Thursday, 9 July 2009


hai! i can has wrights to you bout ma listenz. it be the smiths, arctic monkeys et autres. also i has juzt bin readin teh lolcat bible and i done beleave in ceiling cat. aymen.

the smiths
i can has listens to em all the taym? i can has no words to tell yu how much glee girlfriend in a coma brings to moi.

arctic monkeys
i luvz the random word usage. eg:

the bakery, word of the song: tatty
def-moth-eaten: showing signs of wear and tear [google]

fluorescent adolescent, word of the song: slag
def-An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax. [urbandictionary]

crying lightning, word of the song: picknmix
def-choosing a selection of items to buy together, usually confectionary related [urbandictionary]

separate and ever deadly (yes i know its a the last shadow puppets song): secateurs
def-also called hand pruners or pruning shears, are a type of scissors for use with plants. [google]




girl afraid said...

Girlfriend in a coma, I know, III knooow, it's seeeriouuuus/Girlfriend in a coma, I know, III knooow, it's really seeeriouuus/There were times when I couuuld haaave straaangleeed heeeeer/But you know, I would hate anything to happen to he-eer/Would you please let me see her?/Do you really think she'll pull through?/Do you really think sheee'll puuull throouuugh? Dooo-hooo-ooooo.../Let me whisper my last goodbyes, III knooow it's seeeriouuus"

Do you think it's about a boyfriend who physically abused his girlfriend until she landed in the hospital and now he regrets it?

girl afraid said...

Btw, I used to have a fine collection of Moz interviews and Moz&Marr gifs, but since my laptop crashed they're gone foreverrr. *sheds tears*

pave said...

hee that sounds likely...or it could be like one of the short films in paris, je t'aime where the guy is cheating on his wife and is about to break it to her at lunch..and she's all im dying. and he falls in love with her again. and takes care of her and is devastated when she dies...

noooooooooo...stupid pc world! i wantz toz intervues!

sweet and tender hooligan said...

I haven't seen Paris, je t'aime yet... but that is also a good theory. Mmm, Moz and his ambiguous lyrics.

Good thing we have youtube. ;)