Wednesday, 17 February 2010

danny duoshade recommends...

music needs context wot?
here i am listening to my chemical romance. on a gerard way trip.
and knowing it's comic book influenced totally changes the way im listening to it...
so if id listened to iggy pop/the stooges before reading please kill me
..or read young liars before my bowie phase...
it would've been so different..

i wouldnt have got the 'spiders from mars' reference.

would i still have liked any of it? or did the order of things make me love them?

coincidence or magic?

like this but gold and giant

went to 'travelling man' yesterday and 'forbidden planet' today, in my quest to own more 'casanova', 'the umbrella academy' and 'young liars'. anyhoo when i was sitting on the floor poring over the 50p bins... both days, both places... the people who work there were conversing about ordering things online which arrive/dont arrive, or arrive (really) late.. and refunds. just something i noticed, that made me happy :)

the other thing that made me happy today-
was in leeds city art gallery and they've put down a carpet and cushions in the middle of one of the rooms and a couple remarked on it then went and plonked themselves down on it. s'what i love about art galleries (in the uk) you can totally chill and talk/art watch. rem when i sat in the serpentine gallery staring at this giant metal gold (half) balloon which covered an entire wall (protruding out) for ages. it was called 'moon' or something.

*the eternal conflicts of the cosmic warrior

_fabio moon

Thursday, 4 February 2010


this is the story of a day that started off well and then became rather shit. i feel emo and vent-y right now. and then i think it started to feel like me just blabbering on about random stuff. didnt feel like a conversation or like anyone was listening. and then we watched 'up in the air' at the light. and it's a downer. it goes dark places. which usually i like. and then it snowed. and now im super grumpy. the end. i did get myself a new wallet tho. basic. brown. like chocolate. i like. i microwaved some baileys cheesecake which the box says you have to defrost at room temp for 3 hrs. 5 mins on defrost does the trick tho. didnt help. feel like i should be in a dark room with the smiths on. it's early but bed is the place for me i sense. end of whine. thank you.