Monday, 24 October 2011

didnt get to do #airporttweetz

oh dude... so many airport thoughts. maybe it was the willy mason soundtrack to the whole thing. but it was this thought that humans are easy to figure out. we all stress about shit. and travelling sucks. it's hard. you have to remember a million things. carry the right id. the right stamp on the right ticket. be there on time. the right flight. the right day. and you deal with it. with all the shit of the delayed flights, the wrong train compartment, waitlisted tickets... and it's mostly dealing with people. who you can convince into helping you out. who the right person is (in the situation) to rely on. and sometimes some people are just so gorram nice. we're all in the same travel hell and just want to help out. just because the day has sucked, it doesnt mean you cant help someone with a bag or just commiserate.

feel the pain. hell yeah! (swearing to compensate for random sentimentality)

ps. goa airport. the scene: waiting for boarding to begin. vijay mallya walks in. people fucking stand up and hush down. he is the man. also kingfisher has smooth pilots. so good. it was like "what? we've landed? that was it? chill".

the amazing life

my life this past week has been very the amazing race. oh that show. that classic classic show. which is about life and people and relationships and the way things can break down under the pressure of constant travel. the drama's all built in. and it takes a special sort of person to just chill and be zen about it. surely the person you're with is more important than winning a silly game.

which brings me to this andrew-garfield-looking-shorts-wearing boy i saw at the bangalore airport today [Note: i thought i was going goa to chennai direct but it turns out..NO. drama!] he was reading his paper. looking zen. a totally gibberish sounding announcement happened. he puts his paper down. listens in a half intent/half amused way. shrugs in a "that must not have been anything to do with me" way. and happily goes back to reading his paper. so chill. so sane. casually waves to his check-shirt-and-hipster-glasses friend...

and that is where i shall end the tale of the boy and his paper. one cute boy observed. one giant conclusion reached.

Monday, 3 October 2011

cynic who?

every time i meet one of my dad's friends i come away with the same feeling of incredulity at just how different we are. the theme of the evening seemed to be his feeling that i'm too much of a cynical realist who doesn't believe that bad things in the world can change. this is true. politicians suck. people die. 

but i can see how he's a different sort of cynic about life. he doesn't get excited about things in the way that i do. i constantly exclaim over bands/music (pulp!), songs (superfreak - rick james/the hanson+meiko cover), human ability (radiolab podcast: a 4-track mind), good stories (moffat's timey-wimey doctor who), characters (river song!), people (ryan gosling!)… i fangirl over everything. of late i've been sending songs and links his way. and his reaction is mostly: meh. 

him: yes i listened to/saw it. *shrug* 
and i'm all: it was awesome right?! 

then he changes the subject. :)

i recommend:
podcast: psycomedia (rather entertaining/british/funny psychology podcast)
fanfic: dalton - cp coulter (glee-fic)
show: doctor who