Monday, 30 July 2007

click click boom

just got one more chunk of the diss done...need the pressure to make me work...know what i have to work on to keep at it...or i wont finish...anyhoo tis 23.40 and i wil be going to get some shut eye after this...listening to the beginning of cancer for the cure, which is sounding v james bond right now...but i could just be cause i was watching a bit of from russia with love avec the true bond - sean connery *drool*...its also a very austin powers love how they plonked the man stroking the kitty into powers...myers and seth green awesomeness together! truly! cancer for the cuuure...methinks i am not meant to watch secretary[maggie gyllenhaal *drooldroooldroooooool*] on tv as i type this...but obv i didnt watch it, cause i had diss work to finish off...must to watch in india if i can find it when i go in aug...cannot wait! need to go home to chillax and lounge and avoid the nervous breakdown that threatens mine brainne.

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