Friday, 1 August 2008

holy lamborghini batman!

he he i finally watched the dark knight [on imax, only some scenes were imax but the switch was v smooth]! and now i can delve into the madness that is imdb trivia and many geeky blogs. ranging from simple glee to i love the internet! :D and now to add my own ranting and raving to the mix: SPOILERS AHEAD! DUH!

some good shit off imdb.

  • He [heath ledger] was also given Alan Moore's comic "Batman: The Killing Joke" and "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" to read. [i was totally thinking of the killing joke while watching the movie...]
  • Christian Bale is credited with playing "Bruce Wayne" but not "Batman" in the final credits.
everything was perfection. esp heath ledger's clapping in 3 year old fashion. so good. ace. everything went up a notch. like bruce wayne. omg like that is oblivious playboy to the max. going off with the entire ballet. helicopters. an excess of fake perks. especially the lamboghini bit. where they're all do you know what u just did? and he's all i was just trying to beat the was killer! i mean i dont think any batman movie before batman begins ever considered that...he got compensated by being rich. but here it's pretty lose lose.

ha ha imdb confirms it! nicky katt was indeed in the movie! uncredited stupidly. which made me doubt my powers of observation. i got all hmm he's not on the list...was that not nicky i going blind? :D
other casting delights for me were nestor carbonell [about 4.31 for batmanuel!] aka richard alpert as the mayor, the return of cillian murphy and anthony michael hall as the reporter...i was much gleed :D
and and the blonde boy was indeed the one who was also in babel.

past batman flicks, what went wrong.
to start off i find that i havent watched the 1943 one. to continue, the casting just killed the movies really. i mean michael keaton/val kilmer/george clooney as batman? what were they thinking...on a believability level - i think little kids could take keaton in a fight. and val kilmer's acting. let's not go there. it's pretty non existent. and clooney is just too happy. and hopeful. not dark at all. he's mr pediatrician. they didnt even really access his inner suave bad boy [as seen in the oceans movies]. chris o donnell is not a superhero [he is cute tho]. fullstop. alicia silverstone kicked his ass in every possible way. cher off clueless wud kick his ass with her platforms.
villains - nicholson [goodish], de vito [bad], pfeiffer [love her in anything], carrey [silly], lee jones [sillier], shwarzenegger [cant get past the accent], thurman [good costume...]
the only one i actually enjoyed was the tv series. for sheer silliness. the thuds! bangs! ka-pows! and the corny dialogue. holy ravioli! robin ftw!

ps. a conversation.
me: i dont know why but i get my kicks from the knowledge that this is the first batman movie to be made without the word 'batman' in the title!
the mater: what's it called?
me: the dark knight!
the mater: with an 'n'?...
me: no. with a 'k' didn't i make that obvious? the way i said it i mean...the dark Knight! as opposed to the dark Night...?
the mater: no.

looks like i overestimated the power of my own voice...:D


rachellle de llla france said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH I need to see it!!!

You have to say 'knnnnnnnigget,' you empty-headed animal food trough wiper!

rchlll said...

(lol comment spam)

The 1960s series FTW! Pure, unbelievably camp genius. ^^