Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tom Chiarella, our Chiarella

just read the esquire article about Franco in the magazine i've had for ages. got the mag. ripped out the full page black and white glossy of the man. it went on my wall.

on my wall
finally read the article. it makes james franco seem really normal and the writer seem like the "semi-academic hipster artist" who's watched dead poets society one too many times (uses the phrase "Franco, our Franco" to death). what i'm getting to is that it's less about franco and more about tom chiarella. maybe i should google him.

ohhh he's got a wiki page. he's a somebody then.

"Born Rochester NY (1961), he received a BA in Studio Art/Writing at St. Lawrence University, 1983, and an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Alabama (1987)."

man! he is a semi-academic hipster artist. mind is blown. i cannot take this guy seriously. XD

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


totally awesome work wise!
(fingerscrossed for presentation at meeting tomorrow.)

listening to
(in anticipation of seeing them live at the end of october.)

a storm of swords

least favourite character (so far)
tywin lannister
(shit father, shit man. just all round unpleasant.)

favourite character (so far)
tyrion lannister
(he's the only one i can't imagine dying on me.)

last watched
glee - s3e1
(made me want to listen to musicals again. the old time ones. cole porter!)

least favourite character (in the ep.)
quinn fabray
(skank quinn is not working for me, baby mama quinn was the best.)

favourite character (in the ep.)
(weirdly) rachel berry
(i just love her ok?)

Monday, 5 September 2011

the blogger

weirdly me and divya had the exact same thought (but separately): if aliens used blogs as research they could easily misunderstand and imagine that all blogs are written by one person. because all blogs have the same pattern of "fuck my life" followed by "life epiphany" followed by "i have thought deeply on such and such" and then it loops around - with a grand tone of discovery! like we've just found hadrons or a new continent. it's like there's this unwritten book on how to blog that we've all had conditioned into us. this very post could be written by absolutely anyone/everyone/no one. i sound super intellectual and profound right? right?? :P

(click the link to read divya's version)