Friday, 16 May 2008

baby you can drive my car and maybe i'll love you

listening to the beatles. everything you need to know about life is encapsulated in each and every beatles song i say. and i dont mean the meaning of life is contained in all the songs put together. i mean any beatles song taken by itself is everything. says everything. let me pick an arbid song to demonstrate. perfect: 'drive my car' is playing now.

if i explain what i mean that wil spoil the point a bit. like the zen thing. words cannot express a thing as well as the thing itself can. so listen. watch. and all shall be revealed.


penny lane said...

Nice beard, McCartney. XD
I didn't realize he's left-handed until now.

r. chanticleer said...

srsly what?

ranulph said...

It's truuuuue, it's truuuuue. Or maybe I knew and had forgotten. :p