Thursday, 23 April 2009

leo macho grande

i was at work and was handed one o those survey things. do you like coffee? blah blah. and i got gleed beyond belief and now crave coffee much. i was going to essay on the survey on the many sublime things about coffee but then it got too personal and i got extremely brief :D
so my blabberations will go here. coffee makes think of those old nescafe (sunrise) ads with the fluffy white dog coming in from the rain... and hanging out in sheffield with anna. standing in the kitchen just smelling the coffee. coffee in the icing of birthday cakes. sitting in cafes discussing coffee. walking in the evening discussing coffee. coffee dispensers. free refils. espressos in london. in dundee. in bangalore. in madras. coffee in the movies (dream for an insomniac/before sunset/reservoir dogs) in black and white photographs. rings on the table. whole beans. beans dipped in chocolate (with fries and paneer fingers). coffee on the side of the road in the rain (dad moment). chocolate-coffee-milk. bashing coffee and sugar together. add water to sachet flavoured coffee (bit crap). those decorative sacks of coffee beans in starbucks. the free bag of coffee grounds for the garden/composting.



rachellle said...

Mmm, coffee smells so good.

Coffee Homeground - Kate Bush:

pave said...

danke for the song..weirdly the itunes at work doesnt play it. will try on quicktime :)

yeah i dont understand tea people at all.. i only like those fruity infusions (which have no tea in them at all)