Monday, 20 September 2010

sigree dinner

this was going to be a post about how life is a cliche.
was watching 'suburban girl' this daft movie with sarah michelle gellar in. and icky alec baldwin. but anyway. she was blue and there were cds scattered behind her on the floor...setting the blue mood i guess...lots of elliott smith and there she was reading blubber by judy blume. and i've done that. listened to elliott smith on repeat. does everyone?

but now i think it has to be about how awesome my evening was :) dad's friend's son's birthday. didnt realise it was going to be such a big thing. ginormous gaggle of people at this restaurant. anyhoo it was awesome even before we got inside. we were trying to get in the parking...and this car was retardedly going the wrong way on the road...(retarded!!) and suddenly out comes bharath uncle wandering into the road to randomly direct traffic! (asked him about it later...says he does it sometimes. just. directs buses even he said :D)

so yeah we get to the restaurant. say our happy birthdays. and when bharath uncle appears..he's in conversation with dad's friend. and the one who's birthday it was and me were looking on. and bharath uncle turned around and saw me and mid sentence stopped and said 'what a pleasure!' or something to that effect. turned back around and continued with an indecipherable conversation. totally hilarious! ...the evening continued in this manner. uncle was amused with the way i cleared my plate. called it 'professional' :) i am not one of those people who cant take a compliment. i love a good compliment. the odder the better. and one that's truly meant. it gets me. (also i had some 6 gulab jamuns - was that sort of night)

i dig knowing people. i dig knowing the way they are. and anticipating the funny. when someone's prepping to make this dramatic statement. and you know it's coming. that is the best moment.

also also highlight of the evening! bharath uncle and ppl singing happy birthday in sa re ga ma. absolutely classic! how can any present top that? lucky! ..and better yet at the end of the evening. my old piano master commented that uncle went into a minor chord during it :D not done! lolol!

also vasundhara das was at the next table. so pretty! and and more people came up to rishi to ask for pictures and whether he's on fb than even realised she was there i think!


rchlll said...

she appeaaaarrrrrs compoooosed, so she iiiis, i suppoooose.

the god of angst. :p

pave said...

i miss you! x

rchlll said...

i miss you too! i'll write you a loooooonnngg email soon, promise!