Sunday, 3 June 2007

i wanna have your babies

:) ha ha i saw so many posters with that on around leeds last month - with natasha looking cute. i likes her. its like lets be floopy n not care song. was reading the wiki entry for it...some critic nits said something bout how she s trying to shed her good lil girl image with the provocative song n vid..and i was like wtf! no! c'mon the whole song is bout how she thinks this stuf which she doesnt say...n it some full fantasy song...and its bout having baabas...provocative? i dont know. ppl r just the dement n dont know what they r saying most o the time as far as i can see. anyhoo i do think that she s the only one who cudve sung this song and made it work and made it cute..anyone els in the vid wud be so slappable! like imagine beyonce or someone...ergh..

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