Thursday, 4 February 2010


this is the story of a day that started off well and then became rather shit. i feel emo and vent-y right now. and then i think it started to feel like me just blabbering on about random stuff. didnt feel like a conversation or like anyone was listening. and then we watched 'up in the air' at the light. and it's a downer. it goes dark places. which usually i like. and then it snowed. and now im super grumpy. the end. i did get myself a new wallet tho. basic. brown. like chocolate. i like. i microwaved some baileys cheesecake which the box says you have to defrost at room temp for 3 hrs. 5 mins on defrost does the trick tho. didnt help. feel like i should be in a dark room with the smiths on. it's early but bed is the place for me i sense. end of whine. thank you.


Divya said...

watched up in the air yest too! what dyu think of it now? i liked it much. same female as in rocket science. :D
haven't watched lost yet tho... will be downloaded in bout an hour.

pave said...

it was good :) i actually liked how it didnt get all cliched and end up with a happy happy ending. plus i totally did not expect the SPOILER ALERT female to be marriaged.
thought she looked super familiar, just could not place.. had to imdb and find out.
what did u think of rocket science? i so want to see it again now.

歡唱 said...
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洋裝 said...
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