Wednesday, 29 April 2009

On dusty nowhere roads you hitch yourself a ride

"I take sweets from strangers
You got a car then let's take a ride
Wanna see some places, gotta make some changes
Gotta do some living tonight, I'm not shy"
_"sweets" - m. craft

a really nice thing happened yesterday. i was waiting on the flyover, attempting to cross the road. when a lady who'd been on the bus with me offered me a lift since she was going to airport road too. saved me from crossing, i was all gleed at the niceness of the universe.

get home. talk to the mater on the phone. and she freaks out. in the omg do not trust strangers manner. and i was all but...but...she was nice...and non creepy..and it was..nice.

we have different philosophies. i like to believe/pretend that the world is a nice place and if you dont trust and take chances then you're just...missing out.

and my mum thinks that trusting pretty much anyone is not a good thing. she thinks the fact that i have about 6 close friends is shocking because thats a lot. and i think its shocking because iv lost friends over the years (actually it's closer to 10 close friends...).

other bus happenings: today this lady's daughter was putting her on the bus, she made sure the bus was going the right way, and told her mum to get on (i assume they were related) ...but then last min just before stepping onto the bus, she freaked out. and didnt.

i'd hate to be that scared of anything.

[ps. the song is quite shady, that's not me :P]


deluded said...

liked the write up

well, its good to know that there are still people who trust.

it would be a sad sad world otherwise.

pave said...

indeedy. hopeless (semi cynical) romantics make the world go round. ;)