Sunday, 14 June 2009


so many questions. should i start yet another blog? just so i have a place to put all the crap that i would have said to my pater. no one else would get it. or be interested. it could be one of those invitation only blogs. where i wouldnt invite anyone. should i email that someone? and say, "you really arent my friend anymore. so stop calling me. so i dont have to not pick up." think ill wait until it happens again. wait till she calls one more time. should i go to a maggie8 gig when in leeds? (for to see niv and make sure she really is alright) could be stalker like. or maybe that's what friends do. not sure i will be in leeds...will email work tomorrow and make sure its ok to take a month off. should i give in to my obsession for the truth? and ask all the questions i want to ask all the people.

been thinking about the cds i want. im thinking ben lee, tunng, the soundtrack of im not there...and im forgetting someone.


annelies marie said...

I'm a fan of writing stuff down. If you have things to say that you can't really say to anyone I think you should start a private blog/start using a diary. "Paper is patient." - Anne Frank (except in this case it would be a computer screen)


pave said...

so am i really :) what with my moleskine, random notebooks, scraps of paper, blogs, twitter... yeah i decided to start that blog. just so its there for when i need it.