Monday, 18 July 2011


starbucks, the light
typical leeds weather - random bouts of rain. my first ever cake pop. summer of the (mocha) frappuccino. i dig that their branding extends to the straws and not so much the walls. i dig views of road: people walking by, knowing what's to the left and the right of this particular view...

nation of shopkeepers, bang opp. red chilli 
red chilli sucks now btw. new chef or whatever. i was disappointed in the beijing hot wok lamb. no more fiery little red chillis *pfft*. but nation of shopkeepers - i love this place. dont think it existed back when i actually lived/hung about leeds. lovely chill grunge vibe. and that was some super buttercream frosting right there. made the cake. i make better banana cake but it was so so worth it. 


susie r said...

Aah, now I have Leedstalgia! I haven't been back there in ages and ages, now.

Nation of Shopkeepers is cool.

pave.m said...

yeah it's so chilled out! stupid that i discovered it so late. hows the USA treating you? :)