Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tom Chiarella, our Chiarella

just read the esquire article about Franco in the magazine i've had for ages. got the mag. ripped out the full page black and white glossy of the man. it went on my wall.

on my wall
finally read the article. it makes james franco seem really normal and the writer seem like the "semi-academic hipster artist" who's watched dead poets society one too many times (uses the phrase "Franco, our Franco" to death). what i'm getting to is that it's less about franco and more about tom chiarella. maybe i should google him.

ohhh he's got a wiki page. he's a somebody then.

"Born Rochester NY (1961), he received a BA in Studio Art/Writing at St. Lawrence University, 1983, and an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Alabama (1987)."

man! he is a semi-academic hipster artist. mind is blown. i cannot take this guy seriously. XD


susie r said...

Dude, did I just see you on Covered? Nice one! The cover looks great.

pavithra muthalagan said...

yes! danke! omg you found it randomly :) this is the one place i hadnt linked to it from. cool! you should submit one!