Monday, 30 March 2009

All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together. _Kerouac

Reading Feluda [i want a brozzer who i can call 'da' except im not bengali so that would be a tad insane :)] stories and 'On the Road' ...i live in dreams of Varanasi in black and white and hitching my way across the american wilderness [in technicolour] ...real life is more adventures of bus riding...the mad passengers, the madder conductors [some are very nice and make the men vacate seats for the ladies, others are permanently annoyed and make a big fuss about having to give change] followed by having not much to do at work. still waiting for mine own computer. today i wikipedia-ed kerouac and the beats and benzedrine and soumitra chatterjee. is he yummy or is he yummy? far yummier than kerouac. he does write yummily tho [on the road needs a soundtrack, id choose nada surf, clem snide and conor's latest]. i want to travel and write and travel and write.

Monday, 23 March 2009

La fille de joie est belle...

my french movie love continued on the flight [heathrow to bangalore] there was this funky movies on demand thing where u get to choose from a larger selection of movies and i chose the 2 french ones :) 'la vie en rose/la mome' et 'Il y a longtemps que je t'aime' and now instead of words i shall let them [mostly] speak for themselves.

marion avec the voice of edith piaf makes me cry.
kristin scott thomas is amazing.
and finalement my favourite bit of dans paris [another christophe honore movie-gawd he's genius!]

Thursday, 19 March 2009

#you saw her bathing on the roof/her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you#

i watched the watchmen.


superhero sex [to the sound of leonard cohen's hallelujah! -choir and all] is hilarious [take my word for it, funnier than puppet sex] yes its pretty darn cheesy [good cheesy] in the comic but this was just over the top belly laugh material..mostly because of the song [hallelujah sex! and all that...]. way to highlight the cheese :) but it was also one of the moments where i agreed with the song choice. it worked with the moment. added to the mood. there were some bits which really did not need the over the top *cough* commerical number...
good movie. not the book. the book is better. duh.
ps. comic book sex is hot. it was only cheesy because it involved dan and laurie.

book/movie laurie annoys me. ^just a thought. less annoying XD more entertaining.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

man bag - a bag for men

the results are in:
man bags - 60
backpacks - 60
duffels - 5
no bag - 35
random survey time!
was thinking about things ill miss when im in hair brushed into eyes hairstyles and man bags! which led to me sitting outside the union counting off the number of fellows with man bags, duffels, backpacks and sans bag. refer photograph below for my definition of a man bag. basically not a briefcase with a strap. a bag specifically made for men to carry like a hand bag. on one shoulder. as opposed to a bag for the back. hee i did see a coupla guys with really girly man bags. really borderline handbag affairs. mostly the duffellers were the sporty sorts but one...looked big enough for a gun. s'all im saying. and lots of guys seem not to have the need to carry stuff about at all.
to continue: man bags range from plain cloth ones (sometimes with badges on), lovely worn leather ones, ishtyle colourful ones with vespas and rainbows on... ohh and the important part! only men carry man bags. i could buy a man bag and carry it around. but then it would cease to be a man bag.

so does the sort of bag you carry say anything about you (other than the amount of stuff you have/need) requires further in depth study i say!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

really? his name is...Chuck?

just watched a random episode of gossip girl...and omg the voice over. it's like audio commentary for the blind. except you know that they didnt make it for the blind audience. so then it becomes this thing that points out exactly what you've just seen in case you're so warped you cant read between the lines anymore or even see what's right in front of's very psychological and disturbing...yet it makes you want to watch more. and the ending! xoxo gossip girl. which makes it even more of a 'thing' ...this mildly robotic entity who knows better than you do. who wants you to question your handle on the reality of the show. ohh it has so many layers.

Friday, 13 March 2009

kevin smith - so best!

just watched zack and miri make a porno [see that title works on so many levels! it's like i was there ;)]. anyhoo superman and mac boy - otp!

[aaand that was almost a twitter :D]

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Who's got the high score on ninja ropes?

_______some hammer love.

listening to commentary the musical [now iv started looping it ;)]'s very listenable to. went shopping. got sick of it real fast. what sort of shopping centre doesnt have a bookstore?? so i hit hmv and primark [but cudnt find the wallets] and then just got percy piglets and a blt bagel and sat down with my book [almost done with smoke and mirrors, one story left. god is neil genius or what!?]

and now a story
[the story of my dream...iv just decided to type up my dreams as writing practise *shrug*...'se'? 'ce'?]

Everything whooshes by. This is me in traffic now. It's headed right at me. What are we doing? I'm on a skateboard. Facing oncoming traffic. In Bangalore. I guess I can skate. I'm not falling off. I've got company. Now we're in a bus/train. Me and him. Now I'm watching. Where did I go? Who's she? She's trouble. Flash. I see the future. She doesn't lead to good things. He's not meant to fall for her. But he will. It's what happens. Happened. Thats the end of the good. No more skateboard. Let the personality/soul suckage begin. While i watch.
Now I'm naked. Are these my breasts? They look funny.

dreams are weird. *shrug*

also i had a weird stomach ache for a bit, which i thought was a hunger pain. then i had the bagel and it faded but came back and now it's faded again. *shrug*

current highest ninja ropes extreme score: 40.16 yards

Sunday, 8 March 2009

squamous sunday

watching dollhouse, anticipating watching Lost tonight (altho i have seen the episode already -lafleur- it was just so yummy that it needs watching on our big ol' tv screen with popcorn and other snackables). reading smoke and mirrors.
feeling a bit grim actually. i is confuzzled in general.
Lost will probably be the highlight of the day.

Friday, 6 March 2009

suliet/jate/skate/jacket quadrangle O_O ?!!

the lost wiki shows off the hideosity of the names given to many of the pairings...the main problem is they're hybrids a la 'tomkat' *barf* and their names just dont combine well. eg: suliet, jate -WTF!
...and so here are some new ones!
[sawyer-style nicknames]
current: suliet
mine: jaffacake
because they are just so yummy...and sawyer's new name reminded me of jim jam biscuits [and the wiki reveals to me that the disturbing ben/juliet thing is called 'jujube']...anyhoo jaffa cakes are biscuit and candy. watch 'lafleur' then we can reanalyse the appropriateness of this name. you'll see.

autres...current: jate
mine: whitestripes
jack white, kate's convict they're very pale. and emo. and omg we have to go back kate. omg where's aaron? omg dont talk to me about him ok?? ok!!

current: charladay, darlotte
mine: drpepper
geek boy and red :)

current: skate
mine: heatstroke
i can has oozing hate for this pairing?
i wanted to call it sunstroke...but that had the name 'sun' in it...very misleading...this aptly describes how i feel about kate and her suckage of all the coolness out of sawyer. it's comparable to the rory/logan scenario.

this betta catch on! im going to keep using them there! ;)

ps. just realised that jaffacake vs heatstroke is a lot like cake or death[?]! hee!

Monday, 2 March 2009

those blog ideas i mentioned. theyve been shelved. for now. to quote from heathers 'LIFE SUCKS'...the status is not quo. the bell jar descends. and i do the only thing i can, wait for tomorrow and listen to music. joy division.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


blog posts swimming through my thought passageways
  • being kahlveen and playing pretend with some packaging...photoshopp'd!
  • being human - an oz/george comparison, and the symbolism of the 'glasses'
coming soon! ;)