Friday, 22 August 2008

pre trip origami

making a mess of packing...well not literally...cause i have to pack neatly or my finicky self will start to growl. but just taking ages over it. have that am forgetting something major feeling...stil got to fit my laptop in, and towels...toiletries...wires n things...socks! must not forget socks! the most important thing other than underwear :) even the thought of having to wear someone else's socks makes me shudder a ok if i know and like the person who's socks they r..maybe.

reading: the mating season - wodehouse [brief mention of my darling pongo!]
listening to: velvet goldmine inspired playlist [bowie/iggy pop/brian eno/t rex...]
must be off to din now. cheerio!

1 comment:

Divya said...

you wouldn't want to wear mine! they'r developing holes at the heels, plus you would never find a pair!