Wednesday, 24 August 2011

wherein i review stuff:

1. Kkok-du ★★★
Korean theatre involving puppets. first i was all - meh puppets. this is going to be dull. then came the toilet humour and general south park sensibility. play - saved!

2. Success ★1/2
American play about an ad-man choosing between 2 political campaigns...kind of pointless. lacking in drama! needed to be more like the hills/entourage.

3. The Blue Mug ★★★★
Final play of the metroplus theatre festival. indian cast including Rajat Kapoor (my ultimate hot uncle crush!) and Ranbir (ex-vj Ranbir). they totally had mad acting skills. almost no set. almost no props. sad. funny. true.

4. Kull the Conqueror ★★★1/2
Kevin Sorbo from back when Kevin Sorbo was everywhere! hercules makes a good kull. gaaah karina lombard is so beautiful. i spent most of the movie going: kiss! kiss! kiss! but they didnt...i guess they did at the end that i didnt watch. it was so entertaining! (for more Kevin Sorbo i reccomend Hercules and The OC!)
i'll use any excuse to have ryan atwood/ben mckenzie on here really.
weird thing: during 'success' i was visualising him as the man's unseen son

5. Entourage (the final season) ★★★★★
it's always good and should never end. 24 hr entourage please?

6. Cocktail Soundtrack ★★★★★
downloaded it because of one av undercover vid. i cannot rem which for the life of me. the members of some band said they listen to it. and it is so worth it! it's party party party man! chris baio would listen to it.

7. Shobana's Krishna ★★★
21/2 hours is way too long for a dance-drama thing. but it was really well done, picturesque. plus there was the added hilarity of mathi and other stray factory man being in it, doing a lot of nodding and standing uber straight. then he died all dramatically.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

active vs. passive

when i was agnostic i didn't spend a lot of time thinking about religious people. now that i'm an atheist i think about it quite a bit. what is it that people do when they pray? what/who do they pray for? why do they do it so much? do they genuinely believe that god favours them because they do? is it for self satisfaction or some sort of benefit? if a religious person stopped praying actively, would they then assume god thinks about them less? (what would passive prayer be? lol-ing at the "praying actively" in my previous sentence.)

the scary side of "ask and ye shall receive" what? so what if you just don't ask.

religious people must also wonder how atheists survive without god and prayer and all the belief. i do fine. i am thankful for top gear and entourage and for people to watch them with. people i actually want to hang out with. i dont miss having the possibility of god (i never really thought that was good possible answer anyway). i miss people.

also we had a long convi today about listening to lyrics vs listening to music. realised later that we split the two up during the discussion but you can't really do that when listening. even if you dont absorb the meaning of the lyrics, you still hear the voice of the singer. it's not like listening to a karaoke track at all. it's instruments plus voices.