. puck in a jesters hat skipping off he'd start with a normal walk and as he s almost off, a lil tiny skip in the step..and lil eye rolls as oberon was being oberon :D best oberon too! hehe he was a thin tall glasses wearing (joss whedon geek villain sort, but still studly enuf to pull off carrying the sleeping titania) ..and puck was his little minion. and one o the fairies was a little boy fairy. colourful pjs, bunian (wifebeater), purple tutu...and he got to carry bottom off the stage. too funny. he was way smaller than the other boy :D muscles! ooh!

much ado was hampered by the fact that the cast was older than the other 2 casts...and this gimmicky 80s thing they had going on...they were all covered up by big wigs and 80s suits...and spent more time on acting the moment in an 80s way instead of a realistic way (i think it's like by then ur idea of what acting is, is formed. and then u cant go back to being all im just being happy on stage) ...i dont know how to desc. there is one funny thing.. :) claudio and hero kiss (this is like 16 yr olds) and it was like a lips bouncing off each other minute moment... it wudnt have stuck in the mind if it wasnt followed by romeo and juliet...

so yeah 12 year olds i think...v minimalist but perfect...all in black...with lil touches of red/yellow to show which house they belonged to. romeo was this skinny-tee wearing emo-brown-haired boy (straight hair all brushed into face) with a yellow ribbon around the wrist... it was so beautiful. they were all really into their roles. nothing over the top or acted about the end of it you're just involved, forget that they're 12 year olds...and want them not to die! her father was obv a boy her own age and they hadnt bothered with aging him up or anything (black shirt and red tie as opposed to romeo's tee shirt wearingness - more than enuf) anyhoo kisses :) there were atleast 3 separate moments when they had to cause its in the dialogue (with this kiss i die etc)...and it was so normal (ok the first time its a bit strange, just cause u stil rem their 12ness) pretty hazy red lighting hitting his emo hair as he moved back and his hair moved back detached from her face...gahh am describing this badly.

decided it needed illustrating!

in the post speeching, organising female mentioned that they'd made the stage manager cry thrice that day :) (rehearsal and techs and evrything..) id not seen romeo and juliet on stage before. so beautiful. still thinking bout it :)
my nu theory
shakespeare shud be performed by chilluns always!

Friday, 24 October 2008

brian jr ftw!

^click! im going to brazil!

i watch dirty sexy money for the brian/nick moments. they r my nu seth/ brian is seth, he's defo the more dramatic o the 2. dashing off to brazil to kidnap his son :D nick is dragged into drama that he doesnt seek. other ppl book him flights to france to reconnect with his ryan. but in this case brian's the man. if i had to pick a fictional brozzer, id pick him. nu musical discovery the weepies

yeah i totally hooked up with your grandpa's girlfriend :D-
you and my grandmother??! :D-

also i heart gustav

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

darth anna and the mockage side

almost forgot to update about the past couple days in my half nelson distraction. anyhoo i got whisked off to sheffield sun night when anna and her parents came to visit.

sun one episode of 'firefly' (the one which starts with nathan fillion naked in the desert...his evil ex wife etc :D), 'serenity', half of 'bring it on' (for reasons of extreme mockage and eliza dushku is hot i think)
mon second half of bring it on, futurama, 'breach'...the OC (episode with the killers in, mr flowers looks maha shmal)-(anna's a fan too :D and we both agree that ryan can act and seth/ryan bits r best blah blah) half nelson :) we did record 'insomnia' and some other movie but never got round to actually viewing...
tues (morn) bout half hr of 'high school musical' (afore mentioned mockage....way more extreme than bring it on...). train to leeds (anna got to watch the oc while i sat in a train! LOL *sob*). met suzanna who's now studying in leeds (senior frm my ug). bonded over food and movies and goss.

i should really stop telling ppl that i went to sheffield. the past few times have been pretty much actually i went to annas house and we didnt leave...the weather was shite so we had an excuse to veg. she gave me the best directions. i had to take bus frm her plc to the city and walk to the train station. sheffied was purdy. the sun was high and the rain was it wasnt cold...and things were sparkly like...and sheffield station is just surrealness. fountains, water flowing down shiny metal walls...

hehe i knew i was in sheffield when some bois on the bus were discussing snooker and the smallness of the balls vs the largeness of the pockets or some such thing...and star wars vid games... :) its fun to spy.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

why 'half nelson' is killer!

ryan gosling as dan dunne.

specifically...we meet him mid he's just the cool teacher who doesnt talk down to his students...doesnt prove to them that they have nothing to fear from each other or him blah blah it isnt sentimental. he's the guy who uses words like 'dialectics' :) his actings tres casuale, like the drug habit. its like the most normal thing...he cleans his glass coffee table with glass spray before doing lines off it :)...he's got the scruffy, skinny, stubbly (beardy) shirt wearing look down, and it just gets better thru the movie...frm untucked...and check...and the white 'u' bottomed short sleeve-ed one! he has a cat. eyes which look like marbles in the sunlight. stick up-y veins when having his arms round ppl...never ever creepy. even when he's on the floor after getting high in the locker room and she s mopping off his forehead with a paper towel. and he's holding her hand to his head...or when theyre dancing at a school thing...its very obviously concerned teacher/studenty.
good ending. realistic. satisfactory.
booti music too. broken social scene.

i have a favourite moment which shall be revealed after you watch it. and tell me urs.
there is a right ans.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

baaba day

trump lost. but it was bootiful. he made a comeback from 4-1 down to level at 4 all and then higgins won o the day has been spent hanging out with dad's friends' daughter kaavya. happy me. chilluns make me happy. conveniently id been experimenting with stencils last week and had em cut out in my she drew teddys and rabbits and commanded me to draw too...yellow stars and pink messy with paints and everything...hehe she got a lil daub of green on her nose...she doesnt seem to grow really...everytime i see her she's still small..talking more now tho...she was all fascinated by the sticky things on my window...i have these circles and an elephant and blah...she called them 'jelly bubbles' :D good day. she got all comfy with me and didnt want to stop painting :D and then i carried her down the stairs when they were leaving and all...cause her mum was carrying other things.. :)

it's so easy to make out when ppl r good with chilluns...its a good test...i tend to like ppl who know how to be around chilluns...there r some ppl who r too organised (idiots who r all omg u can only paint in the bathroom cause i dont want my neat whiiite house to get dirty) or just dont like chilluns...

Saturday, 18 October 2008


i think i have a sibling obsession. before i was watching 'dirty sexy money' just for brian (glenn fitzgerald) and i still am but i also adore the brian/nick (peter krause) scenes. them getting to know each other as (half) siblings. __all that happened between them in this episode was one look and brian giving nick his champagne glass to give to a waiter. lol. it was a great look tho. update! watched epi 2. the plot thickens! and longer scenes avec those two (in jail no less). love it.
- i love the tacky glam of the 'dirty sexy money' titles. sparkly pink. greeen. mixing fonts. so wrong everywhere else. but here apropos (i have always wanted to use that word somewhere ;)).

most of my absolute fave scenes from movies are between siblings:
  • almost famous - when anita gets their mother to tell william his real age and he's all i'm eleven!
  • billy elliot - when billy's on the bus and his brother talks to him from outside (i'm going to miss you) and billy cant hear him...
  • the myth of fingerprints - when mia (julianne moore)'s bf attacks her at the dinner table and says that she puts too much mustard on sandwiches making them 'mustard' sandwiches...and her brozzer warren (noah wyle) says that he likes her...and she's all you have're my brother...
it's probably because i dont have any :)

ps. he's not rev brian anymore. so i dont have the 'omg can i think he's a hot priest?!' thing...he made that collar look yummy. and thankfully i still find him yummy.

Friday, 17 October 2008

NOT selby's day

meh. day won (5-4) decider was super devastating. selby made a come back and made it 4-4 after being like 3-0 down or something...:'( i is heartbroken. corny jokes come to mind about the vampyr beaten by the day n shite. but am not in the mood. anyways, tomorrow:
trump vs. ronnie
day vs. cope
higgins vs. ding
carter vs. davis

all of which r much less tension than today. cause honestly i dont want any of em to win as much as i was rooting for selby. (id love for trump to win...but really does anyone see it happening? despite the genius of trump that is) the only one which am not sure bout is the higgins/ding one. but u never know. i was so sure about today too.


update! tomorrow's matches!
who i think will win
/who i want to win

trump vs. higgins
(so happy! i so was not ready for him to beat ronnie. at the mid session interval, they were asking whether he'd missed the boat, letting ronnie level at 2-2 n all that...deciding frame was much excitement and tension tho. booti!)
carter vs. day (because carter is de-growing on me...when contrasted with trump who just small smiled after winning...the drama-ness of carter pains me...of course the real drama queen was peter ebdon :/)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

snooker 5

pfft. now that stephen hendry is out of the grand prix (that century was bootiful tho), i have a personal top 5 who am all for:

1. mark selby (the vampyr)

2. john higgins

3. judd trump (the hair)

4. ronnie o'sullivan

5. ali carter

judd trump is my new boi. he's 19! watched him beat joe perry yesterday. awesomeness. the long potting. the genius. wow.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

only just/a little back and forth/lately

playlist of the mo:

le fils de trois mousquetaires
the verve

its getting eerie how house is echoing my the felicia day epi right after watching dr horrible. and now house's ringtone for the team is 'MMMbop'!!!!!? the universe is trying to tell me something...anyway now trying to rem why i started on hanson was after light n rachel had this convi bout hanson...but y i dont rem...we were singing dr horrible tunes as always...talking about the lima show and walking to hyde park and they came up randomly...then i was feeling blue on sunday and started with the youtubing and podcasting which lead to me ordering the middle of nowhere cd off amazon...which hasnt arrived yet! cant wait! shit this is going to make me go fully bonkers...i must know! how hanson? why hanson? why now?

anyway...been watching the podcast in reverse it wud seem...started with 'taking the walk' and now watching 'strong enough to break'. oh man its hideous. id die if i had to deal with fools who didnt get the music and just kept saying...write more...start from scratch..we dont think you have an album..and this is after bloody 23 songs! and watching it after watching them make 'the walk' where the whole vibe is control and just happier.

rachel! if u read this...remind me.
oh wait i might have made the acapella connection...from us singing. was it that?

Monday, 13 October 2008


omg proper goosebumps all over. its so beautiful.

they are feel good. they love what theyre doing and it makes me sad and happy and want to cry like in the beatles song. because...because they are. because iv had a soft spot for this song since i first heard it...because i found this version on you tube. i want to cry. going to shower now. late at night...i have many reasons for wanting to cry...dont not not teary over it another time and maybe i will be tho...
ps. now watching the other songs they did in that concert. which was them doing their first album now acoustically. like a 10 yr anniversary perf. god. wow. harmonies. and they have podcast vids up on youtube, docu on how they made recent album. im dowloading it :D

i heart stephen

spent a nice afternoon watching snooker (with the pater...i love everything about it...the way the commentators r never wrong...the sound the balls make...the funky positions they stand in all serious when planning and making shots...impossible seeming shots going in...its like omg miracle. wow. its happy on so many levelss). gilbert vs hendry. much tension last frame. so many times i didnt want to watch. wanted hendry to win so bad. and he did. maybe some other time when dave gilbert isnt playing hendry i cud be on his side. he seems like nice boi. cute. he shud win stuff. :) but my love shud win always. then i will be happy happy happy. cute interview afterward. he made jokes. and was just...stephen hendry. :D

listening to the new keane album now. feel to loop :)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

princess sparkle

(^i heart fb graffiti)

i'm awake. but havent started working on editing the article yet. it needs shortening. :/
rachel is leaving me today. i is abandoned. first divya. now this. noooooooooooooooooooo!
i was awake at some abnormal hr this morn. pliiii called. how convenient. how wonderful. happy me. shite now am fully in the missage. i wants my girlies immediatement. and the music am listening to is not helping. tunng. just watched all the vids of yest. they r much random :D now i can say that i know marianne dashwood. she's a close personal friend, thank you very much.


yes it's pop. but it's good pop.

Friday, 10 October 2008


watched bones. finished article!

as usual the bathroom provided the necessary inspiration :D i just took a book in with me and wrote it longhand. needed a break from typing to focus the mind. i like it better than most of the stuf iv written for uni, 1. because its not in forced past tense 2. because its not in stupid third after 8 foolscap handwritten pages (sides) and 5 typed pages of notes - i have one article which i am happy with at the moment. tomorrow is another day ...i could read it again and want to killmeself ;) pressure = good. i r happy.

anyway in other news: guess who was on bones tonight!! the episode combined 2 very good things! the dog whisperer and bones. so many dogs in the epi. much love. much love for cesar too. sad epi tho...

favourite bones character: sweets.
word of the month: snarky.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


^ weird imdb trivia: Philip K. Dick claimed that footage of the film was exactly what he had envisioned when he wrote the book. However, Ridley Scott, who was notorious for having gotten exactly the visual look he wanted, claimed to have never read Dick's source novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" the weird bit: Philip K. Dick - date of death: 2nd March 1982, Blade Runner - release date: 25th June 1982. I guess he got to see advance footage or something...

my clothes have been neatly folded and put away after ages [some chucked, some to give to oxfam type things]. thats some of the kipple that my room is taken care of. this is my regular procrastination by cleaning up that precedes work that i have to do but dread mildly. i have to write this article. i get all stressed when its formal writing i.e. not fiction :S meh. iv got to get it done by tonight. it will get done :D

today's been good. dad's birthday. we had this big ganapati omam thing for the house. big not on an indian scale but in the sense that people came over to do the puja etc. iv got many grains frm ze puja to feed the birds with. some r in the garden now and the rest is in a dabba for tom. might feed the pigeons outside the leeds city art gallery tom. yay light night. fun fun.

the article that im writing is quite fun actually. its all about iconic design. but then the thoughts i have in my head which are all enthu never quite translate well when written down. things start sounding less enthu and magical and...

sunny day mostly :) i want it to be muuuch hotter tho.

almost forgot to mention my big discovery!
guess what the one republic dude's name is?! the one who looks like ryan off the OC!

you guessed it! it's RYAN! :D


makes me happy.

ps. iv just remembered the photo album things dee and me used to make for our fictional characters [we spent a lot of time on them before any story writing took place...sometimes we didnt get as far as writing the story down...] we cut out pictures from old seventeen type mags. and just used pics of diff fellows who looked a bit the same for different age ranges o the same char :) we did the same for our barbie photo albums too...i is nostalgic all suddenly.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

to sleep perchance to...

hideous dream. deepthi said that hazel [my old dog] was looking sad and wondered i went to look for her...i sit down on the pavement behind this tan dog with black ears and begin to stroke her head and she looks back and me [upside down eyes] and i realise she's not hazel [bit obvious really since hazel was white and fluffy] and then someone behind me [probably her owner] took a picture of us. then there was a bit with two babies in a pram and a crowd of people gathered round the pram...anyway i hunted and didnt find her...and just before waking up thought...its fine ill find her when i wake up...but then i woke up and the hideosity of it all struck me. no hazel. :(
i probably dreamt it because of do androids dream of electric sheep? finished it yesterday. the whole real animal vs electric sad. *shudder*

click on the frog.
search: you remind me - steve poltz

Sunday, 5 October 2008

the sony aibo scares me >_<

reading 'do androids dream of electric sheep?' which is geniunely creepy and bleak. i dont think there were electric sheep in blade runner {i dont remember the sheep anyway...} but the vibe is the same {the book is a tad bleaker} bout halfway thru. really easy reading. the title means so much more while reading. would i leave the earth if i had to {after a nuclear war and blah}? how human would i be if there was a test for that?

^ps. from ducky to alan.

Friday, 3 October 2008

the story of the weird day

1. my tights fell literally...i was wearing my long grey stripey tee and my blue dress over and my white tights...and i can feel them sliding down...and try yanking up slightly ...but then figure ok they cant slide down too far...but then they really come down almost below the dress...
i saved it by walking muuuch slowly {which i have to do anyway because my ankle's fukd} to the union and making a quick change in the loo [pants, took the dress and tights off, put scarf on...completement nu look!]
note to rachellle: i am not trying to write like stephenie meyer. it's just what happened.

2. i nearly didnt get off the train at the batley station...was engrossed in 'mort' and then suddenly i see batley out of the train window and get up and run and the doors closed...and im all gloom and doom and realise iv dropped bags go pick em up..and luckily the train conductor man was all oh do you have to get off....and he opened the door for me again! eergh i dont even want to thiink about what wudve happened otherwise...

the universe was playing with me a little bit :D at first i was amused by the tights incident cause i saved it...but by the end o the day i needed my houmous and pitta to make things right again :)

the end