Friday, 22 February 2008

Spontaneous Human Combustion, Samphire and...

...Calvin HarriS!

was in the bathroom when had a thought overflow which needed to be put down in blog form. because i have become v blog obsessed all of a sudden. probly cause im getting back into writing. have an idea for a childrens story as well as the first draft written for a short story...finally! so it's not the country after all...had this theory for a while that i could only write in madras. which makes sense in a way...cause i look around and get loads of not so much...but im back!SHC aka. Spontaneous Human Combustion was something id never considered until Buffy [proof that tv is educational!]...and its something which has been at the back of my mind...and recently i watched a teeny bit of some show on tv [along the lines of brainiac..but not...more a docu than a show] there was this bloke and he had on many diff clothing items, like rubber gloves and some shiny boiler suit thing...and he did this vigorous omg ants are attacking me body thing...and created statics and electricity and then tried to recreate an actual SHC incident...basically the static alone cudnt cause SHC but then he sprayed a shirt with hair spray and then used a metal rod to transfer the charge frm his body to the shirt...and it caught fire! so kewl [the physics not the death]! [she had sprayed her hair with spray before she combusted or something...]

Samphire - a new veggie! and by new i mean i only heard bout it on masterchef recently...i love masterchef! best judges ever! so cute! anyhoo tis a veg that the contestants tend to make beds of..for to place some fishes on dishes that i probly wudnt eat cause they'd taste fishy..i fully only [mostly] like fishes cooked indian style...chilli powder and more chilli powder! [been having weird cravings today, now i want dosa and fish curry...before was drooling at the thought of cakes 'n' bakes's this really home made sort of pizza....v anti dominoes! even the cheese has this specific cakes 'n' bakes flavour...]

Calvin Harris' 'the girls' is not sexist! was having a convi with a friend bout how i dont usually like techno like songs [acc to this article its electro!] but loove calvin harris songs...when she was all erm think he's a bit now i am going to ask you to consider the lyrics as well as the video...also look at his face! now i must quote 'knocked up'...theres this bit where the main dude looks at paul rudd's face and is all how can you argue with this face? you just want to grab it and kiss it...[paraphrasing]

  1. the face!
  2. okies so he says in the lyrics that he likes all sorts of girls which is happy in the non judgemental he's not only after hot model types...
  3. and plus the song is like a warning that theres a possibility of him messing around with other girls...which makes him honest...n not a hypocritical shtud boi...
  4. just watch the video!
  5. google defines sexist thus. so basically its to do with discrimination...and the song is pritty much anti-discrimation ;P
  6. plus there are songs like promiscuous girl around...and that daft avril lavigne thing: hey hey you you i dont like ur girlfriend...*gags*

Thursday, 21 February 2008

arctic monkeys and duck!

loved it loved it! after the grammys which i was weirdly disinterested in [other than alicia et mayer...but there wasnt enuf of him in it!! more mayer...more mayer+alicia! more chilluns! not that there are any now ;) *hinting madly*] ...the BRIT awards were mooost looverly...think mebbe cause of the pre awards madness on radio one: the joss stone lottery...did she turn up this year? was she sporting a funny accent?...macca and ozzy stroking edith's tum/baaba bump *aww*...

...anyhoo arctic monkeys! they won 2 awards or something! so genius...they were randomly dressed in some hunterly outfits of yesteryear...complete with wooden duck...and the only thing i remember frm their thankyous is: we are the arctic monkeys! LOVE! how awesome is that?

the whole thing was like a really good dinner party with the booze flowing where everyone knows everyone... like just a nice drunken buzz haze thing... lol the klaxons went on drunk [avec rhianna...all in eqyptian gear for some reason...] more random info frm radio 1.

i know i had more to say! just it was really bootiful...and omg mark ronson is such a littal boi! he said just the best line after winning best brit male or something: iv never felt more british or male :D my sort of awards that! so happy! and the osbournes are the cutest!! jack osbourne has a niiice that how u shpell it?

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

the dreamers

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by feelings of love.

[From a speech made in Chile at the site of a statue of Che on November 28, 1971]
Men contribute to the making of history, but history also makes men.
_Fidel Castro

I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.

I do not bid you farewell. My only wish is to fight as a soldier of ideas. I will continue to write under the title 'Reflections of compadre Fidel'. It will be another weapon in the arsenal on which you will be able to count. Perhaps my voice will be heard. I will be careful.
_Fidel Castro

...castro retires. love that man...sad am i.
here are some links:

bbc article about his retirement...links to reactions to it, as well as excerpts frm his letter. grr i hate when people make democracy seem better than it is. it is a concept like any other. and flawed. as they all are.

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 5
total mind fuck that this arbidly exists in internet space. O_o

i'v got my new shades on...

bot maself some happy red framed shades frm primark today...finally a replacement after the sad loss of my booti purble shades...these make me feel all amelie [the bit where she's all: m'sieur quincampoix...follow the arrows bleu... head scarf!]

this weekend was sort of like watching a parade of hot bois in movies...they were very good movies :D but mostly everyone in them was completely hot...

  1. FRIDAY north and south [4hr bbc miniseries] - Richard Armitage, smoulders away and has the best best voice...all deep and just booti...and also has moments when u just want to cuddle bit was like last 5 mins of the last episode...where he holds her hand! thats hot! [then they kiss...but the hand holding was hotter!] ...also the plot of north and south is pride and prejudice meets billy elliot..period drama...but mr thornton [darcy replacement :D] is a cotton mill owner...and the workers strike...
  2. the history boys - hmm...many cute bois...some sample dialogue: Posner: But he doesn't understand, Irwin *does* like him. He seldom looks at anyone else.
    Scripps: How do you know?
    Posner: Because nor do I. Our eyes meet looking at Dakin.
  3. jeux d'enfants - starring the divine Guillaume Canet et Marion Cotillard...<3
  4. Macbeth [bbc, shakespeare retold] - James McAvoy and Richard Armitage - heaven! bloody movie tho...and blood doesnt usually disturb me...and i was dis-turrrbed...
  5. Midsummer Night's Dream - William Ash as James Demetrius
  6. SATURDAY taming of the shrew - Rufus Sewell - sexy ugly!
  7. cranford [nother bbc series, 6 episodes methinks..took us most of day to watch :D]
  8. les choristes <3
  9. scrubs [couple o epis]
  10. end of the man u - arsenal match! walk over! so happy me! we won 4 nil. how fucking amazing is that??!
  11. some flight of the conchords songs on you tube - my favourites are: hiphoppopotamus, she's hot like a curry...the french one!
  12. SUNDAY india-aus ODI... grr hate ponting.
  13. the dreamers....bootiful.
  14. science of sleep!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

the neverending story...

...of me and there i was googling salinger yet again...and got linked to loads of stuff...or not ...just more positive stuff, one article to be precise: Justice to J.D. Salinger by Janet Malcolm
which lead me to Matt Salinger [son] who was in revenge of the nerds! how amazing is that!! now i haave to watch it was already one of my favourite movies...and now...:D am just glee-ed and happy! other fun links: 8 great revenge movies [starting with revenge of the nerds at no 8! :D]
and now for something completely different :D

just names

Names which mean a lot to me: Seymour Glass, Buddy Glass…Michael Holme…Vivi…names in a phone book…but oh what they mean to me! And they’re fictional even…

I feel so defensive about certain characters. And I am almost masochistic in the sense that I google and find arbid and hideous, hateful, unbearable articles – reviews, critical analysis of the books that they appear in…or in particular Seymour Glass and Salinger. A lot of people seem to think a lot of completely mental [to me] things about them…

  1. some think Seymour was definitely insane
  2. some started talking about sexual perversion and there I stopped reading…
  3. some think Buddy was distorting the image of Seymour…suggesting that he was a poet, a genius when in fact he wasn’t as seen in his diaries and the sample poems…

…but how could anyone think that? Or rather maybe the question is…how come I am so willing and definitely no doubt about it believe that yes Seymour could indeed see things…and that his suicide was something that he couldn’t have avoided…that his behaviour at his wedding was just something he had to do…and that throwing that stone…I mean it made sense to me at the time…he did do it cause she was so perfect…I mean he was the person who felt that touching people left marks on him…physical marks…certain heads…her yellow dress…I definitely believe that he did indeed write the long long wise letter to his parents from camp…why would Buddy concoct a fictional letter and refer to himself in the letter…

Ok now its getting convoluted cause now I’m talking about Buddy as the author of Bananafish…which in the Salinger-Glass universe he is. The critics seem to think that Salinger was obsessed with Seymour to the point that he created this totally unrealistic character with a really boring family.

But he had me pronged from the first moment….I don’t remember what I read first…I think it was ‘Franny and Zooey’ then ‘Nine Stories’…so banafish before ‘Raise high the roof beams…’ and ‘Seymour an Introduction’…I mean everything is just so interconnected…by analysing Seymour as this insane person…that says that Buddy was delusional…and so is Booboo and everyone…

…I guess my real argument more that why would Buddy do that…it’s why would Salinger do that…why write a story and make it seem genuine while actually under the surface indicating that everyone’s being deceptive…that seems very anti him to me…I mean everything iv read by Salinger gives me this feeling of…look here’s a piece of ultimate truth…something so pure that its hard to believe one man put it down in words on an actual existing piece of paper. Like white light. Holding hands. A soft pat/stroke on the head. Touching and being touched.

And I mean that in a completely non sexual perversion way!

but oh the joy of finding someone who gets it!


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

sock attack!

grr...i just found 3 odd socks...all in dull shades of dark...socks id never buy...all in my size...i know they're not mine...its infuriating! i need to get some new cheery socks...need to make a trip to primark :D socks...some new earrings...mebbe a daft hat!

Monday, 4 February 2008

the 'object' of my affection

i am one of those people who names anything with a face...or even other faceless objects with which one has a relationship. lol now i sound like jeeves. may one be of service, sir? or is that less jeeves more annoying robin-williams-bot *shudder* continue: this blog post is about my lappie whose name is Rob. for he is a biggish laptop, muscled. and rob seemed like a manly weight lifting sort of name. rob - also the name of the bloke in high he a manly man? he is a music man...someone who makes oodles of mistakes, but who you cant help loving anyway. do i feel like that about rob? he is being slow. probably as a result of too many photos and files n things on...maybe he's in need of a defragment...anyhooo iv been calling him a patti quite a bit. and he can take a bit of yelling. and he'll fine after a tidy up. mm...other things i have recently named include: a turtle shaped candle holder [turtle bumtrinket]..hmm that seems to be about it really...not so recently..i have a wok named mr miyagi the fourth [cause the first 3 live in the karate kid movies]...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

heaven on earth - option 1

the book house
marari beach,


there's this absolute crap music on the radio now. floorfiller. well not for me it isnt. my floor gets filled when i play something more along the lines of the feeling or generator - the holloways, bangles, hip hop hard 2...omg i heard the worst thing the other day: a techno version of tiny dancer! is nothing sacred anymore? sacrilegious! it was like 2 lines frm the song, looped with this random beat behind it. that is so not cool. unrad. grotty! comes more...must switch radio off..
...ahh now this is more like it :D iv got joanna newsom on now...[three little babes] which reminds me of regina and oedipus which leads me back to the secret history, which i seem to never get out of my system...saw it again on a shelf in the local library...
if i could choose a book to live in...i might choose that one for the sake of temporary sanctuary in the periods of bliss at the country choose the beach without all the killing and drug lord types...but the safest book to choose, no changes needed wud defo be an equal music. yeah id pick that one. cause the ending leaves room to hope in. and what do you copy is missing. a small part of me is heartbroken and will be until it is safely in my hands again. my very own copy. where o where has my little book gone? does anyone know?