Monday, 11 June 2007


mmm i know i wanted to write a long blabbery full of spoilers mind drain of lost season 3 related thoughts...where to begin.. ben is bledy creepy...i wudnt want to dream about that man...and the gandhi glasses...noooo! and even as a boi...i know he had a demented father...but he s not esp nice to that rabbit of his...just a creepy vibe...that he so cheerfully killed his father..and many people...i want a gas mask...they look so insanely cool...alex is hot...i wonder if she's french..wud go with my french chick lowe...watching waking life the delpy hawke a diff version of circumstances in the dream alternate reality...jesse n celine r meant to be...nikki n paulo buried alive is the stuf that nightmares r made of...mmm n sawyer killing sawyer was so star wars jabba-ness...strange how i dreamt up that lost-starwars crossover thing.. mmm stil dont like jack...and kate is a nit...and wtf he's all like im sticking up for sawyer cause i love you...but oh yeah i randomly go about kissing juliet whenever i want... and kate is all like oh yeah am using sawyer and think nothing of it... and he just gets better n better, he didnt really want to kill locke's dad but it was locke's fault and ripping up the letter was just too too ergh...and the initiative dudes referring to sawyer as expendable now cause his story's concluded is just shite...i miss charlie...but omg not penny's boat friggin genius...charlie saved the day! and i love dezzie more n more...dezzie n sawyer completely the best! and penny is so way more beeyootiful than bai ling!!
i wonder who naomi works for...and ben cannot be a good guy...the others r evil...and i dont think mikhail is dead, if he survived spear gun..he can survive grenade! for sure! sooo glad locke isnt dead! the return of walt! noice! not a major michael fan...i dont think juliet looks that much like sarah to be honest...russo/alex moment was good...hate that there be revealing flashbacks then annoying...the nadia moment in charlie's hero flashback - #2 on the list? ...missed nadia...sayid is so much better with shannon out of the picture...but i do like how shannon and boone made appearances in the nikki paulo epi...omg richard alpert is luis as revealed to me by the genius that is imdb! suddenly its richard! and suddenly he's there again looking as dashing as ever...unaged...stil wearing the ol' mascara/eyeliner ;)
what is the deal with jacob? and the black smoke? and the flashes? and penny? where does penny come in? why r all the dads conked...other than charlie's o course...omg claire is jack's half sister! who died in the flash forward? one o the initiative dudes said the name in the paper started with 'j'...not sawyer cause most prob kate was going home to him...or not! she be stupid nit. n she doesnt deserve him...leaves locke or juliet i guess...and obv kate wudnt go it twas juliet i dont think...but id expect ppl to go for locke...more n just jack anyhoo...he's not some hateable dude...naomi's dead no? how did goodwin die? he died in season 2 right? i dont rem how tho...the juliet goodwin relationship is quite creepy...cause goodwin and ethan both make my skin crawl. ethan more so tho. ethan is so so scary. as scary as ben.
ooh brainwash room was the kewlness! biscuit! ohh the u speak to me as though i am your brother was soooo conked...not a nice way to die at all...but i did like the whole i do not ask for forgiveness for i have not sinned...i did what i could do with the life i was given. i get that. he had to do it...most of them when they kill someone on the show r forced into the sun colleen thing...excellent...ur not a killer...i know you...*steps forward* bang!

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