Monday, 7 May 2007

last days

gues i'll start with that...just watched last days - gus van sant.
i think i lowe all of his movies that iv seen so far...good will hunting, elephant, this one...and i think he made finding forrester...elephant was better than last days i think...but last days is more...well hard to watch it about right..doesnt mean its bad, images and bits will stay with me the back of my's just obscure and vague and rambly [i lowe rambly] to the point where one shot is so so long...and you know you should be looking at at so and so...but you watch the leaves and the way the wind is blowing...and you listen to the little was good.
mmm what hair smells of vibudhi from the big blue lush bath i had on friday...either im demented and imagining it or it lingers...stil. smell is a wonderful thing...i was using this coconut lotion and when i smell myself i think of butter biscuits. i crave em. and after the fri bath...iv washed my hair twice...on sun and today...and i used this minty oil really i shudnt be able to...
am living in this strange place [not literally]...the room was dark when i was watching...and it was something to do with the curtains being drawn...and the light and one wall looked like it was wallpapered with vertical stripes of orange and white and blue...and my curtains are red...but there is a blue wall...beyond...the outside wall of the other block is blue...

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