Thursday, 7 May 2009


bus-tiquette |busˈtikit; -ˌket|
the customary code of polite behavior on a bus or among commuters utilising the vehicular conveyance commonly known as a bus.
a crash course!
what not to do ...on a bus.

  1. do not take up more room than you require. occupying a space more suited for three of you while blocking the area so that others may not gatecrash is a strict no no.
  2. squashing between two people who are seated with a healthy gap between them (albeit on a seat intended for three) when there are empty seats available by the dozen - bad form.
  3. your knees and feet must face in the direction of the seat and not project into the aisle.
  4. falling into people when the bus lurches is allowable provided you look like you're trying not to. insert apologetic grimace/smile/word here.


rachellle said...

Is there a particular reason for this post?

pave said...

lol i was the victim of crimes 1,3 and 4 today :D

rachellle said...

I see. I have problems with my internet connection, btw, but I will write you a loooong email as soon as it's fixed.

pave said...

*swears lustily at the foibles of teh interweb*

jane eyre said...

When are you gonna update again? I need something to reeaaad! I'm too lazy to concentrate on Charlotte Brontë.

pave said...

whyyy are you reading charlotte bronte? always remember the truth that is contained in this fry and laurie sketch:

[Stephen enters a bookshop. Hugh is the assistant. Stephen stares at Hugh for a long time]

[holding up a book]

Stephen: Did you write this?

[examining book]

Hugh: Jane Eyre. No, that was Charlotte Brontë as a matter of fact.

Stephen: Right. Well, I'd like to see her then please.

Hugh: I'm afraid she's no longer with us.

Stephen: Oh? Indeed? I can hardly say I'm surprised. Where can I get in touch with her?