Monday, 3 October 2011

cynic who?

every time i meet one of my dad's friends i come away with the same feeling of incredulity at just how different we are. the theme of the evening seemed to be his feeling that i'm too much of a cynical realist who doesn't believe that bad things in the world can change. this is true. politicians suck. people die. 

but i can see how he's a different sort of cynic about life. he doesn't get excited about things in the way that i do. i constantly exclaim over bands/music (pulp!), songs (superfreak - rick james/the hanson+meiko cover), human ability (radiolab podcast: a 4-track mind), good stories (moffat's timey-wimey doctor who), characters (river song!), people (ryan gosling!)… i fangirl over everything. of late i've been sending songs and links his way. and his reaction is mostly: meh. 

him: yes i listened to/saw it. *shrug* 
and i'm all: it was awesome right?! 

then he changes the subject. :)

i recommend:
podcast: psycomedia (rather entertaining/british/funny psychology podcast)
fanfic: dalton - cp coulter (glee-fic)
show: doctor who

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