Friday, 19 June 2009

close your eyes...and just reach out your hand(s)

nuno bettencourt. does that mean anything to you?
just watched 'smart people' a movie about brilliant social retards played by dennis quaid and ellen page. twas the anti parent trap. he is not the dad of lindsay lohan's dad rant. to continue. most of the music in the movie - by nuno bettencourt. i saw that name and i saw long hair and soulful black and white crooning. extreme. more than words. singing it in school. it all came back to me. it's a good name. speaking of names. what is brazillian vert man's name? i has completement forgotten it. it's a 'c' name. but not carlos. which is a cliche spanish soap sort of name. it was an awesome name to suit his complete awesomeness.
O_o turns out not a 'c' name after all. it's marcelo bastos. yum.


susie r said...

I also liked Smart People, or at least I think I did. I know I like Ellen Page.

pave said...

lols at "at least I think I did." it was that sort of a movie...