Wednesday, 7 May 2008

recycling idea 1

what u need: plastic mesh packaging [that onions, plums, peaches, nectarines etc come in]
to make: plastic dish scrubber [like the wire wool kind except gentler and equally effective]
  • take 2 of the mesh packaging things which wudve otherwise gone in the bin
  • cut out any metal bits for they could scratch the lovely Teflon surfaces etc
  • lay one on top of the other and put a knot in the middle
  • continue making knots until it looks as follows

  • maintenance: tighten after washes [if needed] by pulling on the end bits

ps. memorised 'as i walked out one evening' by w.h. auden [wystan hugh! how awesome...] then half way through the lines started sounding really familiar and i could hear this voice declaiming it all deep like and remembered that it was ethan hawke imitating a recording in before sunrise :) now that's two auden poems in genius movies.

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