Sunday, 20 February 2011


flipping channels on tv. furry winter coats suit vin diesel raaather nicely #tripleX. amanda peet is in #BladeII with ashton kutcher?! hahahahaa XD anyhoo earlier today i was watching something even sillier: the time traveler's wife. it has got to be the most logic-lacking fantasy (not scifi) movie. it makes less sense than jack frost.

what they have in common:

1) there is no logic. why is his dead dad a snowman now? why is the time traveler time travelling? movie answer: genetics. (this is why his daughter is also a time traveler *eyeroll*) riiiiiight. the real answer is: *shrug* because!
2) but they both made me cry. more 'cause im a sap than it actually being good.

there are worse movies tho: timeline *shudder* / spiderman 3 (oh the horror!) emo-spiderman is the silliest of all plotlines.

*continues watching tripleX*

"These guys attack those guys. Those guys invade these guys. Soon, whole world implodes!" #actualdialogue

this would be why i love this movie so much.


rchlll said...

oh, spiderman 3. so much lulz!

if you want to watch another stupid movie with no logic i can recommend splice. ^^

pave.m said...

haha (just imdb'dit) hybrid humans! i can only imagine the hilarity that ensues :D its always fun when good actors decide to be in bad movies.